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CloneSpy 3.43 pre-Activated

  • Duplicate files.
  • Duplicate files with the same name.
  • Non duplicate files with the same name.
  • Files that have the same name and approximately the same size.
  • Files that have a size of 0 bytes.
This program can detect and remove duplicate files Your hard drive can get cluttered with useless files. While some need your direct assessment to be deleted, duplicate files are easy to spot with the right software. CloneSpy 3.43 key is a program specifically designed to detect and remove duplicate files. Since these have exactly the same content, no matter their name, time, date and location, they can be safely deleted in most cases. The software tracks down not only duplicate files, but those with the same name as well. This feature comes in handy especially when you saved different versions of the file and want to remove only the older versions.

CloneSpy full version with crack

The pesky duplicate files are a common problem for any computer where numerous file operations are performed on daily basis. They are also one of the main causes of uselessly wasted disk space. Manually locating and deleting them is a very hard and tedious task, if not a plain impossible one. Happily, there are handy tools like CloneSpy keys that are especially created to deal with this kind of files. CloneSpy 3.43 activator makes finding and removing them extremely easy, simple and fast. CloneSpy Full Version keygen can detect and erase duplicates regardless of their file type: may they be images, music files, documents or any other kind of files. It can also be configured to check for files with the same name or for zero-bytes files that have no actual content.

If you run out of space on your computer you can try CloneSpy free, you will be able to eliminate all your files duplicated on the hard drive. Download CloneSpy 3.43 free download Accessible, easy-to-use and reliable software that can help you free up hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate documents CloneSpy 3.43 activator will free up drive space on your PC by finding and removing duplicate files. CloneSpy Activator Free Download is also able to find files that are not exactly identical, but have the same filename. This allows you remove any older versions. Furthermore CloneSpy with keygen can find zero length files. Those are files that do not have any content. Altogether with CloneSpy 3.43 premium you can process files which – are duplicates – have the same file names – are duplicates and have the same file names – are zero bytes long.

Main Features:

  • Provides accurate results
  • Allows filtering the results by various criteria
  • The interface could benefit of some “wizards” to guide the novice users throughout the duplicate file detection and removal process
  • Fast scanning speed
  • I have used clonespy for lots of years, and for me it is simply invaluable. I looked at several duplicate finding programs, and I think clonespy is by far the best. Huge amount of features, I use some of the options, other people would use others.
  • Also you will get different results if you use one search box instead of two.
  • nailed 5 dupes I didn’t know about
  • All Windows version (used the old version on xp,vista,7)Portable version available (love it!)Many options lots of result
  • it will only let you remove a certain amount before you have to purchase.
  • I recommend this to someone who is extra careful and wants to verify every duplicate delete. I can say for a free program it sure saved my sanity for coming across duplicates but afraid to delete them because I didn’t know if they were the same EXACT file that was in another folder I didn’t want to go searching for to make sure before I deleted the suspicious duplicate.
CloneSpy Activation Code

A remarkable advantage of this tool is the fact that it scans the folders for duplicates in a short time and that the scan results are really accurate. It also allows you to use numerous filters, based on file attributes, the file size, the file creation date or even the file extensions, in order to customize the duplicate file searching task and its result to your liking. Moreover, CloneSpy 3.43 free download is capable of automatically performing various actions with the found duplicate files, according to your predefined options. These actions include: delete them, move them or even replace them with shortcuts or hard links (NTFS) to the retained files. It also allows building checksum files. In conclusion, CloneSpy 3.43 free full download is a handy tool that makes dealing with duplicate files a simple task. CloneSpy 3.43 with serial keys is a Free Duplicate File CleanUp Tool for Windows.

System Requirements for CloneSpy:

What’s new in last version:

Added: You can now exclude sub-folders when marking or unmarking files in a folder via the context menu of the list box in the All duplicates window.
Added: Remembered window sizes and positions can now be reset to their default values (see Misc page of the Options window).
Modified: Hard links and shortcuts are now created before the file to be replaced is deleted (see Deletion page of the Options window).
Modified: Leftover files are now deleted at the end of a scan to prevent deletion conflicts (see Deletion page of the Options window).
Modified: Deleted leftover files are now counted in the scan progress window and listed in the log file if deleted files have to be logged (see Logging page of the Options window).
Modified: The title of the Main window now contains the program version.

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  1. Doesn’t check the CONTENTS of the files. Only finds duplicates with the same name or date or size. Big whoop!

  2. I’m totally satisfied with the software I purchased. I used converter to convert wma to mp3 and it made it quickly and o high quality level. If you need an wma to mp3 converter you can use this software and do not look for something else. Video to wma or mp3 conversion is possible. Also you can remove drm protection from wma files and video avi, mpeg files and convert them to drm free wma or mp3. It will be useful for iPod and iPhone owners who want to convert wma to mp3. Besides, batch conversion is possible and the software causes no quality loss while convert wma to mp3.

  3. It could have a more up to date looking interface but that doesn’t take anything away from it’s effectiveness as a permanent removal program

  4. I would prefer a true trial version – the free version is scan only. If it finds malware, you have to purchase the program for $35 in order to have the program remove it.

  5. IYogi customer service reps are really deligent. Once I explain my problem to them all i had to do is to sit back and watch. They fix it all very quickly.

  6. The Publisher’s description notes: “Version 2.01.4 fixed the installer, which had a problem in Windows 98 and Me”. Take that as a serious health warning for the older version. I ran an older version of the program in Windows 98 (first edition). All was well until the 30 days trial were over and I tried to uninstall the program. After rebooting my computer now cannot find the basic configuration files. I can only acces it via a floppy disk version of Windows. I do not know if I can recover.

  7. The only downside is Iobit doesn’t cut me checks for being an unaffiliated techie fanboy who lavishes praise upon their software and highly recommends it to everyone I meet on the job.

  8. There are a few players that ruin the game because they are either sore losers or very annoying in #Help and #Global chat channels. Some even fit into both catergories. If it wasn’t for them it would be a perfect game to play. There was a lot of bugs in the game, but the owner (DavidRM) has fixed most of them and is currently working on the rest.

  9. The software also tried to recover some old videos, splitting them frame by frame into hundreds of JPEG files. It would be nice to have the option of specifying what to do with video files.

  10. I love the game but it’s very hard when reaching level 20. It’s unfair because we always have to face higher ranked players, e.g levels 40 and 50 which have way more better weapons and a premium acc :/

  11. Media Search Function Doesn’t Work Well/At All
    Auto Song Tagging Doesnt Work Very Often

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