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Helium Audio Converter 2.0.0 Build 461 pre-Activated

Whether you need to convert audio files for software compatibility reasons or just to be able to play them on your mobile devices, Helium Audio Converter 2.0 pre-Activated Free Download can help you with this issue being able to convert most of the audio file formats into similar audio file types. On top of that, you can use a tool to analyze MP3 files, view file details (e.g. tag information, attached pictures), change the interface language, as well as enable Helium Audio Converter 2.0.0 Build 461 Free Download Activator to overwrite or skip files with the same names and to delete source files after conversion, and more. The audio processing tool requires a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, quickly finishes a task and manages to preserve a very good sound quality. We haven't come across any issues during our tests. Too bad there is no help file available. But, even so, we highly recommend Helium Audio Converter 2.0 patched to all users, regardless of their experience level.

Helium Audio Converter full version with crack and keygen

Helium Audio Converter crack is a free, fully functioning, helper application that enables you to convert… Easy-to-use audio converter Helium Audio Converter 2.0 full version with keygen download is a free, fully functioning, helper application that enables you to convert your audio files into many different formats. It provides comprehensive support for the conversion from and to a large variety of lossless and lossy music file formats, namely: AAC FLAC M4A M4B MP3 MP4 MPC Ogg Vorbis Wave WAVPack WMA In addition, the music file tag content (meta data) is also converted. DRM (copy protected) music file conversion is not supported. On starting Helium Audio Converter 2.0 Full Version pre-Activated, a simple screen is displayed where you can add folders and/or files to a list of music files to be converted. Drag & drop is also supported. Helium Audio Converter 2.0.0 Build 461 full version with crack and keygen has the following language translations available: English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Swedish.

The program can support the conversion between a large number of audio file formats: mp3, mp4, mpc, m4a, wma, wave or ogg vorbis that are some of the supported audio file types. You can import files for conversion with the "Add Files" feature or work with large batches of files using the "Add Folder" feature. Working with multiple files at once will save you precious time. You just need to import the folders containing the audio files you want to convert, set their output format and location, and press "convert". You can then engage in any other desired activity. The program will pop-up a notification window when the conversion process is done.

Main Features:

  • Efficient user interface
  • Fast conversion engine
  • None
  • Can detect files containing error
  • Able to perform detailed file overview
Helium Audio Converter Registration key

Helium Audio Converter 2.0 Full Version keygen integrates two interesting features, which most of the similar converters do not have. The "Analyser" feature is able to detect any files with errors that you might have imported. This feature helps you identify from a list of files the ones that contain errors, and can also save a detailed report on them. Last but not least, the program provides a sort of inspection tool. You can highlight a file then click on the "Properties" button and the program will display an overview of the file, a detailed file and tag information or any attached pictures to the file.

System Requirements for Helium Audio Converter:

  • Homepage: www.imploded.com
  • Author Intermedia Software
  • Last version 2.0.0 Build 461

What’s new in last version:

Under certain circumstances the audio data could be destroyed while converting to AAC. This has now been corrected.
The release also contains some minor corrections to the user interface as well as some language updates.

Helium Audio Converter 1.1 pre-Activated


  1. When shown the three files it was going to quarantine and delete, none of these files were familiar. However, upon reboot, I found that it had deleted my desktop folder, titled “Play.” This folder contained all of my gaming files. All of ’em. World of Tanks, Warthunder, Steam, Need for Speed Carbon. Not only that, but it had stuff like Skype in it. It deleted this. As of typing this, I am going through the quarantined files to TRY to get back what was deleted.

  2. I would give the name of the freeware program if not for the comment rules restrictions. My Rating for this program is five thumbs down!

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