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Advanced Flash Player 5 portable is a shareware software that can play *.swf,*.flv movies with great features : – Playing *.swf, *.flv files. – Rewinding to any position in a movie. – Creating standard projector exe files smaller than Macromedia ones (for example version 8 is 850kb smaller). – Supports exe files from v4 to v8 that allows you to create exe files with smallest possible size. (swf2exe) – FullScreen Play. – Capture your favorite picture and saving in Bmp, Gif, Jpg format. – Extracting Swf movie from standard *.exe files. (exe2swf) – Compressing *.swf files and reducing your movie file size up to 70% . – Volume Control. – Playlist Control +All other macromedia flash player features. New in version 1.1: Add: Playlist Add: Save all setting like scale,… Add: Fullscreen menu hiding Add: Fullscreen play controls view Add: Double-Click for full screen Add: New volume control Add: Info bar that shows filename and frames Add: logging errors in a separate file Add: Standard FSCommand support Add: Flash 8 projector creation Add: Zoom with mouse wheel Add: Help files Add: Check for valid exe file while converting exe to swf Add: Playing FLV files Add: Changing software skin Add: New registration method Add: Trial window (14 days free evaluation period) Fix: Getting version while opening files error Fix: Crash on some 1 frame movies Fix: Recent files saving problems Fix: play controls stop when no sound card is installed Fix: Replacing v7 with any flash version in setup project (installing version 9 in setup) Fix: some other minor bugs We will be happy if you visit our website.

Advanced Flash Player premium

Advanced Flash Player 5 Full Version Registration key gives you all of the options that you would expect from one of the best video software programs around and much more. You have the opportunity to save all of your favorite settings, such as scale and volume. Create playlists of your favorite music, movies, and shows so that you can relax and enjoy them. Quickly go from window to full screen and view the file’s name and time all while playing your video and audio files.

Advanced Flash Player 5 codes is built what you need to play Flash media files (SWF files). It was built around Macromedia Flash Player plug-in with extended features. It comes with playlist manager allowing you an easy control of playing swf. Supports fast forward and rewind. Preview and browse flash movie. Download Advanced Flash Player 5 Full Version portable – An straightforward and easy to use application that enables you to play Flash movies, view photos and even go online to search for videos Play videos conveniently and compress files to save memory Even though SWF videos are commonly used on the Internet, only a small variety of media players can render them. As its name states, Advanced Flash Player 5 Full Version portable is an application capable of playing SWF video files, but it can also open JPEG images.

Good but far from being a pro

The program allows you to create your own media library by searching our local drives for compatible Flash files and images. Only whole drives can be scanned, so you cannot scan a single directory. Once the scanning process is completed, double-clicking on any of the found files plays it with Advanced Flash Player full version crack. Although it can play most of the video files smoothly, the application may crash on some occasions. Furthermore, it lacks some functions that other similar programs do have. For instance, you cannot create custom playlists or configure image settings (contrast, saturation etc.).

System Requirements for Advanced Flash Player:

  • .NET Framework 1.1
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Author Mohsoft Corporation
  • Last version 5


  1. A lot of errors while connecting to gmail and other emails
    Sometime delayed opening the message and gives message “Download next time”
    Very annoying message

  2. As was previously said in another review, rhapsody is not “skinable.” However, I have heard of people hacking the software and creating their own skins. The other downside is that purchased tracks are .rax files (Realaudio), a semi-useless format as far as flexibility goes.

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