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The Windows context menu, that is activated by means of the right mouse button, offers multiple options to the users, but many of these users miss certain options. And to be able to add more options to this menu you can use FileMenu Tools 7.7 free full download .

The options that you need

The idea behind FileMenu Tools Full Version Serial Key offers the opportunity to the users to be able to choose which options will form part of the context menu, even having the possibility to add new options that aren’t normally available.

FileMenu Tools Full Version license code

Some of the options available in FileMenu Tools activated are: All these options together with the possibility to eliminate elements that have been added to the context menu, but aren’t going to be used, make FileMenu Tools portable a program that is really worth it. Download FileMenu Tools 7.7 registered for free to manage the contents of the Windows contextual menu.

  • Synchronize folders.
  • Eliminate a file completely, without sending it to the recycling bin.
  • Register DLL.
  • Unpack folder, allows you to move the contents of a folder to its parent folder.
  • Show the size of the folders.

No error dialogs have been displayed during our evaluation and FileMenu Tools 7.7 Full Version keygen did not freeze or crash. Thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity, the app's features can be seamlessly figured out. All in all, FileMenu Tools license Key provides a straightforward and efficient way to manage context menu entries and actions.

FileMenu Tools 7.7 codes Video Guide

Main Features:

  • Paste clipboard utility supports only text files
  • You can customize files and folders
  • Some special commands are not changable
  • Shred and overwrite files
FileMenu Tools full version with keygen download free

FileMenu Tools 7.7 Full Version keygen is an application that allows you to modify the context menu. Download FileMenu Tools 7.7 reg keys for free to adapt the context menu to your own needs This tool helps to work on both files and folders from the Window Explorer Download FileMenu Tools Free Crack – Improve the Windows Explorer context menu by customizing it with your own items and shortcuts to improve your workflow and productivity FileMenu Tools 7.7 with keygen lets you customize the context (right-click) menu of Windows Explorer. FileMenu Tools 7.7 registeration keys is a program that you can use to customize the Explorer right-click menu. It can be easily installed and configured, even by less experienced users. The interface of the application is based on a standard window with an intuitive layout. So, you can arrange entries when it comes to context menu commands, 'Send To' menu, and commands of other applications.

System Requirements for FileMenu Tools:

  • Homepage:
  • Author LopeSoft – Rubén López Hernández
  • Last version 7.7

What’s new in last version:

Added new property in the configuration of the commands to sort the files before passing them to the command. They can be sorted by name, by extension, by creation time, by modification time and by file size. This property can be set to all commands, both custom commands and built-in commands.
New command: Join folders. This command moves the contents of all selected folders into a new folder.
New command: Encrypt Files. This command allows you to encrypt the selected files using a password. The encryption algorithm is AES of 256 bits. The .enc extension is added to the encrypted file and for this type of file a new command will be displayed in the menu named Decrypt File, which allows you to decrypt the file by entering the same password previously used to encrypt it.

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  1. Auto wolf is one of the worst programs I’ve ever purchased. It crashes my computer repeatedly and lost all the data I spent hours entering. Their support is basically useless with nothing but excuses. I installed auto wolf on a second computer and it crashes that one too. It’s full of bugs and unstable. This was a total waste of money!!

  2. Stays resident in memory, even when you dont select this option. Crashes Windows XP on every use, requiring a reboot. I would suggest less effort on “looks” and more focus on program stability.

  3. Snuck a registry change to the registry to keep the message center loaded at all times. Deletion doesn’t help, it puts it right back

  4. need to be able to sync one way. Certain items on one drive/folder I don’t want on the other.

  5. As soon as the conversion reaches 20%, a pop-up appears begging you to upgrade and the conversion is terminated. The resulting file may be playable but you only get 20% of the file. There no mention of a two-minute or 20% limitation on the “Free” version of the software, so I don’t know what this is about

  6. If another user does not stop the auto process and they try to do something will keep clicking until stopped.
    Some security platforms report as malicious, but I have never had an issue with it (I use Avast anti-virus).

  7. BUGS, lots of them! This makes it unreliable. Also slow and gets unresponsive at times (it might need a more powerful PC). Installs OK but terminates with an error on Windows 7 RC when creating new tasks.

  8. Latest version of software dated March 11th started crashing and freezing the browser today(March 19th). Seems like the programmers intentionally program issues into the software so they will have job security.

  9. The Bible application is free while the other resources like Commentary and Bibles somehow need paying after 7 days.

  10. I expect having a lite usb version so that I don’t have to download a big package. upgrading it to the tri-core version is ok. however please provide as small package as possible.

  11. it wont retrieve weather. i even contacted the creator but got nowhere. he suggested i try a later version but no version works. i cleared cache and reloaded. i uninstalled and reinstalled several times. tried both with and without firewall but nothing works. this program is 100% useless.

  12. I expect having a lite usb version so that I don’t have to download a big package. upgrading it to the tri-core version is ok. however please provide as small package as possible.

  13. renames files by adding the format version on the file itself making the original file longer, confusing, complicated; doesnt play on home dvd player when converted/reformatted file is burned on a dvd burner

  14. Very bulky program. (Alternatives like VLC, GOMPlayer, KMPlayer do not have extra codec packs.)
    Both this version and previous version leave garbage behind when uninstalled.

  15. Clutters up the pop-up menu.
    I used to use the scheduled erase feature to erase unused disk space-v5.3. One day I logged on to find my entire profile was erased. I have never heard anything about this error, but won’t trust that erase feature again.

  16. Clean very professional easy to use exceptionally easy to make my letters and saved names . Thank You I’m 79 years old and being allowed to use this I otherwise couldn’t afford

  17. The setup has some things worded funny, but that is being picky. Will this help me lose weight or be happier? That is my real question! 🙂

  18. The trouble began with version 2011. 2012 is even worse. Instalation is terrible. I did not get it to work properly and after hours wasted i decided to uninstall. That just couldn’t be done. Check the Acronis forum (allghough that might only be accessible for paying customers like me and not the prospects that should be warned for this disapointment). I will never again trust my backups to this programm.

  19. Manipulating some of the ‘furniture’ that’s preloaded for use was a little clutzy, or maybe it’s just me. Wish there were more choices of kitchen cabinet style/sizes; for example, c ‘corner base’ cabinet.

  20. PC Cleaning Utility has been around for a while I have been using it for over a year now.

  21. It has problems with showing diacritic language chars (like with cedilla, macron, caron) that get converted to ?. Lacks basic features, no settings. Choose something better.

  22. I tried to clone my internal drive to my USB drive. Although True Image went through all the motions and even reported success, nothing changed. After my experience with tech support, I’m thinking about asking them about that one as well, but it’s a feature I can live without. Everything else has worked flawlessly.

  23. Wenn mein Internat langsam ist, wird die Konvertierung auch langsam??? Aber es gibt nichts…

  24. This unwanted piece of software one day appeared on my desktop. This was after downloading ASC (IObit)from I kept it for a while to check out it’s usefulness. The truth is, I did not find it at all useful. It did not catch any malware that others did. It’s realtime tracking appeared to slow down my browser. (this was noticeable after uninstalling.

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