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After being installed the program runs in your system tray and notifies you about all events you should know about. Directory Monitor full version serial keys also includes a great options section that allows customizing its performance fully on your demands. For example, you can define time intervals for refreshing folders or activate backup of all logs. The program is light-weight and has low system requirements. And don't forget that it's absolutely free. Directory Monitor full version with crack and keygen can be used to monitor folders for changes to the files Have all the changes, accesses, renamings and deletions of your hard drive’s files under control thanks to the monitoring program called Directory Monitor serials Monitor and detect who is making changes to your directories and network shares in real-time.

Directory Monitor pre-Activated

The Settings window presents users with a range of different options that would trigger alerts, from minor things like a change in a file name, to more advanced changes like a change in the security settings. The application also presents an option just to scan the specific folder / directory, or the entire subfolder tree.

A simple program with surprising amounts of depth and customization presented to users

Directory Monitor For Windows 10 Download is a versatile application that might appear basic on first glance, but can actually be used to perform a range of different types of monitoring functions. While it could be improved in a few ways, it is not obviously flawed and, all in all, users will be satisfied with how Directory Monitor setup operates.

Allows you to monitor a directory and notify you with a small event whenever it detects a change to the path or any subdirectories

  • Real-time notifications of modifications and file accesses.
  • Detection of users that make changes.
  • Captures of directories and file stats.
  • Can run as a Windows process in the background.
  • Save an event log in CSV or in a relational database to check later.
  • Execute scripts or applications when a certain event is detected.
  • Share the modifications made to the folders under surveillance by email.

Main Features:

  • It’s free
  • Not found
  • Stable work
Directory Monitor Full Version Free Download

Being able to accurately manage and monitor directories and key pathways can be vital for maintaining a computers health and functionality. Directory Monitor 2.13 with keygen is an application that allows users to monitor a single directory at a time, which then sends alerts to the user any time something changes within the directory path or the subdirectories.

A remarkably minimalist interface that gets straight to the point of the program, leaving no ambiguity

The standard interface of Directory Monitor serials presents user with an almost bare interface with little to no buttons on it. The design is reminiscent of a file explorer window only with much less on display. A file tree is displayed on the left, with the rest being almost entirely empty, with the exception of buttons for starting and stopping the monitoring process, settings, save and a clear option.

System Requirements for Directory Monitor:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Werner van Deventer
  • Last version


  1. Not only unreliable, but will CRASH YOUR COMPUTER. I am running WIndows XP-64. My system is very clean with few applications. Acronis True Image several times made the backup SATA drive unreadable.

  2. This new version must be a major tracker of info. If I delete it in the background, it resurrectes itself within the second.

  3. Both Microsoft Security Essentials and MalwareBytes find malware in the version 5.2 installer, including a password stealer.

  4. The only thing it will open is gif images, since that is what I want to create, why would I want to open one that is already created. Don’t download! I deleted about 2 minuits after finding out what it does.

  5. After installing the program, Spybot noticed it tried to update my registry and replace my default search engine. I never trust software that doesn’t allow me to check or uncheck options like that.

  6. It looks like they took a few old favorites and packaged them in a bunch of adware so that they can track your surfing. You can’t even play it without doing a bunch of silly stuff. These people should be ashamed of themselves for ruining such great old games, with a bunch of ripoff trash that just slows your computer down.

  7. When I tried to cancel a search it refused, and the cancel button disappeared!?!? then it continued to search for an additional 4 minutes before stopping. Its GUI really is the most unattractive i have seen in a long time. And for what it does, it is large 5MB. The shareware nags are really annoying too. When clicking [Compare] I get this error message: [Compare: ShowFileList Not programmed: AppFiles]. This program is yucky, don’t use it! Instead use more specialized and useful tools, use TreeSize (freeware) for finding large folders. Use Mo-Search (freeware) to find and remove Duplicate files. Use WinRar for compression!

  8. None that I can really think of, aside maybe from the fact that they update pretty regularly. It’s a good thing for the program, but just a bit of a hassle that I have to re-download the program every couple of days.

  9. Although I got tricked initially as not all the buttons displaying the download would give you this app. Initially I downloaded something which added a toolbar. Kinda tricky!
    And I just found out that this works only if you’re using the desktop and not if you’re using other apps in the start screen for Windows 8.1.


  11. Very very slow when searching for Containing Text – now any faster than the Windows built-in search – this really make it a no-go for me.

  12. Without properly alerting you, this software does not necessarily back up everything you ask to be backed up.

  13. But now it’s not there anymore and Gramblr does nothing when I click on it. I don’t know of any other solution and I can’t contact them when I’m not in the client.

  14. We have True Image 11 Home for our Vista destop (not the ICH9R chipset) & have had nothing but trouble. We cannot view nor can we retrieve backed up files because the required password will not work. (Note: Their documentation says very little about this password.) A message to Acronis tech support produced nothing but a form e-mail response (“your call is very important to us…”) + a directive not to send our message more than one time. The e-mail suggested getting the latest update and searching their web forum for answers needed. It turned out that others had the same question, but we did learn from the forum (NOT the documentation) that the required password is the administrator password for your home computer. So, we set the password, & to no one’s surprise, it WILL NOT WORK. So, on to endless uninstalls/reinstalls/updates, etc., and the password still will not allow us to access our True Image backup. They said our experience is probably just a fluke, but they positively will not refund our money. I think Acronis put too much of their resources into media hype & not enough into their product and documentation. Anybody out there want to buy a like-new copy of True Image 11 Home Edition? Cheap–and guaranteed not to work.

  15. but this one needs to be improved badly.It tries to delete important files and does not work as Malwarebytes

  16. En realidad no es una contra, ya que es una versión gratuita. Hablo de la actualización, que necesita confirmación.

  17. I ran all the utilities included and then my Windows 98 computer absolutely would not boot. I got the dos “navdx” error message then a total freeze. I had to restore an older registry to “fix”, as ASI had not created a backup automatically and offered no “uninstall” option that might have otherwise restored things. I consider this a very risky set of utilities. Very upset with this product.

  18. a little difficult to understand its reference to repairs and scrutiny, therefore i leave it to decide whats best and occasionally close my eyes.

  19. They make you download their Download manager before you can download acrobat. I also don’t like the fact that it communicates with the mother ship and pesters you to upgrade periodically.

  20. Once in awhile it doesn’t capture, but that maybe more to do with computer issues than Printscreen though

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