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Download eMule Plus 1.2e license code – eDonkey compatible client which enables you to download files fast, with support for IRC channels, an advanced search function and backup capabilities eMule Plus 1.2e full version with crack is a new generation eye candy eMule compatible client created to improve the original… eMule Plus Full Version Activation Code 1.2c is basically the original eMule P2P client with an improved GUI eDonkey compatible client which enables you to download files fast, with support for IRC channels, an advanced search function and backup capabilities

eMule Plus license Key

Add friends and connect to IRC channels

In addition to that, it is possible to view shared files, add friends by inputting their IP address, port and username, so that you can start communicating with them and improve your download speed. A long list of IRC channels is also available, so that you can connect to one and chat with other users or play trivia.

Stats that can be viewed and detailed options to configure

Statistics can be generated regarding an array of coordinates, such as session upload and download ratio, reconnects, downloaded data, working servers, number of shared files and largest shared item.

Smooth setup and well-organized interface

In order to take advantage of all options it has to offer, you are first required to go through an installation process, yet you should rest assured as it only takes a few seconds to complete. The interface you come by presents a pretty well-organized design with the main functions nicely displayed at the top of the screen. Although no Help contents are included, we are confident all types of users can learn how to handle it, once they get used to the GUI.

Main Features:

  • You can share files with millions of users, even if they don´t use the same P2P client
  • Sometimes is difficult to configure your network setting to get ride of “Low IDs” and get enough downloading speed
eMule Plus full version setup

eMule Plus Full Version Activator 1.2c is a P2P client, basically the original eMule client with an improved GUI, the ability to control your client remotely over the web. It supports 31 languages and has an improved search. With eMule Plus 1.2e Registration key 1.2c, you can download millions of files available through the web, hosted on computers belonging to users like you. Actually, the files on your computer are being shared at the same time too, so there will be users downloading files from your computer. This is what P2P (Peer to Peer) is all about.

System Requirements for eMule Plus:

What’s new in last version:

FEATURE: Unicode support [Eklmn/Aw3/KuSh]
FEATURE: show client properties on right click on tab in chat window [Eklmn]
FEATURE: Video Player parameters {glaskrug/Lastwebpage} [Aw3]
FEATURE: facility to update comment filter and file cleanup tags for current installation [Aw3]
FEATURE: WebServices link for IMDb movie info look-up [Aw3]
FEATURE: 'Keep search history' setting to preserve or not search history [Aw3]
FEATURE: WebServer: preserve list statuses between restarts [Aw3]
FEATURE: WebServer: preserve client queue statuses between restarts [Aw3]
CHANGE: simplified shared files hashing thread [KuSh]

eMule Plus 1.2d full version patch, eMule Plus 1.2c full version, eMule Plus 1.2b preactivated


  1. Doesn’t find duplicate files correctly, says that there are duplicate files that don’t exist, and only searches 30 duplicate files unless you pay for the paid version.

  2. If only it did not remove some good options in the previous versions, like the option of syncing video and audio.

  3. Biggest flaw is that output file is very large. I tried to convert from avi to mpg(1) and got file that was 5 times bigger than the original file. Also, in some combinations, I got a green stripe at the bottom of the screen. No MPEG-4 support. Sometimes crashes when minimized (when idle), and has some other minor stability issues. There are better applications that do the same job. Compared to the quality of many free applications, this product is bad.

  4. Then, with your whole collection to choose from, you can create the ultimate playlists for rocking out, working out, or chilling out. You can also rate your songs with one to five stars, so it’s easy to find your favorites later.

  5. Until a few years back this was great software. I’ve read that after True Image 2010 everything went to heck. I got news for you, True Image Homne 2010 is garbage compared to earlier versions as well. I just gave up on 2010 after two years of using it and having to uninstall and re-install it repeatedly, corrupt images, failed restores, errors galore– you name it– it has problems with it. The service–tech support are the best version of a run around I have EVER seen. Tons of promises, no actual support.

  6. Read above the only cons is that it took a little too much time for me to right just a fraction of the pros

  7. It consumes a lot of RAM, especially large documents. When opening a 900-page document it uses only 40-50MB RAM. But after I scroll some pages the amount of RAM is increased fast, up to 1GB (may be more, I have to close it at that time).

  8. I am dissapointed with the hand history though, it give you all the information you need, but you really have to play with it to get any workable stats. If you are a night owl like me, it can be slim pickings at the tables in the early hours durring the week.

  9. A nice improvement would be an ability to customize background colors in ToDo, also to pick fonts, their sizes and colors. Calendarscope has all this, but lacks in other areas. So, overall winner is AAO.

  10. Program is apparently not under further development. That’s a pity. It does however a good job and it can be configured to use within Total commander.

  11. can’t import correctly contacts from Outlook. EM did it but multiplying them 4 times! Now to use my 250 I should delete every single one 750 times … hmm

  12. Earlier versions were obviously authored by a geek in geek language. This version is a 180 turn. It is vastly easier to use and understand. This company listened to my complaints and earlier reviews.

  13. It has problems with showing diacritic language chars (like with cedilla, macron, caron) that get converted to ?. Lacks basic features, no settings. Choose something better.

  14. This is a very good program for professionals. I have been using it for a long time. When is an android version coming out?

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