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Besides controlling time, it is possible to restrict the use of certain programs, define a list of blocked and allowed applications, block access to important Windows settings, and even hide any folder you choose. Similar options are available to monitor the Internet; you can easily block access to certain websites and add sites to the list of blocked/allowed ones. Once all the configurations are set, the application will monitor PC activity and generate different logs with details like programs used, websites visited, the time spent on each one, etc. There is a remote control feature that lets you access the application from the web and modify any settings remotely. You can also set the program to send you reports of what has been happening via e-mail.

Child Control Full Crack

Child Control 2015 Full Version key is a simple but powerful tool with a simple interface that lets you block other users' (particularly children) access to the computer and Internet. After the installation process is completed, you can set a password and make the tool keep you informed with updates via email. You can run a wizard to configure program settings. For example, you can define the time of computer and Internet availability. When the time expires, the computer will shut down (but this option can be changed). Plus, you can specify the time when the computer and Internet will be inaccessible by a particular user. Furthermore, you can enable an Internet Filter (it allows you to create a list of allowed websites) and adjust the security level (from low to very high). When exploring the interface's features, you can reconfigure time limits for the computer and Internet (optionally enable force break), as well as create a whitelist and blacklist regarding permitted websites and applications. In addition, you can disable sensitive tools found in Windows, such as Command Prompt, Registry Editor, Control Panel, time and date settings, Task Manager, Run, and others. Moreover, you can add more users to the “banned” list, enable Internet remote, view log files and modify various options (e.g. set the tool to log out if the computer or Internet limit has been reached, synchronize date and time with the Internet). The program needs a moderate amount of system resources, can guide you to online video tutorials and didn't pop up any errors during our tests. Don't worry, the program password is required even if another user tries to uninstall it. All in all, Child Control 2015 15.686.0.0 Full Version Activation Code is an excellent tool for limiting time of other users spent on your computer and we highly recommend it to everyone.

Smartphones and computers offer children the world on a screen, a place where they can let their imaginations roam while sharpening their mental agility and academic ability. What’s more, children can access school assignments directly on the Internet and connect with friends through social media. Yet computers also present a serious source of worry for parents. Computers and smartphones expose children to certain dangers, such as questionable, even dangerous, material that they can easily stumble upon while surfing the Web. Block the access to specific websites, filter Internet content and set Internet usage time limits to prevent children from accessing dangerous or inappropriate webpages Download Child Control 2015 registeration keys – Block the access to specific websites, filter Internet content and set Internet usage time limits to prevent children from accessing dangerous or inappropriate webpages

Main Features:

  • Internet remote control and reports via email
  • Many specific settings to configure
  • None
  • Easy to use and setup
  • The software only logs the times and number of minutes used per session. It doesnt give me a log of what was done within that session or where he surfed – which would have made this software perfect.
  • The program literally DESTROYS your machine. It conflicts with every aspect of your computer. It gets so bad that you have to end up re-installing your operating system. I re-installed my Operating System and purchased Child Timer. Never had any problems with it.
Child Control serial code

A program that allows you to control your child’s computer usage Child Control 2015 Full Version Registration Code is a parental control tool for Windows that allows parents and tutors to keep an eye on what kids do on the PC. It offers an efficient solution with many settings for you to monitor and limit the time kids spend at the computer and control their access to the web. An extensive array of settings and configuration options are available to let parents control just about everything the little members of the family are up to on the computer. Thus, it is possible to define the days and hours the PC and the Internet connection will be available; by default, the application is set to shutdown the PC when this time limit is reached, but you can change this behavior and have the application to log out, sleep, etc.

System Requirements for Child Control:

  • Pentium II / Celeron, or AMD Athlon/Duron running at 266 MHz or above
  • A mouse
  • VGA (800×600 or higher)
  • 64MB RAM
  • 5 MB free disk space per application are sufficient.
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Salfeld Computer
  • Last version 2015 15.686.0.0

What’s new in last version:

Fixed bug clicking URL in report
Fixed some syncer issues
Minor improvements for syncer
Some more Win 10 improvements
Improvements for Windows 10
Minor changes Internet filter
Security update
Minor bug fixed for status window
Bug resolved "Only allowed URL"
Changed/improved reporting feature

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