1. By opening new tabs, it copies previous site’s tab that was opened from insdtead of opening a blank site.
    Tried to find it in settings, but not even setting was available to find.

  2. When I attempted to do a full backup of the system, the software just locks up the computer. Furthermore, I’ve had no response from Acronis regarding my refund request (which I sent 10 days ago).

  3. My blackberry automatically asked if I wanted to update it to the 7.1.0 version. During the installation, while it was trying to “Link Java”, it cut off and a message popped up in a white screen “App Error 200”. Since then I haven’t been able to restart, reset, nor reboot my blackberry. I later found out this is “white death” to the blackberry. I’ve been working on it for hours and still cannot get it back to running condition.

  4. Great software! Usually I have a hard time with softwares but this one is really easy to use and intuitive.

  5. After saying it was free I downloaded it and all I got was a 30 trail.

    Think that should have been said before download.

  6. The discri[ption says that it will work on “Hard drives, ZIP, & Jazz drives” but it doesn’t, this only seems to work for flash.

  7. It would be great if conversion to VOB were included in the free version. This is too much to ask, however!

  8. This software has great efficiency to wipe files from hard drive so no one can recover them. Wonderful experience with this data eraser software.

  9. This 15 day trial is a waste of time, reset my computer and gets to the fourth step and causes hard drive disk clatter and just wastes your time. CNET made a mistake with this one.

  10. The application’s new interface is a bit cheeky, but what the heck, it works as it should.

  11. This is still the most unique and awesome PIM on the market. You can put in all kinds of information and while there are calendar views for weeks / months etc. the big plus is that you run on a schedule and can start items and record your progress and followups. There are color coded projects Marvels priorities so you can see how much each item is ‘worth’ to you. I could go on but let it suffice to say – you have never used anything like this. I run the pro version on windows 8.1 with no issues.

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