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Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.2 Full Version Registered is a complete virtual keyboard that is totally customizable. Download Hot Virtual Keyboard crack and try this keyboard on your tactile screen Download Hot Virtual Keyboard full version setup – An on-screen keyboard that bundles a wide range of options, simple and advanced alike, catering to the requirements of all users Hot Virtual Keyboard Full Version Serial Key is a virtual keyboard software for Windows that lets type on a touchscreen, multi-touch screen or using any pointing device. Virtual keyboards are more common each day, due to how practical the are for computers that have a tactile screen or to input important data if we want to avoid a keylogger, so it is always advisable to have one installed on our computer.

Hot Virtual Keyboard Activation Code

Change the style of your keyboard and use gestures to control it

Other appearance customization options focus on the transparency level, background picture, font and characters font. Moreover, you can lock the aspect ratio and window size, set a delay for disappearing, configure typing aid settings (e.g. enable autoclick and key repeat), as well as use gestures. Additional features of Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.2 patched let you enable word autocomplete mode, download dictionaries from an online database, lock the language bar, hide hints and Windows icons, enable sounds, add dependencies, and others. Settings can be restored to their factory values at any time.

The program is quite simple to configure. Still, you have access to an integrated help manual that provides you with all the information you could possibly need. This guide comes in handy if you're new to this type of Windows tools. Still, I don't think it's worth purchasing this program if you don't plan on using it often. You can use Windows' default onscreen keyboard which isn't feature-rich but gets the job done. Hence, it's up to you to decide, based on your needs, if it's worth buying Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.2 patched for your PC or not. The program works great, is very simple to handle, and provides you with many keyboard themes.

Main Features:

  • Multi-Touch support
  • Lets you choose between multiple keyboard themes
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Windows already provides you with an onscreen keyboard
  • Localized in various languages
  • Comes with a help guide
Hot Virtual Keyboard Free Download Activator

A virtual keyboard that can be toggled active at any time

Aside from the standard keys, the keyboard also provides buttons for changing the input language, Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo functions, viewing and changing hotkeys, and accessing options. At initialization, the tool creates an icon in the system tray area, where you can show or hide the virtual keyboard, as well as access its wide range of options. The on-screen keyboard stays on top of other windows by default, and you can make it run at system startup automatically, set its priority high, as well as change the theme and drawing styles.

System Requirements for Hot Virtual Keyboard:

What’s new in last version:

Changes in this version:
New design and new icons.
New styles have been added: Windows 10, Colored, Android. Order of styles has been changed.
Improved: Almost all on-screen keyboards have been improved.
Improved: The window for selecting the type of keyboard has been improved.
Improved support of High DPI Displays on devices like Microsoft Surface, when "Size of text, apps, and other items" is more than 200%.
New keyboard types: MiniTouch, TouchScreen.
Improved: Many settings have been moved to new places.
New section "Show/Hide" for the on-screen keyboard has been added.
New: "Hide the on-screen keyboard when typing on a physical keyboard" setting now hides the keyboard when you attach "Cover Keyboard". If your attachable keyboard doesn't hide the on-screen keyboard, please contact our support team.

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  1. Well, I pressed a quick scan, it reported me 4 infections it couldn’t remove although it said so, they reapeared to next scan. The infected files were not inserted in quarantine, although settings showed so. After rebooting, unaccesible my computer!

  2. Not enough users are commenting on it to date to bring out its true worth. I tried it, and found it to be worth while for its personal touch.

  3. The software has everything from defragmenter, system startup manager which lets you decide which programs will start, registry cleaner and history and junk cleaner. So basically it has everything you need. The ones who like simple design will enjoy.

  4. It hog the system.I have to terminate the program to take advantage of any improvement it has supplied.

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