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FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 Update 4 full version patch

FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 Update 4 Full Version Registration key is a download manager, based on Java, with support to obtain the files hosted in, Rapidshare and other websites that allow direct downloads. The main advantage of this application is that it allows us to save ourselves the waiting time that the majority of these sites require. How FreeRapid Downloader 0 registered works is very simple. All you have to do is select and copy the download link that you want from the web page and it will be automatically added to the “Insert new URLs” window. After that, all you have to do is to decide where to store the downloads.

FreeRapid Downloader Full Version serial code

  • Practical download manager that is compatible with more than 140 sites specialized in direct downloads.
  • Support for various simultaneous downloads.
  • Nice and easy-to-use interface.
  • Automatic update of the plug-ins that it includes.
  • Includes computer shut down options.
Enjoying a movie or staying up to date with a TV show is now easily done via the Internet. However, in order to save them to your computer and watch them while no active connections are available, specialized applications such as FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 Update 4 For Windows 10 Download greatly come in handy.

FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 Update 4 Full Version Registration Code is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and… FreeRapid Downloader 0 free full download is a file downloader written in Java Download FreeRapid Downloader 0.9 Update 4 cracked – Simultaneously download media files from a breathtaking amount of websites at great speeds using this practical software application Simultaneously download media files from a breathtaking amount of websites at great speeds using this practical software application FreeRapid Downloader Full Crack is a file downloader written in Java. It downloads files off file sharing services like Megaupload and Rapidshare, hence the name. It runs on any platform that is supported by the Java framework.

Main Features:

  • No link grabber
  • Captcha recognition
  • No tray icon
  • It eases the process of downloading files
FreeRapid Downloader activated

There also is a clipboard monitor that detects when a link that the application can download is added to the clipboard and automatically inputs it into the new download dialog. Sadly, FreeRapid is still missing a scheduler and some key features for this type of application. However, using this application still beats downloading files off file sharing services manually. FreeRapid Downloader 0 Full Version Serial Key is also a portable application, which you can carry on your USB drives.

System Requirements for FreeRapid Downloader:

  • Java 2 Platform – version at least 1.6 (Java SE 6 Runtime) installed
  • Pentium 800MHz processor
  • min 1024×768 screen resolution
  • 40 MB of free RAM
  • 10 MB free disk space
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Vity
  • Last version 0.9 Update 4

What’s new in last version:

Fixed: Recent files combobox uses MRU
Fixed : widen up main frame's status bar's info label a bit as it got truncated on some LaFs that use bold font.
Fixed : plugins API – improved replaceInvalidCharsForFileSystem
Changed : French translation, Bahasa Indonesia translation
Changed: rotate proxy per host
Added: plugins API:
Support for JSON parsing
Suggest file name
Changed: upgraded internal ObjectDB database to version 2.5.5
Added : Icons for file types .apk (Android APK), .srt & .sub (subtitles), mp4 (video)
Added : System icons are now shown for all file types, not just a few predefined types
Changed : Updated internal ObjectDB database, can resolve some exceptions

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  1. I’ve tried to contact the programmer on several occasions but haven’t received one response. I thought this program had a lot of potential and thought it would be much easier to access my accounts in one place, but unfortunately I was wrong. I hope the issues I’m currently having are a glitch in version 5.3 and that the programmer will correct the problem.

  2. Messed up my web browsers completely. I told the installer that I did NOT want its toolbar, and it installed it anyway. I told it I didn’t want to use their “Protected Search” search engine, and it changed it on me in all my browsers. It even “helpfully” changed my home page in all of them as well. It even went as far as reconfiguring Firefox’s “awesome bar” to use their search engine!

    I then logged into my Windows Guest Account for a visitor, and I was barraged by error messages about the Toolbar that I thought I had removed from IE.

  3. I locked my files but now all information inside it has been deleted. How can I recover it?

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  5. Fantastic tool to educate others about a student’s specific hearing loss, only sad part is I got a new computer and the download is no longer available.

  6. … Non Stop backup (supposedly like Apple’s Time Machine), well that’s definitely NOT non stop. In fact it stops about every ten minutes but the service keeps running very heave on your system, slowing everything else down.

  7. Full support at the developers website, no questions go unanswered. Love the support. Can’t think of any dislikes.

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