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Sending data is done directly, the only condition being that on the remote computer Dukto Full Version Free Crack is also up and running. Apart from typing in the IP address of the target PC, there's nothing else to set up, so it's clear that this tool can save you a lot of time. This application is capable of transferring from one system to another text messages, text from the clipboard, files and even entire directories, all with only a couple of clicks. If your buddies (peers using Dukto pre-Activated on your network) are online, you will be able to select them directly from the list in the main window.

Dukto Full Version key

Dukto R6 pre-Activated Free Download is a lightweight but incredibly powerful multi-platform file transfer and networking tool that strives to provide PC users a streamlined way to share files over the LAN network. Instead of letting users to struggle with the account credentials, permissions, protocols, clients, servers, and other numerous system quirks related to establishing stable and fast network connections between two PCs, It takes all this confusion out of the picture by simply allowing users to transfer files via LAN to other PCs by simply dragging and dropping files and folders into its active app window. That’s it! Simply set up this micro app on all PCs on your home or business LAN network and start easily sharing data between them with zero configurations or confusion.  

To get Dukto R6 keygen up and running on your desktop or laptop PC, all you need to do is to download and install a single application. Simply follow several simple on-screen instructions and the app will be ready for action. Upon startup, it will scan and analyze your local network in a specific way, detecting not only accessible PCs but also other active instances of the same app. Immediately after this, users are free to start sending files and even text messages to the detected PCs. Data can be sent by dragging and dropping files or folders into the app and then clicking the target destination. To enable more versatile data transfer, the app supports targeting not only PCs with installed Dukto R6 Activation Code app, but also sending data to a specific IP address.

Main Features:

  • Does not require knowing the recipient IP address
  • Avoids the complex operations involved in sharing files between devices running different operating systems
  • Transfer data very fast
  • Does not create its own hotspot
Dukto keys

It is important to note that this Dukto setup does NOT require any of its users to be connected to the internet.  All of the data transfers are happening locally via LAN. Additionally, the app can seamlessly transfer data between all supported versions of Windows OS (ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10!) with no additional customization or tweaking needed to achieve this feat. The list of useful features goes on – full transfer log, text/chat transfer, full Unicode support, fast transfer speeds, multi-files/folders transfer (batch transfer), automatic discovery of available clients, ability to open files directly from within the app, local IP address showcase, and more.

System Requirements for Dukto:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.msec.it
  • Author em.colombo
  • Last version R6

Hye, there is a limit size for the files to transfer ? I have a problem with files more than 2Gb, the transfer stop at 2Gb

If you are using the classic desktop application there is no limit, it has been tested with bigger files than yours. If you are using apps from app stores, I’m not aware of limits, but I can’t confirm it.


  1. The app runs fine, until you try to uninstall it. It force closes the uninstaller. I’ve tried rebooting, other programs will uninstall, just this one shuts it down. Apparently this is a common issue with this program. I absolutely do not recommend installing this!

  2. Have tried this one as well as Migrate Easy and both congratulate me about the successful completion of the cloning task but do nothing.

  3. I wish they would add their benchmarking tool to this suite – this would make it a perfect package

  4. Thanks for informing us. We are taking immediate actions to avoid malware at Software Informer. Also, while installing the program, please be more careful to untick unwanted and adware components that this program may offer you to set up.

  5. I only want to produce a single mix CD with no gaps between the tracks. When 0 seconds is selected, there is still a millisecond pause or click. So if you’re just burning a normal CD why not just use Windows Media Player.
    When I selected the tracks, the software changed the order!!

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