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The program's wizard provides step-by-step instructions, making the whole task very easy to do, just with a few mouse clicks and without the need of extra applications. In order for the program to run efficiently, we must have a hard disk drive formatted to NTFS, and with plenty of free space. In addition, we can configure the program to rewind the tape and shut down our computer after it has finished the project. This program is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista (New!), XP, and 2000, operating systems.

Exsate DV Capture Live serial code

Exsate DV Capture Live Full Version Registered is the most fast and easy to use program for DV capture Exsate DV Capture Live Free Crack is a program for capturing DV video from IEEE-1394 Firewire and… A comprehensive and easy to use DV capturing and encoding software solution that can export to AVI and WMV on the fly in a few simple steps Exsate DV Capture Live serial code is a freeware program for Windows. This program provides all the necessary tools to capture DV video directly from a camcorder, encode, and save it as a video file in any of these formats: DV AVI (type 1 and 2), AVI, and ASF (WMF). We can connect and operate our camcorder from the computer by using a Firewire IEEE-1394 card. Best of all, it is possible select a tape capture mode (from the beginning, selected position, whole tape, an interval). We can choose how to display the recorded DV date and time stamp (always, every scene, once a day/hour).

Exsate DV Capture Live activated enables you to start a capture from the beginning to the current position of the tape that is found in your camcorder or from current to end, as well as encode the the entire tape content. Moreover, you get to enter a specific time interval from start to end that the application can capture. If none of the above fit with your needs, then you are free to start a manual capture. As far as output formats go, Exsate DV Capture Live For Pc Free Download allows you to export in DV AVI, AVI, and ASF which are widely spread and can easily be edited using appropriate software. Also, with this tool you get support for both PAL and NTSC video systems, meaning that the application is compatible with nearly all camcorders out today.

Main Features:

  • DV video to AVI or WMV
  • None
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • It’s free
  • User-friendly
Exsate DV Capture Live Full Version pre-Activated

Download Exsate DV Capture Live full version with crack and keygen – A comprehensive and easy to use DV capturing and encoding software solution that can export to AVI and WMV on the fly in a few simple steps Exsate DV Capture Live 1.2 full version setup is a program for capturing DV video from IEEE-1394 Firewire and recompressing to other formats in realtime. Exsate DV Capture Live registration keys is a lightweight application that you can use to capture DV video from your camcorder and convert it to other formats. Using this tool you are able to capture video from IEEE-1394 Firewire in a simple manner by making use of a wizard like interface and a straightforward transfer process. You simply run the application, enter a custom name for the new capture or select an existing project, then choose the capture mode, output format and that just about covers the main steps.

System Requirements for Exsate DV Capture Live:

  • Microsoft DirectX 9
  • Microsoft Windows Media 9.5
  • NTFS file system
  • At least Intel Pentium III 1000MHz or higher processor / 3800 or higher is recommended
  • 512MB of RAM/1024MB or higher is recommended
  • 3MB free hard disk space for program installation
  • High-speed hard drive (7200rpm recommended)
  • Display with 800×600 resolution, Hi-color
  • Windows-compatible sound card
  • Windows-compatible mouse
  • IEEE-1394 (FireWire) card
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.exsate.com
  • Author Exsate Software
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Added support for Windows 7
Unicode support
Some bugs fixed

Exsate DV Capture Live portable


  1. It contains crapware, changes your default search engine in ALL your browsers, emty ALL your browser cache and who knows what?!

    Its not free at all. You pay with your private data.


    (sorry about my capital letters – but I just had to emphasize and yell)

  2. It is crashing on my system, even I tried on a desktop and got the same result, I couldn’t work with that.

  3. The circles keep moving, which makes it hard to keep track, and the copy/paste of the SPID isn’t as simple as you’d like.

  4. Pleasantly surprised. Downloaded the trial, bought the product. Never looked back. NO CONS

  5. After a dozen tries, email & calls they still haven’t gotten my outlook fixed. The one tech I got said he didn’t know how to fix it & said the engineer in Georgia would call after lunch. 3 days later no call. Live chat didn’t work either.

  6. To many strings attached to it. You might run the risk of reinstalling your Operating System all over again to really get rid of that pest. Boy, Am I sorry I downloaded it.

  7. Easily DELETES .VHD files it has no business messing with. Seems to have difficulty maintiaining connection with USB 3 drive, necessitating manual re-connect.

  8. I would like more configuration options. But i guess thats what makes it so easy to use.

  9. Get ready to be sued. Doubtful legality. Many of the videos are clearly stolen or review copies. Many videos in different language, regardless of US flag in listing. MB taken even though not dl. Customer Service rude and stupid. My guess is this is a Russian site and I would expect spyware and viruses.

  10. Some versions almost work next don’t (like the recent 5.5.7), at least on my system (win8.1/64 i7/24GB Geforce GT640).

    Earlier I had problems with length of the MPEG2-program (were truncated to few minutes) and did not catch the aspect properly (16:9 anamorphic)

  11. This download lets you try the software for 200 transactions, then you pay. NOT FREE SOFTWARE, this is a FREE TRIAL.

  12. errors out by changing burn speed to 32x, which is not supported by any reasonable dvd burning device on the market

  13. Well it was kind of hard to figure out at first, and it takes a while to know what everything does, so be prepared to take a few days.

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