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Note, however, that excellence comes at a price, not only in terms of dollars and cents, but also in processing time. The slideshow creation process may take a while to finish, and I mean a while, especially if you have applied a variety of edits and effects to a long list of images. Photo Commander also includes tools to help you organize your collections. It supports EXIF and XMP metadata, custom tags to catalog your images using your own keywords, and even a duplicate finder to clean up your albums. It supports all the most common image file formats, RAW images included.

Ashampoo Photo Commander full version free

Creating pro-looking slideshows out of your photo collection is probably the best way of sharing and enjoying your best memories. Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.3 with keygen offers you all the tools you need to edit, enhance, and put together in a stunning video – complete with transitions, creative effects, and your favorite soundtrack – all your best shots. In terms of functionality and outcome this slideshow creation tool is probably one of the best of its category. When it comes to usability, though, the program’s interface and workflow design offer ample room for improvement. Intuitiveness is not one of its strongest assets, which may deter potential new users from choosing Photo Commander against some of its competitors.

Preview your photos, enhance them using various tools and effects, organize and share them with ease using a feature-rich application Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.3 full is a complete software application to manage any file in digital format, whether an image, video or audio file. One of its main advantages is the simplicity with which we can optimize our image collection at the same time that we create extraordinary photo presentations with integrated audio and video playback.

Main Features:

  • Imports images from PDF and MP4 videos
  • Slow slideshow creation process
  • Wide range of editing tools
  • Templates for calendars, greeting cards, etc
  • Share to social networks
Ashampoo Photo Commander Registration key

Features and Highlights Perfectly organized – huge collections included As your library grows, it becomes increasingly harder to keep track of all of your photos. The many filter and grouping settings help you sift through your library based on location, date, format or rating. Sort your photos chronologically, thematically or based on individual criteria and add more structure to your photo collection. The power of geotagging Modern cellphones and cameras use geotagging to store data on the location each shot was taken. Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.3 Full Version key not only processes this data but will turn longitudes and latitudes into usable addresses! Vacation, family or business-related photos are now more accessible than ever before! Add and use geotagging

System Requirements for Ashampoo Photo Commander:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable
  • Min. screen resolution: at least 1280×1024 – 100%
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Windows 10 64
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Ashampoo GmbH & Co.KG
  • Last version 16.3.0

What’s new in last version:

New Features:
Support for multiple languages in video files (MP4):
The app automatically chooses the best language depending on the language setting. For example, if a video file contains an English and a Spanish audio stream, then the Spanish stream is chosen, in case the app is configured to use spanish language.
The user can switch between all available language streams at run time.
Available languages are shown in codec info view.
Full support for file sizes greater 4 GB throughout the application.
Speed optimizations for browsing through directories with many photos.
Bugs Fixed:
Wallpaper Wizard correctly blends 32-bit RGBA photos with transparent background.
Browser: Selecting all files in a whole group enables further GUI file commands.

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  1. The scheduling arrangements were very clumsy. As this is what I wanted it for I was glad I had a trial version rather than having paid. I quickly removed it.

  2. it doesn’t gave me anything extra, every single tool is something i’m used to thanks to others programs so i don’t see the need for a change. Everything is just more “pretty” but not better.

  3. puts a bird name every time you make a new folder (for example instead of “New Folder” it says “Sea Gull”. freaked me out for a day or so since I thought it was a virus.)

  4. Backup our data and transmit to other sources? Yah, you are brilliant. This tool provides us a main means not only copy our films, but also store our important data or files to PC or other disks. It is a little different from most multimedia tools that excel at transforming video or audio files; now, this tool is updated to V8.79 and it provides us more choices to clone DVD 5 (single – layer disc) or DVD 9 (dual – layer disc).

  5. It locked up my W7 system so that it would not shut down (after 9 hours of waiting with no apparent activity).
    Uninstall failed. I had to use Widows System Restore to get rid of it. This in turn meant I had to reinstall Norton 360.

  6. Like Revo, it still leaves a file or two behind, & some registry keys, so you need to use Windows Search & something like Registrar Lite to find them afterwards, and delete them manually.

  7. It will not work….EVER! Uninstalled and installed 100 times. Never works. This is a piece of crap program that is absoutely worthless.

  8. No opt out of Toolbar, search hijack and homepage hijack.
    Very disappointing.
    Don’t touch with a barge pole.

  9. All versions after 3.06 I have ever downloaded, always began when opened in “recovery mode”; and when files were recovered (supposedly), they continued to return as needing to be recovered. These are not large files, maybe 100 – 300 kb

  10. I would have liked easier access to the count of types in a document, but this is only for special document assignments.

  11. the merging of two video clips is rather sloppy how ever it gets the job done but i must say that i noticed when the two were merged the second half of the whole thing the sound was …. shall we say a little off? (hears sound before sees lips move)

  12. How do you uninstall Lavasoft search? It’s OK as an option but not staring at you each time you open your browser.

  13. This is the worst amateur piece of software I have ever used. It crashed 3 times int eh first 24 hours I had it installed.

  14. Not free. it is a free to try prior to purch. I would gladly purchase product had I been able to do one of the many things it promised. Each thing I wanted to try told me that upon upgrade it could complete the task. Marketing needs to rethink

  15. It kept locking up my computer kept refusing to update even though prog kept telling me it was out of date. Have gone back to AVG (much Better) After 1 months trial I asked for money back because of defects but received no response from ashampoo.I have now uninstalled all Ashampoo products because of their attitude

  16. Hard to find a way to see the field layout. I can do it from my site, but it makes design changes difficult.

  17. I have used True image for 2 years… The first year and a half, I would install and then delete the program because I was frustrated with it. Then I started trying to learn how it actually works and have no problems since then.

  18. Although the demo has a lot of bugs, 99% of them should be fixed by the time the game is released. Not as much of a classic AoE feel as I hoped for.

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