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Schedule and automate your file transfers with ease Auto FTP Manager 7.14 Full Version Free Download can help you automate your file transfers. Although the program is mainly intended to work with FTP uploads and downloads, it also supports local folders and mapped drives. Transfers can be executed on demand, scheduled or via the command line. Automating transfer procedures with this tool is based on creating scheduled jobs. Fortunately, there are wizards to help you do both things. A transfer job consists in selecting the source and target locations, in various combinations: PC-PC, FTP-PC, and FTP-FTP.

Auto FTP Manager Free Crack

All in all, Auto FTP Manager 7.14 full version with crack and keygen is definitely a good option for managing, scheduling and automating data transfers. It works under most conditions and allows setting rules. Moreover, it can perform these transfers quite fast because it allows multi-threaded and simultaneous FTP connections. Unfortunately, the tool does not seem to support smart synchronizations, which save a lot of time by transferring just the modified data. The product is shareware and can be tried at no cost. Yet, the full version seems too pricey for me, considering that similar programs can be used for free. Intuitive FTP client that helps first-time users upload and download files, back up data, schedule the file transfer process and apply filters

Auto FTP Manager 7.14 For Pc Free Download is a user-friendly FTP client designed specifically for helping you download and upload files, and back up servers. It comes with support for a built-in scheduler, automated transfer rules for handling complex transfer tasks, as well as logs that keep information about all your transfers.

Intuitive interface

The utility makes use of multiple profiles for managing transfer processes. A wizard pops out when you open the program for the first time for guiding you in creating a new profile. The layout looks user-friendly so even rookies can easily learn to configure file transfers. It implements a multi-tabbed layout for handling different sessions at the same time. Additionally, you can start or stop the transfer with just one click.

Defining a new profile

Auto FTP Manager 7.14 crack gives you the possibility to transfer files between a PC folder or network drive and FTP server, two FTP servers, as well as two PC folders or network drives. Plus, profiles can be backed up.

Main Features:

  • Multi-threaded connections
  • Secure transfer protocols
  • Built-in file manager
  • Too pricey
  • Various types of transfer rules
  • Does not seem to support smart synchronization
  • Transfer scheduling
Auto FTP Manager Full Version Registration key

Then, you should set the transfer rules, which involve selecting specific actions, such as transfer, transfer-move, transfer-delete, synchronize and delete. It also lets you resolve file name conflicts by overwriting, renaming by appending date and time as well as skipping the copy. Likewise, it is possible to set a group of filters to exclude specific file types. The automation is then completed by scheduling the job to run automatically at given times and intervals.

System Requirements for Auto FTP Manager:

  • 300 MHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 200 MB Free hard disk space
  • Internet access (LAN, Proxy or Dial-up)
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author DeskShare
  • Last version 7.14

What’s new in last version:

SFTP support
Watched folder transfers
Windows 10 support
Wildcards in file selection
Improved Profile Import/Export
Silent Command Line Operation For Use In Scripts
Emailing of Transfer Logs
Enhanced Exclude Filter: Now you can choose to exclude subfolders(folders within a folder) from transferring.
Easily choose your Home Folder: Save time by selecting a Home Folder in File manager using right click mouse option.
Common Conflict Resolution: Existing filename conflicts can now be applied to the location you choose to move files after transfer.
Support for Profile Specific Proxy Connection: Now configure individual proxy server for separate profile connections.
SFTP supportWatched folder transfers
Support for SFTP Protocol: Securely transfer your files when connected to a SFTP server
Connect with Proxy Servers: Does your network have a proxy server? Now you can use HTTP or FTP proxy connections along with SOCKS4 and SOCKS5

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  1. Automating file transfer is a really good feature provided by this software but it does not provide long path name support that’s why I had to switch to other software. I started using GS Richcopy, the awesome software. Not only it provides long pah name support but also sends me email notification when the task is done. Its awesome try it maybe it can help you too!

  2. Expect to get random pop ups on your computer (not just in your browser – these are system commands)

  3. just like most the other products out their , do not know how well it really works for sure. NOT MUCH cons i can think of.

  4. Many special programs demand that we use either Utorrent or Bittorrent.
    They are very much alike.. and just ok

  5. My virtual memory is set to NO on all my disks, and yet this software shows Physical Memory 3327MB (correct), Swap Space 3164MB (wrong), and VM 6492MB (wrong). CPU not recognised. No CPU temperature reading, only motherboard.

  6. Minor issue.There is no “Dolby” like function to eliminate the hiss when copying cassttes but if you read the HELP in the “Line In Samplng” section, they have a good recommendation to help with that problem. Or you can pay $ 20 for a plug-in.

  7. Tried many times to download this software. No help from Adobe. Keep s repeating that it has been installed, but won’t work. Fed up with a worthless product like this.

  8. I used the “PC Security Analysis” and corrected the errors it showed me using the software, but afterwards i would get many error messages when trying to start applications. I had to do a system restore to fix it. (or at least i hope it is fixed)

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