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Camfrog Video Chat 6.54.2 Build 9175 Activation Key

This application is more than just an instant messenger such as MSN or Yahoo, as it combines a chat room with messaging, audio and video streaming. Notice that a webcam is not necessary, but no video feed on you part will be presented. Plus having video is one of the reasons to use this program since Camfrog allows the users to talk with many people at the same time and not only individually. The Chat rooms feature everything, for example, music lessons or specific topic group chatting. There are also a few adult rated chat rooms so this program may not be suitable for minors, reason for which they should restrict downloads to people under 18 years of age or restrict these rooms somehow.

Camfrog Video Chat activator

Camfrog Video Chat 6.54.2 Build 9175 full version free is an intuitive software application designed to help you join live video chat rooms, chat with your friends, as well as take part in multi-user video conferences. You may communicate via video, audio, or VOIP sessions.

Create a new profile

At the end of the installation process you are required to create a new profile by providing details about the nickname, password, gender, birthday, email address, and location. Plus, you can make the application automatically sign in, save your passwords, as well as sing in as invisible.

Join video chat rooms

Camfrog Video Chat Full Version Registration key gives you the freedom to join the main Camfrog room or choose between several chat rooms. You may refresh the list with chat rooms and perform search operations.


Great performance: We visited many chat rooms and observed that video streamed quickly and without any significant lag or loss of quality. Chat rooms were constantly loading new messages, and we never experienced any crashes or freezing. Fast, attractive design: Camfrog Video Chat 6.54 registered offers an attractive design and organized layout. Chat rooms are structured in groups, such as geographical area, and navigating between rooms and video streams only takes a few seconds.

Main Features:

  • Lots of different rooms
  • Includes several toolbars and a Weather Channel widget
  • Videoconferencing
  • Optimized for broadband
  • Broadband Internet required
  • Password protected chat-rooms
  • Interface should use fewer colors
  • Large user base provides ample conversation opportunities
  • High definition video
  • Ideal for signers and those learning new languages
  • Some may misuse the program.
  • \
  • it is not lagging while video streaming. and it has got its own rooms (all ages rooms). and user can open their rooms. like adult or all ages. every room has got his rules. you will suppose as you are a guest in someone’s house. children (over 13+) can join safely with teenage mode. (myrmidon)
  • The last time I was in the singles room I can recall one self proclaimed homosexual moderator talking explicitly about how he enjoys dressing up as a transvestite, and his other pretty explicit flirting with some of the other males in the room. This is a “G” rated room too.
  • i like everything about this one
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  • nothing i like all
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Camfrog Video Chat Full Version Full Crack

CamFrog works behind firewalls for secure chatting, also the users that create chat rooms can protect them by assigning a password. Camfrog may result a great option for companies since multi-user videoconferencing is supported. Make a room with up to thousand users, click the user name to visualize someone or press the talk button to talk to all assistants with audio. If you are looking for multi-user videoconferencing the requirement is that a computer or server should have the Video Chat Room Server software installed so that many users can join.

System Requirements for Camfrog Video Chat:

  • A multimedia PC with a 1GHz processor or faster
  • DirectX 9 or newer
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Camfrog Inc
  • Last version 6.54.2 Build 9175

I can’t login to Camfrog Chat. What is the problem?

Camfrog is working just fine. If you have issues while you try to log-in, use the Forgot a password option to retrieve your account. Another possibility for the error is that the firewall installed in your computer prevents the application to reach its servers and because of that you have log in issues. Add the application to the exclusion list and then try to log in again.

I have login CF fill it with true ID and pasword but always error/invalid nicname oer pasword. so what must I do

How to use Camfrog?

The application is used for video chatting and it has a great success because you don’t need a very powerful Internet connection in order to have fluent movement and decent quality sound. The servers are optimized for a crystal clear image and audio quality.
You will need a username and a password to access the service, but this is obtainable from the main website of the application. Simply download the application, install it using the on-screen instructions, log-in with your details and browse the active directory and find people to chat with. For a greater experience, a webcam is recommended.

How to turn off Family Filter in CamFrog?

You can turn off the family filter from the Room List window. The option is on the right side of the interface window. New features will be enabled once you disable this option.

My Camfrog is not working. What should I do?

First, download and install the updated version of the software and uninstall (Control Panel > Uninstall a program) the previous one. After that, navigate to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Allow a program through Windows Firewall and check the box next to Camfrog Video Chat. If you can’t find the application in the Allowed programs and features window, press the Allow another program button, navigate to the installation directory, select the executable file and press Add. Next, from the Advanced Settings select Inbound Rules > New Rule. Check the Port box, click Next, select All local Ports and follow the self-explained steps. Also, make sure that your security program doesn’t block the Camfrog Video Chat connection.

Depends on why it is not working. Uninstall, reboot, and then make sure you got the most up-to-date version.

What’s new in last version:

Updated internal browser
Bug fixes and stability enhancements
Various bug fixes and enhancements
See your Reward Points progress towards your next free bonus
Visual indicator for rewards
Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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  1. Apart from using CamFrog video chat, you may use tools like R-HUB HD video conferencing servers, webex, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. for all your video conferencing and video chat needs. They work well.

  2. Use Ace Contact Manager for organizations which need to share contact information while assuring that all users can rapidly access all data at all times. Ace provides secure central location of all data including only one copy of all attachments.

  3. Great program to see people in real time with audio and video chat with music all around the world for all ages.

  4. I’ve used this program for some time, and despite I use a Dual Monitor system, it seems to hold up against un-authorised access. Only the Primary monitor experiences the Lockout style screen (Screensaver/screen fade and password box), the other only appears accessible. Any attempts to access it via mouse clicks, the Mouse pointer pings back to the Primary Monitor preventing left/right-click abilities.

  5. I got two viruses in two days in a row. Never happened before. No virus for years before, nor since complete removal.

  6. Little bit tricky to set up unless you use one of the providers they give examples for like textmarketer or txtlocal but support are happy to help. Once it’s set up it’s very easy to send SMS message to a single person or to a group of contacts.

  7. Snippits could be a lot better if there were more of them to form a complete set
    Takes a lot of memory
    FTP upload is not easy to manage and making multiple ftp sites doesn’t seem to work.
    XML editing could be improved not very robust beyond basic xml

  8. In the past I have ‘restored’ my computer back to factory specs – & it performs like brand new. But you DO have to re-install many programs once you get up & running.

  9. I can’t get it to erase the recycle bin in Windows 7. Can’t figure out how to get it to erase free space either.

  10. Like every piece of software, it can have some improvements, such as tighter integration with “secure shredding” and a quicker access to it’s memory optimization feature. Aside from that not major complaints.

  11. My virtual memory is set to NO on all my disks, and yet this software shows Physical Memory 3327MB (correct), Swap Space 3164MB (wrong), and VM 6492MB (wrong). CPU not recognised. No CPU temperature reading, only motherboard.

  12. Today appeared on my screen 3 new IOBIT programs: Boost, SmartDefrag and Malware. Boost started first alone to load and detected that 13 of my drivers were not updated, and asked me to continue updating the. I decided to do (mybad)and now, after 2 hours I could again use my PC!! I had manually to repair the drivers of screen, graphic card and sound, because after this wonderful update any of them worked anymore!! After Boost, was the time of “Malware Fighter LOL”!! WIndows gave for a good half an hour any breath of life. Even provisory mode didn’t work! Finally I decided to use my recovery CD of Windows, I uninstalled all of them and repaired the broken drivers. Such a sh…ame 🙂

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