Asterisk Key patched

Asterisk Key 10.0 Build 3538 patched

Asterisk Key keys is a software application to find out hidden passwords. Finding out your Yahoo! or Messenger password if you have forgotten it will be as easy as seeing the asterisks and launching Asterisk Key 10.0 Build 3538 portable . This software will scan the memory and will decrypt the asterisks to indicate the hidden password.

Find out the password hidden behind the asterisks

It isn’t strange for the majority of users to allow the browser or any program to automatically remember their usernames and passwords and forget them shortly after. This isn’t always recommendable because many users soon forget the password and have to resort to programs like Asterisk Key 10.0 Build 3538 Full Version Activator to show the hidden passwords.

Asterisk Key free full download

If you are active on the Internet and like to assign a different password to each account you create, you might occasionally forget the credentials and need to reset the passkey in order to access the said account. Alternatively, you can try Asterisk Key cracked. You will not encounter any issues during installation and the app will be up and running within seconds. The next step is to open the web browser where your password is hidden behind asterisks, the software analyzes it then displays the detected key. However, it needs to be mentioned that in order to be able to retrieve the passwords from any browser, you need to have previously allowed the browser to save the credentials when you logged in to the account.

Additionally, you can also rely on Asterisk Key Full Version keygen to recover passwords from dialog boxes, so you can still retrieve your passkey even if you have not stored it in a browser. In other words, the application can also extract passkeys from other compatible programs. Another feature of Asterisk Key 10.0 Build 3538 full version patch is that it supports multi-lingual passwords, so even if you are not a native speaker of English, you can still retrieve your countersign without needing to find another dedicated software solution.

Main Features:

  • It mainly works for the web-pages that you have open and not for the applications that you have installed
  • The scanning process is very fast
  • The program allows you to stop the scanning process at any point
  • It allows you to save text reports
Asterisk Key Registration Code

When you download Asterisk Key 10 Full Version Activator for free, you will have access to the Messenger passwords that you have stored in the program itself, it will also be possible to know your Facebook or Yahoo! Account as long as you have the browser’s remember password option activated. Of course, it is capable of working on Word files, files compressed with a password and all kinds of authentication systems. Asterisk Key 10.0 Build 3538 Full Version license Key ‘s interface is very austere, showing only a text zone in which you will see the passwords it has found and some other data.

System Requirements for Asterisk Key:

  • 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Passware
  • Last version 10.0 Build 3538


  1. It took me a couple of minutes to figure our how to spot the option for the entire HDD, not just the different partitions. My annoyance with this is more subjective than anything having to do with program design.

  2. Can’t just purchase this item to unlock actual use. Have to purchase a bundled package at $39.99

  3. It contains crapware, changes your default search engine in ALL your browsers, emty ALL your browser cache and who knows what?!

    Its not free at all. You pay with your private data.


    (sorry about my capital letters – but I just had to emphasize and yell)

  4. … but after having it installed for a few weeks Norton Antivirus informed me of a Trojan coming from this program. The program tried to start itself, but Norton noticed this and the program was banned from my system.

  5. None. This program is great. And when it gets to be less than great after an update, Auslogics fixes it fast. I love it.

  6. Didn’t even find the free product??? Just got a message that we had 78 min. to use the free one??

  7. I had to reboot after running this and then again after attempting to watch the results due to constant memory errors. It never accomplished the tasks I downloaded it for, only gave me headaches, totaly wasted effort on my part.

  8. This program is one of the pops of Microsoft Accounting program. This program is very important to improve my knowledge that I am studying the Faculty Of Accounting, it is one of the part of my program subject. So, it is the best program with who’s Studying Accounting as an Accountant.

  9. A good app for software uploads. Fast and reliable, I will keep using it until I run into a problem.

  10. Doesn’t really work. Can’t help but wonder why CNET lately has been giving 5 stars for crapware.

  11. This isn’t really a con as much as it is another feature I’d like to see: I wish it had an option to create bootable CD-R’s along with bootable floppies. But, it’s not too much effort to create this CD on your own (as I mentioned above).

  12. i have registry problems.i messed around with regedit and i cant play games anymore.this did not fix the problem

  13. It’s my own damn fault. I tried to run this on Windows 8. It installed but wouldn’t run. I also declined any additional software or links – but it still installed an extension in Chrome and added a website to my start-up pages. It might work on older operating systems, but still seems full of spam.

  14. Confusing, slow and buggy. Overall, I was frustrated and felt no confidence that I’d be able to restore my system with Acronis. I’m now using “Casper 10” which makes a perfect, bootable clone of my entire system drive in about an hour. Takes about 3 clicks to get it started. As for support, you’ll get a detailed reply from the developer within a few hours. How can you beat that?

  15. 7 of my customers (10 computers) using product. Some 2010/ others 2011. In 6 months to a year product malfunctions on 5 of the computers in similar ways. Customers must pay for their support even though the product is not that old.

  16. There are some programs that were installed on my system before Advanced Uninstaller Pro, that it couldn’t see.

  17. You’d think these idiots would allow you to view 1, 2 or 3 times before they block your view. You’d think maybe the nag screen would go away after a minute, two, five, ten… NO THERE IS A STUPID NAG “UNREGISTERED” THREE LINE BLURB BLOCKING THE MOVIE — SO NO NOT FREE AND NOT TRIAL

  18. it automatically downloaded a “cleaner” software without my consent. I an very careful and did the custom download to avoid unwanted software and bookmarks and it still did it

  19. Downloaded from 2 different sites. One installs, but gives an unable to locate page referring back to the publisher. The other site downloads, but does not install correctly because the player.exe module won’t unload properly. Bottom line–worthless as is.

  20. I could not fully import all my quicken accounts. In particular it had a hard time with stocks in brokerage accounts.

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