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The most extended format when it comes to sending, or making documents available on the Internet, whether manuals, forms or projects, has to be PDF (Portable Document Format) created by Adobe. Up until a few years ago to be able to read a PDF file it was necessary to use a program by that same company, like for example, Adobe Reader. Nevertheless, as of late, new solutions that will allow us to view PDF have appeared on the market that, being the majority of them much easier to use and lighter, like Foxit Reader keys .

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User-friendly PDF reader with handy features

When installing Foxit Reader 10.1.1 Build 37576 Full Version Activation Code, users have the possibility of disabling the shell extensions that would integrate the software's functions within Windows Explorer. The Trust Manager feature is another useful one, since this safe reading mode does not allow the opening of links and websites directly from a PDF file, while also preventing JavaScripts codes. Foxit Reader 10.1.1 Build 37576 Activator Free Download has quite an eye-candy interface but those who want to customize it can easily resort to applying a skin or opting for another color scheme. Though packed with numerous buttons and menus, the UI does not seem crowded, leaving plenty of room for viewing any PDF file, rotating or zooming it, as well as easily sharing it on Facebook .

Foxit Reader 10.1 Activator Free Download is the free PDF Reader for Windows PC which enables you to become part of the connected world. Provide authors with comments on documents, be notified when new document versions become available, discuss interesting topics right in the document, or securely open protected documents. Whether you’re a consumer, business, government agency, or educational organization, you need to read, create, sign, and annotate (comment on) PDF documents and fill out PDF forms. Foxit Reader 10.1.1 Build 37576 license code is a small, lightning fast, and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to create (free PDF creation), open, view, sign, and print any PDF file.

Main Features:

  • Sign PDFs electronically
  • Does not include OCR capabilities
  • Share PDF files for peer reviews
  • Takes up very little space
  • Opens PDF files faster than alternatives
  • Create blank PDFs and convert from Office files
  • Highlight text and insert media files
  • Setup and installation take too long
  • Scan documents and save them as PDF
  • Sidebar can be difficult to read
  • it will destroy the adobe acrobat functions on your PC. prepare to have to reload Acrobat or worse, windows, if you load this on your PC. I watched FoxIt Reader shut down a law firm entirely for a day or so while they picked up the pieces. You have been warned.
  • I’ve always been a fan of Foxit Reader, and have used it for a long time, even though Foxit seems to have shared most of the security vulnerabilities of Adobe Reader. Nevertheless, Foxit Reader has always been small in size, and very fast in performance. The last several years, Foxit has been bundling the Foxit Toolbar (Ask), with a way for the user to opt out of the toolbar installation by unchecking a couple of boxes. During the installation of the latest version, I unchecked the boxes as usual, but somehow ended up with the toolbar installed anyway. I find that sort of behavior intolerable. While I understand that a company distributing its software freely might desire to offset its costs through toolbars or advertising, if the customer opts out of those things, then that should be it. Either the installation should end there, or the installation should continue without the toolbar.Disappointed at Foxit Reader’s recent behavior, I re-examined other PDF readers, and found one that surpasses Foxit Reader in quality, power, and features. It’s a little larger installation, but still less than half the size of Adobe Reader.
  • Good free program.
  • I have not encountered any problems to date.
  • I have yet to find a con.
  • none; if you want a more recent version, go to the foxit software homepage, select downloads, there is a foxit reader installer on that list
  • It’s small, light yet powerful enough. sounds like I was talking about a degree commercial.
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PDF files are widely used for their high compression and increased quality when it comes to containing images, forms or formatted texts. And since Windows does not provide native support for this format, a specialized application is required to access their contents, such as Foxit Reader 10.1.1 Build 37576 pin . Specifically designed to work with PDF files in the easiest way ever, Foxit Reader 10.1 full version with keygen download free is an intuitive application that serves its purpose pretty well: it opens PDFs instantly without bothering the user too much and, at the same time, offering them some very interesting goodies.

System Requirements for Foxit Reader:

  • 1.3 GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM (Recommended: 1 GB RAM or greater)
  • 1 GB of available hard drive space
  • 1024*768 screen resolution
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or later version (required for some PDF creation features)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Windows 10 64
  • Language English, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Foxit Software Company
  • Last version 10.1.1 Build 37576

I want to read and print my PDF files directly from Firefox browser. Does Foxit Reader provide such an option?

You can install an add on for pdf reader from the firefox website itself.

Yes, you can download and install an add-on from Foxit Corporation download page. The penultimate plugin is for Firefox browser. This free add-on allows you to view, edit and print PDF documents in the browser.

Is this application available on Windows store or Software Informer?

This application is developed to run on Windows, therefore it’s available on Software Informer (Windows related app with Windows applications). The Windows Store offers downloads for mobile phones that are running the Windows Phone operating system.
I have extender the search query and found that you can download Foxit MobilePDF through Windows Store:
Download through Software Informer:

I use Foxit Reader for command-line printing. Am I allowed to ship Foxit Reader with my application for free?

Yes, you can ship the application with your documents because its licence is Free which means that you can distribute it as long as there are no modifications to its structure. There is also the case of monetization. If you sell your application, then it’s forbidden to bundle Foxit Reader along with it.

What readers apart for Adobe can annotate unedited PDF files?

Besides Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader has the capability of adding notes or annotate unedited PDFs. You can do it through through the Toolbar > Comments section. There are multiple modes you can annotate a PDF file. For example, Foxit Reader supports: Typewriter, Callout and Text Box. Each options provides various additional features and settings as well.

Does Foxit Reader support deleting pages?

No, by default the application doesn’t allow you to delete pages, but there is a trick. Open the PDF file (let’s say with 4 pages). Then go to Print and choose FoxIt Reader Printer. Select the pages box and enter the pages in your PDF. If you want to delete a page, simply left it out. To delete page 4, for example, enter 1-3. A new PDF will be generated only with the mentioned pages.

How can I create a PDF file? Please advise me.

You can use this software to create PDF files very easily. Simply start the program, go to File -> Create, select the files that you want to add to a PDF, modify them however you like and then just click Save.

this ver does not have this capability
must try the advanced ver

I don’t have a license key for Foxit Reader so it is not allowing me to print a document. How do I get a license key in order to print a file? I have the free version of the application.

You don’t need to purchase a license key in order to print your PDF documents. If it is asking for a license key, remove the software from your computer (Control Panel > Uninstall a program) and download and install the latest version from an official source. After that, launch the application, open the document you want to print and press Ctrl + P key combination or click the enter image description here icon. If you still have issue, you can use Adobe Reader as an alternative.

if you are using the version >4.0 which is for free for all users.

No need to buy license key because all its version are free only. It will work with full features so no need to worry.

How to add image to a PDF using Foxit Reader?

It’s very easy to add an image into a PDF file. Firstly, open the PDF file that has no security limitations. To add an image, simply go to Edit > Insert > Image. Once you activate this menu, a new window will appear allowing you to configure various aspects about the picture you’re about to add and that’s it. Use File > Save as to save your changes to a custom file.

I need to add comments to documents that are not modifiable. Does Foxit support notes like Adobe Reader?

Yes, the software supports adding notes like in Adobe Reader. To add notes/comments in Foxit Reader for your PDF, go to Toolbar > Comments > Typewriter. Select anywhere where you want and then begin typing. There will be multiple ways of adding text to the PDF like: Typewriter, Callout and Text Box. Each one of these options will give you additional customization settings to pick from.

What’s new in last version:

Security updates:
Addressed potential issues where the application could be exposed to Type Confusion or Arbitrary File Write Remote Code Execution vulnerability and crash. This occurs during the handling of app.opencPDFWebPage JavaScript due to the lack of proper validation of parameters in socket message (ZDI-CAN-9828/ZDI-CAN-9829/ZDI-CAN-9830/ZDI-CAN-9831/ZDI-CAN-9865/ZDI-CAN-9942/ZDI-CAN-9943/ZDI-CAN-9944/ZDI-CAN-9945/ZDI-CAN-9946)
Addressed a potential issue where the application could be exposed to Information Disclosure vulnerability if users were using the DocuSign plugin. This occurs because the username and password are hardcoded in the DocuSign plugin during an HTTP request.

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  1. this is the greatest pdf reader software i’ve ever used, easy, quick, small, useful. strongly recommend it.

  2. This software might have a slow startup on many devices, but once loaded, it works much faster than Adobe Acrobat Reader. I have been using Foxit for 1 and half years now.

  3. Foxit Reader is a very good Adobe Acobat Reader alternative, as it is extremely faster than the original.

  4. Excellent program!! Totally free and totally better than Acrobat Reader5,6,7 or 8. So much FASTER to load PDF. It’s incredible that Adobe couldnt do as well as a third party to read the standard THEY have created. I’ve used for more than a year and didnt get any problem whatsoever.

  5. It not only allows you to read pdf’s but also alows to edit them a great free pdf reader tool.

  6. What an excellent piece of software this one is! I’d say it’s 4.5 stars but I’m giving it 5 because the developers are kind enough to give it away for free. I haven’t used Adobe Reader for almost a year now, and I certainly don’t miss it. I hope the company that develops Foxit will find ways to survive and prosper – they deserve it.

  7. Much better alternative to the Adobe Reader. When installing, remember to turn off the unwanted software components.

  8. The one with the added program didn’t work right, but I got the latest version and now its working very well again.

  9. Love all of Foxit’s Software.. ( Especially the plugin.. ) A real winner.. however I wanted to point out that the version number is incorrect for the release number should be… not

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