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The Free Desktop Clock 3.0 full version patch is a simple software app that is designed to display the current time, weekday and date. It is basically developed to replace the ordinary and standard Window Clock. This free software app offers an assortment of tools which perform various other functions. The software interface of this tool is plain but attractive. Users can easily customize the appearance of the clock and alter it to fit the desktop and the taskbar. The Free Desktop Clock 3.0 Free Crack has a number of customizable features. Users can adjust the settings and play with the parameters of the tool. With a simple right click on the clock, it is possible to alter and enter the dates, 12-hour format, time and days of the week. The program also allows the users to change the skin of the interface. It is possible to alter and customize the background colors of the program. The Free Desktop Clock 3.0 Full Version keygen also offers the choice to synchronize the clock with internet servers.

Free Desktop Clock keygen

Having a clock that is easy to use and even supports cool skin display is very hard to find. As most of the clock software though provided exceptional features but they somehow lack behind with the style quotient but that is not the case with the Free Desktop Clock 3.0 full version which is a great software that is packed with almost 130 skin variants. All the variants fit with the background of the clock quite well and its upto to you to get your best match.

The Free Desktop Clock 3.0 Full Version portable even has the features that you expect from a desktop clock like setting up alarm, reminders and meetings too. It can be used to check the time, date, day and seconds in your system. It is a must have replacement of the usual Windows clock that we use in our desktops. As this clock carries great options along with wonderful features too. The Free Desktop Clock 3.0 codes has many advantages added to it like you can view the time anytime you want, you can even change the skin of your clock from the user friendly support panel. And this will allow you to have a new skin anytime that you are going to need it.

Main Features:

  • Features customizable settings
  • Offers no new functionality
  • Free clock gives your computer a stylish and advanced look and offers atomic clock synchronisation
  • Improves appearance of Windows clock
  • Lacks alarm feature
Free Desktop Clock Full Version key

Adds a digital clock to the user’s desktop A desktop clock containing 130 skins Download Free Desktop Clock 3.0 Full Version Free Crack – A nice replacement of your tray clock You can set up the options the desired way. For example if you want the computer to open date time properties when you click the clock( the traditional windows style) ,you can choose the"date time properties" in the setting tab or if you want the computer to open "Main window" select " Main Dialog". Free Desktop Clock 3.0 activated offers "Always on top" option if the user want the window to be at top always. Finally Desktop Clock 2.2 is an advanced free replacement for your old desktop clock .

System Requirements for Free Desktop Clock:

I need to know if this clock changes the computer’s clock, or maintains it’s own time setting. Due to sub-optimal IT support, our work server continually updates all our computers with the wrong time, so everyone’s computer clocks are 35 minutes slow. I’m looking for a fix that bypasses my IT dept’s ineptitude.

Free Desktop Clock changes your computer’s clock options and also its skin. Also, as its name says, this application is a freeware, so you don’t need any kind of registration. You can download this application through the Software Informer application’s page or you can visit its official website and take it directly from there.


  1. When you import a image, the “advanced” open picture dialog does not have the My Documents folder or any desktop folders, so i have to to the full file path for the My Documents folder, which gets rather annoying. Also, When I attempted to export the gif, nothing happened so i could not export it. Another problem is when i tested my animation with transparency, the image did not refresh the backgound, and instead drew the next frame over top of the last one, making transparency completely useless.

  2. have to search for earlier version and the crappy (new versions) browsers still make it malfunction or wont load older version.

  3. IYogi customer service reps are really deligent. Once I explain my problem to them all i had to do is to sit back and watch. They fix it all very quickly.

  4. It is well crafted and provides effective malware protection… but like all such programs it should be augmented by additional tools for complete protection.

  5. Downloaded this program, found it would not function, a pop up screen then directed me to a link that would not work. This company is a disgrace! I’ll never purchase anything from them! All in all this was a frustrating waste of time. This is probably just an excuse to get you to download spyware onto your computer.

  6. Used to be a great program. Had it for many many years. Now it doesn’t work at all no matter what I’ve tried. 5 stars for the years it worked, now reduced to zero stars. What a shame…

  7. I would probably have upgraded this app had Singer’s Creations been forthcoming in the price change. ALL previous versions were free.

  8. You can actually see a flash as the message comes up and at times, which can be very iritating, but once you’re used to it, you wont notice it.

  9. For a free software I don’t expect much. But this one is great. If you add some special features I am even ready to pay. Hope you guys last long and keep updating.

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