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CD Label Designer 8.2.1 Build 832 with keygen

It comes in three different versions – Lite, Personal, and Business – each with an increasing amount of interesting features. Actually, the Lite version is probably the least attractive of them all, as it is limited to designing and printing disc labels and CD/DVD inserts and lacks most of all the other functions that make this tool worth having. The other two versions are quite similar, differing only in a tool to design business cards that is present only in the Business version. (Nothing prevents you from creating your own business cards – or any other piece of stationery – in any of the other two versions just by changing the dimensions of the canvas, though.)

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An excellent way of enhancing the appearance of your custom CDs and DVDs, both at home and business levels, is by adding an attractive label to your discs and inserts and booklets to your boxes. CD Label Designer 8.2 For Pc Free Download comes with all the features you need both to create all of those in an intuitive way and to print them out with the highest quality your printer can give. While it supports all well-known label manufacturers and LightScribe devices, you can always design your own labels, business cards, invitations, or envelopes, and print them in that type and size of paper that better suit your requirements. CD Label Designer 8.2 full version crack is an extremely easy to use tool, while at the same time it comes with all the bells and whistles you would require from a professional design tool. It combines a WYSIWYG approach with a plethora of tools, features, and settings that make other similar “professional” tools pale in comparison.

You can create columns, set new backgrounds, lock objects and add custom fields, but a real interesting feature is the one that automatically scans the disk and creates a file and folder list to be added to the label. This tool indexes the entire content of the disk and creates a detailed list, with specific information for audio files such as MP3 and WMA. All things considered, CD Label Designer full version crack is one of the best tools of its kind, as it offers virtually all the features you need to create a new CD label.

Main Features:

  • Supports most image file formats
  • Offers basic image editing features
  • Lite version is limited to discs labels and disc boxes inserts
  • Includes specific design tools for business cards
  • Compatible with all well-known label makers
  • – very easy to use- never had a bug- templates work very well- nice graphics
CD Label Designer Full Version Free Crack

Design labels for DVDs, DVD box covers, and other formats CD Label Designer crack is application that will help you to design and print CD jewel case and DVD box labels, booklets, sleeves (envelopes), round and business card disk labels. It supports images, RTF texts, circled texts and shapes allowing you to arrange, change size, angle and transparency of objects. You can also read directory and file structure, CDDB audio CD database or define own lists to include them on labels, and you can customize printout positions. With template files you can pre-define number of templates for different kind of designs. Also, you can make different print layouts and exchange them with others, and you can customize printout positions. Very easy to use.

System Requirements for CD Label Designer:

  • 256 MB RAM
  • 20 MB HDD space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Dataland Software
  • Last version 8.2.1 Build 832

What’s new in last version:

Problem after switching to renamed language file
Label in second page of configuration wizard doesn't take correct translated charset
Update German
Update Dutch
Update Italian
New configuration option: Uppercase main menu
Toolbox label tooltips not translated
Added Portuguese (Brazil)
& Add Spanish (machine translation)
& Add Portuguese (machine translation)
* Multiple translation problems and missing texts
Czech language update
Error while printing with some printers
Problem with automatic bugs reporting
Full support for transparent and partially transparent PNG images (Alpha channel)
Better and easier support for any sized labels
Support for second disc in the same file
Add type and layout to New Wizard
Add several new label formats
& Toolbox image actions should apply to all selected

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  1. There are so many templates available..ii am sure u would be interested ~not bad\\

  2. I couldn’t even download it because of the Microsoft web of deceit that insists on IE being installed. What possible value is there in such a program?

  3. It installs the HELLO.WORLD Spyware onto all of your browsers. It installs up to 6 illicit Toolbars, plus various other adware. It makes unecessary changes to COM files & API’s and will try to divert your traffic to Advertisers. It makes numerous changes to the Registry, many of which cannot be removed using its provided Uninstaller. It attempts to covertly monitor your Internet Traffic.

  4. Couldn’t open html links in my default browser (kept getting error messages). I have had to prevent it being my default email client because of this. No choice when it comes to changing notification sounds or pop-up templates.

  5. It doesn’t, but it should supply core temps and possibly an analysis box that would scan the hardware and offer compatible processor upgrades.

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