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* Maximum number of time constraints: 60000 * Maximum number of space constraints: 60000 – A large and flexible palette of time constraints: * Break periods For teacher(s): Not available periods Max/min days per week Max gaps per day/week Max hours daily/continuously Min hours daily Max hours daily/continuously with an activity tag Respect working in an hourly interval a max number of days per week For students (sets): Not available periods Begins early (specify max allowed beginnings at second hour) Max gaps per day/week Max hours daily/continuously Min hours daily Max hours daily/continuously with an activity tag Respect working in an hourly interval a max number of days per week For an activity or a set of activities/subactivities: A single preferred starting time A set of preferred starting times A set of preferred time slots Min/max days between them End(s) students day Same starting time/day/hour Not overlapping Consecutive, ordered, grouped (for 2 or 3 (sub)activities) Min gaps between a set of (sub)activities – A large and flexible palette of space constraints: Room not available periods For teacher(s): Home room(s) Max building changes per day/week Min gaps between building changes For students (sets): Home room(s) Max building changes per day/week Min gaps between building changes Preferred room(s): For a subject For an activity tag For a subject and an activity tag Individually for a (sub)activity

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The interface of the tool is based on a standard window with an uncomplicated layout. So, you can insert institution information, number of working days and hours per week, teacher names and their activities, along with student years, groups and subgroups. Furthermore, you can add subjects, tags, activities and subactivities, set the break time, organize classrooms, as well as view statistic on teachers, subjects and students; these details can be printed or generated to files in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can import and export data, save the project to file for further modifications, and lock all activities on the timetable, just to name a few. Settings may be restored to their factory values.

The simplistic application runs on a very low amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time, includes user documentation and supports multiple languages for the GUI. No error dialogs have been displayed during our evaluation and FET 5.48.1 Activation Key did not hang or crash. However, the interface needs some improvements in the visual department. FET full version with crack and keygen is open source free software for automatically scheduling the timetable of a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm. It is licensed under GNU GPL.

FET Activator Free Download

Usually, FET 5.48.1 Activator Free Download is able to solve a complicated timetable in maximum 5-20 minutes. For simpler timetables, it may take a shorter time, under 5 minutes (in some cases, a matter of seconds). For extremely difficult timetables, it may take a longer time, a matter of hours. Features: – Localized to en_US (US English, default), ar (Arabic), ca (Catalan), da (Danish), de (German), el (Greek), es (Spanish), fa (Persian), fr (French), he (Hebrew), hu (Hungarian), id (Indonesian), it (Italian), lt (Lithuanian), mk (Macedonian), ms (Malay), nl (Dutch), pl (Polish), pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese), ro (Romanian), ru (Russian), si (Sinhala), sk (Slovak), sr (Serbian), tr (Turkish) and uk (Ukrainian) (incompletely for some languages) – Possibility of adding multiple teachers and students sets for each activity. That is, each activity can have specified any number of students subgroups (sets) and any number of teachers (it is possible to have no teacher or no students set for an activity, also)

System Requirements for FET:

What’s new in last version:

Bug fix: the program froze when hiding rows or columns in the activity planning dialog. This bug was introduced in version 5.43.0. Reported by Dietmar Deuster.
Code improvements.
Minor fixes and code cleanup.
Bug fix: when using constraints activity tags not overlapping with the activity tags names containing the special characters &, >, or < (and possibly " or '), the saved file would be corrupted and could not be reopened without firstly correcting it manually. Reported by Darren McDonald.
Updated to Qt 5.14.2.
Updated the Arabic translation, by Benahmed Abdelkrim.
Minor fixes.
Changed the random number generator to a better one, MRG32k3a, by Pierre L'Ecuyer (used with permission). This has a longer period but, unfortunately, on some older/not so powerful computers/platforms (especially the 32-bit ones), this new random number generator might run (much) slower. But the generation time should be generally nearly the same or comparable, since the random numbers generation routine seems to take only about 3% of the generation time.

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  1. Well, it’s the fact that you have to choose custom install if you don’t want the tenth toolbar installed and messing up your browser!!!

  2. This latest edition was confusing to download and install. I finally dowloaded each part individually. Thus I have pieces but nothing working together under a single program.

  3. I advise users to read the Cnet article and comments about what the makers of Malwarebytes wear accused of doing. No way do I want this company putting software on my computer, free or not. Check out the link above in the description.

  4. RoboHelp X5 has some fundamental bugs, is inflexible, and lacks obvious features. Also, support is limited to two incidents and takes a long time to get. But what are you gonna do? You have to buy it, and Macromedia exploits that.

  5. The application’s new interface is a bit cheeky, but what the heck, it works as it should.

  6. First time starting the program it had to collect information about the drives and I started to wonder if it had frozen. I suppose it’s because of my multi-drive/multi-partition set up, but there might be room for improvement on the starting screen.

  7. It’s ok, not impressed, sometimes it won’t close, I’ll close the program and a few seconds later, it opens itself up and i have to just exit the whole program, or it continues to open itself.

  8. Closed all of my tabs, added a load of background extensions and then changed all of my browser settings so that spammy pages load up whenever I open Chrome. Then the program crashed the first time I tried to use it. Totally useless and such a pain to undo all the annoying changes made to my settings. Deleting and looking elsewhere

  9. o Overall quality of this software is generally bad.
    o A number of the bells and whistles features simply do not work (e.g., System clean – disk free space scrub. A DoD scrub (3x) of 350GB of free space does NOT take 30 seconds). Proved by the fact Pandora recovery can find and restore supposedly scrubbed data.
    o I ran into an error immediately after installing; a re-install did not help.
    o Image file names seem to be random (unlike previous versions of Acronis where they were very predictable).
    o I got a BSOD on my first attempt at mounting a backup image.
    o Some annoying UI level issues (classic Acronis). e.g., picking a backup destination takes about 3 tries before it sticks.
    o Uninstaller (via control panel) doesn’t work (you have to use the installer just like you are installing it, and choose the uninstall option).
    o Uninstall leaves garbage on Win7 and breaks Windows 7 backup.
    o Uninstall leaves drivers on system (e.g., snapman.sys).

  10. When I attempted to do a full backup of the system, the software just locks up the computer. Furthermore, I’ve had no response from Acronis regarding my refund request (which I sent 10 days ago).

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