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After installation, you’ll find a small icon on IE’s toolbar and a desktop icon. Clicking the first led to a script error message every time, regardless of the Web site we were visiting. We had better luck with the desktop icon, which at least opened the program’s main interface. The layout was pretty clean, and resembled a standard database-driven program. It has the option to manually enter a URL to search for Flash files, and Flash Saver 6.5 Full Version Serial Key did return options for download. It was back to the same problem, however, when it came to time to download them, and a script error consistently caused the program to lock up. A Flash player is thrown in, but with the primary program’s inability to grab a single Flash file, it went unused. Save your time and money and skip this buggy program. You’ll get error messages galore, but not a single saved file. Have you ever wanted to download SWF files? Download Flash Saver 6.5 full download and manage to download Flash files, like videos or animations, from Internet websites

Flash Saver key

Flash Saver cracked is a download manager that works exclusively with Flash files, letting you save the animations you find online with minimum effort. With the design of a typical download manager, Flash Saver 6.5 pre-Activated Free Download requires users to manually create every new task, which isn’t quite good news for those who hoped to save Flash files on the go. With a floating window also available to let you access the program at any given moment, Flash Saver 6.5 full version crack can also look for Flash files in the currently opened Internet Explorer window and thus speed up the whole process. The main window is being used to show information about the download, including filename, destination category, downloaded percentage, size, total and source URL, with a preview panel letting you view the animation with ease. What’s more, it has several predefined categories, while it also allows you to create new ones and thus easily organize your downloads. Last but not least, Flash Saver crack can search the cache for Flash files and open them automatically or save all items in one of the aforementioned categories. Flash Saver 6.5 Full Version Registration Code doesn’t affect system performance, but it is terribly slow on Windows 7 workstations. It works flawlessly on Windows XP however, with a minimum footprint on hardware resources. Overall, Flash Saver 6.5 full version patch is a decent application and nothing more. It lacks too many important features to even dream about becoming a top product, while the implemented utilities are likely to disappoint most of the users.

Three ways of downloading flash format

The application uses an interface that is clear and intuitive to be able to download the SWF files. To carry out the action, the program will offer the user three different ways in which to select the files:

  1. By directly inputting the URL of the website on which the file can be found.
  2. By detecting the files that are currently loaded in cache.
  3. With the context menu, allowing to download all the SWF files from a page, o by searching a full page for files that use the format and then selecting them.

Main Features:

  • no pros….
  • For me no pros or cons because the program doesn’t work with Vista…On my former PC with XP it went perfectly, saved many flashes, now i have Vista it doesn’t work at all!!!!

4) Support user-defined, arbitrary, multi-leveled sorts. Each has the stranger classification function; 5) Drag-drop support for "flash item" directory. The downloaded directory can be daggled into other sorts at any moment; meanwhile the physics document on the hard disk will be also moved; 6) The view mode can be classified into the custom directory view mode and the system directory view mode; 7) With the independent "flash player" and can choose an external flash player to joint with your program; 8) Copy URL" function (hot key: ctrl+C): can save detected flash items’ URL to clipboard; 9) Friendly hint widow. The most hint windows are adopted the msn window mode. It does not affect your current operation while giving you the hints; 10) Strengthen flash preview control function; 11) Rename. The downloaded flash item can be renamed; meanwhile the physics document on the hard disk will be also renamed; 12) Search in download log: search swf file in Filename, Source URL, and/or Comment; 13) Search in detect log function: right click on detect results, and then search the flash you want to download; 14) Copy flash itemsÂ’ URL: right click on the detect results, and then can copy the URL; 15) Friendly and optimized interface; 16) Automatic probe Flash animations from ‘frame’, ‘iframe’; 17) Mail flash to your friends by a click; 18) Play swf file in full screen; 19) Capture screenshots in swf files; 20) Preview flash file before download; 21) Optional download modes: manually and immediately; 22) Shortcut-icon to IE’s tool bar; 23) Shortcut-icon to system tray; 24) Optional styles: Windows XP/Custom Windows Style; 25) Comments on flash files; 26) Hot-key support ‘F7’; 27) Powerful convenient management of downloaded flash files; 28) Transparent download schedule bar.

System Requirements for Flash Saver:

  • Author Flash Saver
  • Last version 6.5


  1. OK, as a well domesticated user, I put up with the worse UI and gave it a ffew weeks fair try. It only got worse: e.g. the whole window wouldn’t repaint. Some documents would not show up at all, etc.

  2. you down load a trial version, it works a little. not enough to really use it. to see what it really does or has in its favor. so its just like all the rest of them. i wont buy any program i can’t see what it really has to offer. you waste your money.

  3. The advantage of the avant browser tri-core version is threefold. In addition to the ease of adding and removing engines,the options of opening a link with a certain engine can be found everywhere. Furthermore, Avant Browser allows a site with rendering problem in a certain engine to be rendered with other engines. You have only to input a specific string matching a certain type of addresses, and then select the engine used to render them. Moreover, all engines in avant browser are upgraded quickly so that I have abandoned chrome and firefox in my machine.

    So far so good. Nothing bad found.

  4. The numerous options are a bit intimidating to the computer newbies, but I’m glad they are there.

  5. The “silence detection” feature described is only available if you pay for a PRO version.

  6. You will need Adobe download manager wich is something like plug in to firefox, it take lot of system resources and it take very long time to install.

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