COMODO Disk Encryption full version crack

COMODO Disk Encryption 1.2.114847.152 full version with crack

It provides you with two different methods of securing your information. Either you encrypt any drive partition that contains personal information using combinations of different hashing and encryption algorithms or simply mount the virtual partitions in your hard drive, then save your data. Since the encryption process can be carried out with two different authentication types, namely ‘Password’ and ‘USB Stick’, the application helps you to add an extra layer of security, thus protecting your critical data from unauthorized users. When you launch COMODO Disk Encryption 1.2.114847.152 crack for the first time, you will notice that all your drives are automatically recognized (after a restart has been performed). When you click on a random partition, detailed information such as file system, free space, encryption method and total size are displayed in the bottom pane of the program.

COMODO Disk Encryption registeration keys

Download COMODO Disk Encryption 1.2 full setup – Keep your PC’s information inside your computer and out of the hands of hackers, thieves and online scammers by encrypting your partitions Keep your PC’s information inside your computer and out of the hands of hackers, thieves and online scammers by encrypting your partitions COMODO Disk Encryption activated is a reliable application that protects your sensitive data by encrypting your drives using complex algorithms.

The right-click menu enables you to easily encrypt or decrypt the selected partition, edit the available settings, as well as format it by modifying the file system to NTFS, FAT32 or FAT and the allocation unit size. By accessing the Encrypt option, you are able to choose one of the available authentication types, then set the properties according to your whims such as hash algorithm and password. The 'Virtual Drives' tab enables you to view all the mounted drives in your system and create, mount, remove or unmount them, as well as edit the encryption settings effortlessly. In case you want to decrypt a drive, you will just have to choose the proper option from the context menu and bring back the partition to its original form so that the drive becomes accessible for any user. Overall, COMODO Disk Encryption Full Version Free Download keeps all your sensitive data protected from hackers, thieves and online scammers by encrypting your hard disks with ease.

Main Features:

  • None
  • Great security by using USB key and password
COMODO Disk Encryption Registration Code

Disk Encryption lets you encrypt your files by either setting a password that serves as a key for encryption or by creating a USB key that starts the authentication process. In other words, if you go for the latter, the information can be decrypted by simply having the USB drive plugged in. You can also use a combination of both methods for an ultra secure environment. Once you encrypt your drives, if they get stolen or you lose them, only someone with your USB key and your password will be able to retrieve your data, which is highly unlikely, at best. Graphically, the application follows the simplicity of all Comodo’s applications. It doesn’t really take an expert to have a secure working environment with this app. COMODO Disk Encryption 1.2.114847.152 For Windows Download is a security tool for encrypting your disks

System Requirements for COMODO Disk Encryption:

  • 128 MB RAM
  • 12 MB free hard drive space
  • Windows 2003, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author COMODO Group Inc.
  • Last version 1.2.114847.152


  1. 1. I wish it had a way to link to other parts of the same outline (kind of a bookmark-like feature). Not really necessary, just a nice-to-have.
    2. It’s very easy to copy/paste an image into the notes pane of an outline, but doing so has a HUGE impact on file size. Adding 3 JPGs, under 1MB each, to a 60K AO file resulted in an overall file size of 23MB!
    3. Customer support is so-so. They did reply to feedback when I initially installed, and again when I accidentally replied to them instead of a colleague regarding an e-mailed year-end special, but they haven’t replied to a couple of general UI feedback/feature request/tech support-ish kinds of questions. There’s no forum, for users to help each other, and most google hits on ActionOutline are for download sites. At least it is so intuitive that it’s pretty easy to figure out how to do what you want or to determine that it isn’t possible.

  2. Well, loaded it on an Me machine on my network and it just wouldnt told me of an error it had encountered and wanted to send a report back to the creator…I played with it but it just wouldnt sing

  3. Seem’s to be a bit heavy, lots of processes started, high cpu load for quite a while updating at startup.

  4. Doesn’t work properly with Windows 7 (64-bit).
    Poor value compared to Free Proxy Way.
    Terrible Help file

  5. Unless I’m crazy, the latest version doesn’t allow ‘burn to DVD’ anymore. If you use that feature, keep the old version unless someone else here explains that I’m mistaken. I just find it hard to believe a company would REMOVE one of the primary features in this latest updated version.

  6. ONLY choices you have as to what files to delete is:
    – Select one in each group
    – Select duplicates based on “modification date”

    So, if you have your files and duplicates spread across several disks/folders, you must either delete them one by one (that IS still possible), or accept some “auto sort option” that will most likely have you deleting files you would much rather keep, and keep the same files in locations you would rather they were not in…

    Previous versions had
    – Select all duplicates in THIS folder (which was actually a feature you could use for something)

  7. was testing quite a few reg cleaners – found 49 problems – less than some and more than others – still no where near my old reg cleaner.

  8. Trouble is, I use it once and then the next day I have to re-download the program because it won’t work, even if I try from the programs in the start menu — and the desktop shortcut is a broken icon. Also, wish free offered scheduled scanning.

  9. I bought this product counted on reliable product. I produced web site, but some pages didn’t work with another browsers – Firefox, Netscape etc. I contacted company, but they refused to resolve it. The HTML code is OK, but generated java scripts are unreliable

  10. The latest version (11.7.700.224) came with the following infections:
    DomaIQ.exe (Trojan) and DomaIQ10.exe (Rootkit)(win32.RootKit!IK)

  11. the RAM usage is about 13 megs but thats for a LOT of functionality and its still less than most other weather programs. + i would really like to see an option to monitor 2 cities at once instead of only one.

  12. If your business still depends on faxing, this application is definitely an useful discovery. You don’t need a fax machine to send a fax, this application runs minimized on your PC using your Internet connection to send and receive faxes. Many features are available for a very reasonable price.

  13. Loaded my browsers with add ons, including something called Info Atoms that I can’t even seem to uninstall via add/remove programs. Also changed my default search to Bing 🙁

  14. BEWARE & be CAREFUL or Adobe Flash update will install Chrome and Mcafee Scanner on your compter.I found out the hard way last night.This is not Comodo icedragons fault but when it told me to update the newest Flash from Adobe I did on the page it gave me and I seen it installing Google Chrome.I closed it down before it could install.Then I tried again and it installed the Mcafee Security Scanner on my PC so fast I couldn’t stop it.I had to clean a lot of crap off of my PC thanks to Adobe Flash and there new tricky programs they add.If you update Flash you better look real close on that page so you don’t get Chrome and Mcafee.Adobe has stooped to a new low with the sneaky,dirty little tactics to install Chrome and Mcafee on your computer.

  15. Im having trouble downloading youtube videos & It doesn’t have all the conversion options, like the previous version I used. The 2.16 version was much better for converting youtube videos to mp3 format, and now that isnt an option on the new version.

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