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Convert and watch Divx or AVI video files on your regular home DVD Player by creating and burning discs with this easy-to-use piece of software Many of us have ever desired to enjoy our favorite videos on our TV sets, but this is usually not possible because of the limited compatibility and number of supported formats of our home DVD players. Fortunately, today we can use software tools like ConvertXtoDVD registered to convert one or more videos into a standard DVD movie with customized menus and subtitles so that you can play it back using any compatible player. Despite its simplicity and easy-to-use interface, this program offers all the options and tools you might require to create fully-customized, professional-looking DVD movies from your regular video files, and even to distribute them among your friends and family.

ConvertXtoDVD For Pc Free Download

ConvertXtoDVD Full Version keygen‘s developers have focused on two very important aspects: quality and conversion speed. As for the quality, the program includes special functions that automatically analyze and enhance the original quality of your source video files, and give you advice about the best way of improving it. With regard to the conversion speed, the program is designed to natively take advantage of 64-bit and multicore processors, and their multi-threading capabilities, so that this program must be one of the fastest of its kind.

ConvertXtoDVD full setup is a 1 click solution to convert and burn your movie files to a compatible DVD playable on your home DVD player. The software supports the most popular types of video and subtitles files. Equipped with a fast and quality encoder you get excellent results quickly. The recommended settings are selected so that you get the best result possible. If you do decide to edit your videos or change any settings a live preview will help validate any editing you do to your video before the conversion. Choose fullscreen or widescreen (4:3 or 16:9) as well as your choice for NTSC or PAL. Download ConvertXtoDVD full download Offline Installer Setup for Windows.

Main Features:

  • Use your own subtitle files for your DVD movies
  • Easy DVD burning for novices
  • Trial version includes watermark on ouput
  • Includes its own disc-burning engine
  • Creates professional-looking DVD movies with customized menus
  • Fairly easy to useVery competent, able to do everything you should require
  • This software isn’t cheap but it cuts out all of the headaches and stress and wasting time that all the other efforts I’ve made were plenty of.
  • I have NERO 9 (the full version) I do not delete it from my computer because I am afraid of its incorrect removal. I have Ashampoo Burning Studio, Xilisoft…, Sony Vegas 8 Pro – I like these programs and I often use its… But, when I just wish to convert and write down a film on DVD I use ConvertXtoDVD. In my opinion these words I have expressed my relation to this program.
ConvertXtoDVD full version with keygen download

  • Fast encoding.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Multiple audio and subtitle support.
  • Multi language support.
ConvertXtoDVD 7.0 free download is an easy-to-use, 'one-click' video conversion application to convert and… ConvertXtoDVD full version free is an easy-to-use, 'one-click' video conversion application to convert and burn any video file to DVD, such as AVI (DivX, XviD), MKV (H.264 AVC), WMV, MPEG, MOV, YouTube (flash) videos and many more. Download ConvertXtoDVD 7.0 For Pc Free Download – Convert and watch Divx or AVI video files on your regular home DVD Player by creating and burning discs with this easy-to-use piece of software

System Requirements for ConvertXtoDVD:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author VSO-Software
  • Last version

🙂 im only using trial version,how long its free?

All I can find on their website is “Most of our trial versions are time limited” but it doesn’t say how long.
Other sites offer a trial of this product that “The trial version will integrate a watermark into the DVD.” with no time limit.

Hi, I bought ConvertXto DVD7 some time ago. I lost all my programes so I’m trying to reinstall. How do I do it, can you help? Regards Bob

Hello Bob; I’m sending you the .exe to reinstall the program. Lucie from Niagara Falls Ontario
Sorry; I’m trying to copy and paste, and it doesn’t work. I have the application, If I had an attachment as in emails, it would work. You can email me at [email protected] Bob, and I will send you the attachment. Have a good corona virus break! Lucie

What’s new in last version:

[Bug] [VSORep] disabled emails appears on the pre-filled box
[Bug] [VSORep] closed ticket if we cannot retrieve the status
[Bug] Subtitles issue -> red subtitle with green border
[Suggestion] [HELP MENU] Change “Report a bug” to “Support Center” + icon
[Bug] Editable subtitles + Button Overlays => colours change after conversion
[Suggestion] Even if the project has been saved – it asks again when closing the software
[Bug] All VSO products not opening for no obvious reason
[Feature Request] VSO Reporting Tool is not user-friendly.

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  1. Ever since i downloaded the updated version, it keeps crashing… This used to be a good app!

  2. Screen says “can not show this web page” , so I can not get on internent explorer !

  3. it is one of the best video converter, easy and very efficient with the best output quality

  4. Fantastic program for converting Video files on to DVD. It’s quick, with an easy interface and provides top quality results. The creation of DVD menus is also very efficient creating functional results

  5. Uhhh…..For some OS 2000/XP computers, one file is missing…and restalling wont help it. So I offer you to use to search the files that the warning box says. These dlls files work for a lot of other free downloads in Cnet, including gaming online downloads. Bookmark it. 😀

  6. I’d like to suggest Remo Recover application as it is the best and most relevant mobile phone recovery tool to recover lost or deleted images, video clips, and music files.

  7. I can’t get this version to install. The installer runs to 99.9% then quits with no error information. A search of the web and the Adobe support forum show that many other people are having the same problem. Adobe has offered no troubleshooting suggestions.

  8. I tried this one three times, just in case. After converting .avi files to DVD format, they wouldn’t play back on VLC media player, and neither Nero or Roxio recognized them as a format that could burn to video DVD. Waste of time.

  9. Backups files are generally unavailable for viewing. This is due to a years old security issue that Acronis has never fixed. Backing up to DVD works once in a blue moon, but is EXTREMELY sketchy. 99% of the time, it can’t see it’s own backup files. They’re there, it just ignores them and doesn’t say why. What devices show up on the live boot is anyone’s guess. You can’t restore from the same drive you boot from. Tech support was terrible, the representative knew only the very basics of the product. I could go on and on.

  10. Some versions almost work next don’t (like the recent 5.5.7), at least on my system (win8.1/64 i7/24GB Geforce GT640).

    Earlier I had problems with length of the MPEG2-program (were truncated to few minutes) and did not catch the aspect properly (16:9 anamorphic)

  11. Emailed them and their solution was to try it on a different computer, I tried it on a second computer and it still didn’t work, upon which they told me to try it on another system. Being fed up, I asked for a refund which they have not given.

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