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The latest version of Adobe RoboHelp 2019 full version free was redesigned user interface that brings minimalistic visual elements that promote fast tool discovery, increased productivity and tight integration with web-based technologies for better workflow. The projects made in the app can be enhanced with content created in other Adobe suite apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and others. The app will also help you reduce wasted time by intelligent content reuse, maintaining cleaner project structure, and built-in tools for previewing your WebHelp, Responsive Design content, Eclipse Help and other project types in multiple emulated display types.

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Adobe RoboHelp 2019.0.14 preactivated 8 software is a professional authoring tool for developing standards-based help systems, eLearning content, knowledgebase, and policies and procedures. Create content once and publish it to multiple channels, including Adobe AIR, for an integrated online and offline user experience. Import DITA, Adobe FrameMaker, and Microsoft Word files as live links, automatically mapping styles and preserving tables of contents and other elements. Provide your users with advanced search capabilities and engaging interactive content, including PDF documents, SWF movies, demos, and 3D models. You can even script commonly used functions to automate your workflow and increase your efficiency. Build and publish help systems, knowledge bases or user manuals with full support for HTML, Adobe AIR and XML documents, providing a user-friendly working environment Creates help files and documentation

In conclusion, RoboHelpis a complex, vastly efficient help authoring tool that provides users with an exhaustive range of features, options, for developing a project that not only matches the content requirements of its type, but also meets the layout needs for users to fully understand everything there is to learn from a Help file. Adobe RoboHelp 2019.0.14 Full Version Activation Key is an easy-to-use authoring and multichannel, multiscreen HTML5 publishing solution.

Main Features:

  • Provides opportunity to create detailed instructions
  • Easy to learn for knowledgeable techs
  • Files can be created in several formats
  • Users need some prior technical knowledge.
  • SAVE your $$$$ In order to down load a patch, you need version 5.1 but wait, 5.1 is no longer available???? now what? The entire software package is TOO pricey for these cost cutting times.
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Originally released to the public in 1992 under Gen Kiyooka and Blue Sky Software (later known as eHelp Corporation), RoboHelp received numerous upgrades over the following years. The fifth standalone version of the app was released in 2004, one year after Macromedia purchased eHelp Corporation. The app became part of Adobe suite of productivity apps ion 2005 when Adobe Inc purchased Macromedia. Since 2007, Adobe worked on incredible number of development updates of Robo Help, introducing features such as importing of HTML or XHTML files in 2009, shared and linked resources in 2011, multi-screened HTML5 and KF8/MOBI export support in 2012, single-click responsive HTML5 publishing in 2014, mobile app support in 2015, expanded HTML5 support in 2017 and new interface and wide variety of new tools in 2018. Adobe RoboHelp 2019 pre-Activated is not a part of the current Adobe Creative Suite offering and can be purchased via a monthly subscription as a standalone app. In addition to this, users can test the full version of Adobe Robo Help via a 30-day FREE trial. Note: 30 days trial version.

System Requirements for Adobe RoboHelp:

  • Core i3 or faster processor
  • 4 GB of RAM or more is recommended
  • 3 GB of hard-disk space is required for installation; additional space is required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices)
  • Broadband Internet connection and registration are required for software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to Online Services.
  • Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage:
  • Author Adobe
  • Last version 2019.0.14

I want to create a CHM file in Adobe RoboHelp. How can I do it?

This question has already been tackled here.

What’s new in last version:

Fixed Output Issues:
The Responsive HTML5 and Frameless presets do not generate lower case in the referenced file names. (Ref – 6404)
The image size changes in Word output if the image resolution is not set to 96 DPI. (RH-6393)
The Decimal separator specified in CSS values is not recognized in Word output for German Projects. (Ref – 6386)
RoboHelp fails to generate Word output if a topic contains a table with partly transparent background. (Ref – 6384)
The Word output does not handle superscript and subscript styling correctly. (Ref – 6331)
In Responsive HTML5 Output, text in the search box cannot be reset without manually removing from URL. (Ref – 6382)
In Frameless output, the search by phrase does not return any results if part of the search query in the target topic is formatted text, such as bold or italic. (Ref – 6332)
The search results in the Frameless output that uses merged projects do not return relevant results at the top. (Ref – 6330)

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  1. Comes with so many Tools that some users may never use them all. Should come with a mini-guide showing what does what, and it should be in a place where it is clearly going to be seen by the User.

  2. None that have caused me any concern, but it does take a little while to familiarise yourself with its capabilities.

  3. I have no clue what this software does but they keep asking for a review. I am writing a review to stop being bugged for a review.

  4. Incapable of running thru an itunes library and finding artwork, freezes within the first 2 or 3 albums it runs thru. When u go manual, it finds some artworks, when it’s in a good mood. eg failed on Belle&Seb : Doesn’t do what it says on the can.

  5. installed program and tried to convert a .ra file to a .mp3 but program froze up and never unfroze it self so i had to end the program thru task manager. So the program didn’t work for me….Let me know if u get it to work for u.

  6. You need a pretty fast cumputer to run it, but I’m fine with it running a little slow. I enjoy the game just as much as anyone else would on a fast computer.

  7. Ultimately, after two days of use, my computer would not load Windows XP Pro. After rolling back to an earlier point, my computer worked just fine, but I would NOT recommend this software.

  8. Not really any there may be bugs occasionally but they are quickly fixed once reported.

  9. Essential SVN add-in for Visual studio users. Exceptionally reliable, full featured, and FOSS.

  10. Being picky… the user interface could be more attractive. I would like to see a bar indicating progress of updates etc.

  11. Sometimes doesn’t work well with H264 format. Each new release seems to generate the same problem where you see no duration given for H264 files.

  12. has a problem with the current version opening Google+ everytime i start up the virtual machine.

  13. The timing out can be a nusince, but that’s usually becoz the team are doing something new with the programme.

  14. Unfortunately, it starts up as a minimized program in the taskbar (I only want the temperature in the notification area, like Weatherbug). In order to only display the temp, you have to close the program, then reopen it… but half the time the window freezes and the program crashes. Also, you have to keep reselecting your station location from the “favorites” list in order to get the correct info. Also eats up about 12 MB memory.

  15. 1. UI with gray characters and icons on dark gray background very difficult to read and results in severe eyestrain after short time.
    2. No options to modify color, font size or contrast of the UI to make it easier to read.
    3. Abominable response from Adobe answering requests for patches to correct the UI.
    4. Package comes with 2 programs, the photo editor and the photo organizer. Both must be installed even if you do not want the photo organizer.
    5. No useful documentation included with purchase.

  16. I just needed a program that will auto download via FTP my logfiles once a week or evening, i spent 2 hours with this and still cant work out how to use it. Maybe its just me thats thick, but as i lecture in the local uni on Dreamweaver, i wouldnt say i was too bad. But like i said here is every concievable setting you can think off, so maybe for advanced people this is the software for you

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