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HTML Guardian 7.9.1 Full Version Free Crack is a lightweight Windows application that features encryption capabilities for helping you encode your HTML pages, so other users cannot steal and reuse your source code in other websites. This tool comes in handy for webmasters who need to encrypt their HTML code and JavaScripts, password-protect their websites or individual files, optimize and compress the source code, as well as protect entire folders, websites, or user-defined file lists in a batch mode with security settings for each item.

Rich-featured layout

The program offers support for many dedicated parameters, so you need to take some time and experiment with each built-in function for making the most out of this utility.

HTML Guardian Free Download Activator

HTML Guardian keygen encrypts your HTML code and also provides many other types of security for your website. Although the app works well, many of its features may be too complicated for beginners.


Protection of Internet code: The basic HTML encryption worked quite well, and the code was adequately protected. Protection of files: HTML Guardian 7.9.1 full version free can also protect other file types. For instance, you can choose to disable the right-click feature so that others can’t right-click on your images to Save As.


Outdated interface: HTML Guardian 7.9.1 registeration keys looks out of date in the Windows 8.1 environment and is therefore harder to navigate for someone who is used to more modern navigation structures. Complicated features: The more advanced features are hard to access and complicated to use.

Bottom Line

If you’re worried about people stealing your code or Web files, this program can help you protect them. But it takes some time and effort to learn how to use it comprehensively. Download HTML Guardian 7.9.1 Full Version Free Crack – A powerful software application that helps you encrypt HTML, JS, VBS, CSS, and ASP files and entire websites while offering support for a rich set of configuration settings

HTML Guardian 7.9.1 Full Version Registered is a great tool for websites protection A powerful software application that helps you encrypt HTML, JS, VBS, CSS, and ASP files and entire websites while offering support for a rich set of configuration settings HTML Guardian 7.9.1 key will encrypt your HTML, Javascript, VBscript and ASP code and make impossible stealing and reusing it. It will protect your links from stealing and leeching, your images, applets, etc. Many additional protection options are available – you can disable right click, page printing, text selection or copying and offline usage of encrypted files. You can also add password protection and referrer check to them.

Main Features:

  • In the reviewed edition (personal, freeware) the program adds a green box on top of the output files, with some advertizing from the author
  • Also, it takes some time to “get the idea”
  • You can still develop in open source, even for closed-source projects
  • not tested
HTML Guardian reg keys

I have to admit, some situations sounds a little bit weird, but believe me, they happen, like the following one. You developed a beautiful, state-of-the-art designed web application, website, javascript class, visual basic project, or whatever, using the corresponding open source languages: PHP, ASP, VB, JavaScript. Later, you found it so useful, that you want to share your work with everyone, but without giving all your precious source code…so, you need to redistribute them in such a way that you can 'hide' it. How to solve this situation? Using a 'code obfuscator', like this one. With HTML Guardian patch, you can encrypt files and test them in your favorite browser. It encrypts your source code, images, Java applets, and much more. I have to admit, I was a little lost at the first run by the huge number of available options. The program gives you the option to optimize and do a cleanup before the encryption. The user interface is something mixed between shaded buttons and toolbars, and old-fashioned icons.

System Requirements for HTML Guardian:

  • 486 or better CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Protware
  • Last version 7.9.1

What’s new in last version:

Security and encryption:
The entire security core (the CodeAnalyzer™ engine, Encryption and Debugging engines and the Security auditor) has been almost completely rewritten and optimized.
Added many new encryption algorithms, and the existing ones were improved.
More precise selection of encryption algorithms.
Most encryption algorithms now not only encrypt the source code but also compress it at the same time, using a zip-like compression. This may reduce the size of the encrypted file up to 75%, which results in a better user experience due to the much faster page loading and reduces the amount of downloaded data (traffic).
Optimization of the encrypted source for a given host server.

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