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Image Converter .EXE 3.0.0036 Activation Key

Image Converter .EXE setup is a tool that has a pretty-self explanatory title – it can convert image files of various formats, including GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF and TGA. The user interface of the program is plain and simple. You can import an image by using the file browser (the “drag and drop” method and batch processing are supported). The “Convert Wizard” allows you to easily change the extension of your pictures, in just a few steps. You can add a directory (optionally include subdirectories) or files from a clipboard, select the output format and bits per pixel, as well as configure advanced settings (e.g. grayscale, set the chrome factor and luminance quality).

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The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and manages to quickly complete a conversion task without displaying any errors. However, there is no help file available and the interface could definitely be improved. Also, you should be careful with the output files, since Image Converter .EXE 3.0.0036 For Windows Download automatically overwrites images with the same name. All in all, Image Converter .EXE 3.0 Full Version Activation Key is a good tool for converting pictures and we suggest you test it for yourself.

Image Converter .EXE 3.0 keygen is a fast and flexible image conversion program, which allows support for converting to over 15 formats. It features over 20 effects which can be applied in any conversion process, and even in batch mode. The included Image Conversion Wizard helps with a step-by-step dialog that allows you to select files, set conversion properties (JPG to BMP), apply effects, and set how the converted files will be named. Image Converter .EXE Full Version Activator is a fast and flexible image conversion program Fast Image Conversion with Effects Including an Easy to use conversion Wizard Download Image Converter .EXE keys – Fast Image Conversion with Effects Including an Easy to use conversion Wizard

Image Converter .EXE preactivated

Furthermore, you can add and edit effects (e.g. auto contrast, blur, diffuse, dilate, emboss, equalize, adjust HSL and RGB, crop, colorize) and configure output settings (e.g. precede, image and append text, output path, HTML report, delete original images after conversion), before initiating the conversion process. Of course, it is recommended to perform these steps outside the wizard, since it doesn't let you preview the images with added effects. Moreover, you can zoom in and out, as well as switch to full screen mode.

System Requirements for Image Converter .EXE:

What’s new in last version:

Conversion Wizard
Conversion Compare
Conversion Wizard, Conversion Compare, Effects

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  1. I have no issues with this software although I wish they would stop constantly updating the program and just provide database updates that would download to the program when started. The way it is, you’ll start the application and it will say you are running an outdated version and you have to go get the newest release.

  2. Notice the two user (amanda-wu and SariClause) who gave 5 stars ONLY reviewed this company’s products and of course gave 5 stars. They are fake accounts giving fake reviews. I’m sure after they read this they will review several other products…

  3. My only gripe: I was dissappointed with the ‘Save scan Results’ option which made the app crash the first time causing me to sit through another 4 hours of superscan.

  4. WARNING!!! Take care ? it is no longer a one off fee. I have had ASO since 2007 and it suddenly stopped working in 2010. When I sent a note to support they tell me that they now want me to pay another $18 plus $16 per year.

  5. There are a few parts of the program where it is missing as I had entered the serial during the free trial edition. There are a few things such as the System Information and Skins components which are missing but the full version offers those as well, though from a different link.

  6. I just purcased IObit Security 360 about one month ago and I don’t have any complaints yet. And the way things look to me I don’t think I will have any complaints any time soon…

  7. A separate program for downloading video when there are tons on online services? No, thank you.

  8. Credit card number is required to test this app. Must cancel in time or you’ll be charged. While I’d keep the software if it worked well, if it turns out to be junk (and the 3 rating raises concerns) I don’t want to have to go through the process of cancelling.

  9. Highly frustrating in Windows Vista; 11.3.300.257 no longer works at all well on Internet Explorer 9.0; .262 seemed to work OK on Firefox 13.1, Chrome 19.0 and Netscape Navigator 9 right after the last-minute fix, but now seems to overload and crash in the usual way.

  10. A crappy program – all conversions limited to 1 minute, unless you pay. Is this what they call free downloads?

  11. Very confusing interface. Fills disk but you have to take action to “consolidate” backups to make more room estimated at eight hours on my PC. Really? Software not smart enough to do this for me?

  12. Doesn’t transfer well to web-hosting organizations.
    May look good in Artisteer, but it won’t when you transfer it.
    Tried several web-hosting companies and it didn’t work with any of them well.

  13. This product doews not give me the sunset and sunrise info. I do not know why, maybe because I am in Canada.

  14. I’ll never use it again. I now have to pay to get my computer fixed after running this program. I now have a registry problem. I wrote to 1 Click Fixer, but no response from them.

  15. database sometimes fails to load(can still load the game file) and save state function doesn’t work.

  16. Not clear on how to download YouTube videos but figure experimenting will be the key to learning.

  17. The graphics are good but I expected a bit more. My favorite download from Cnet is Albatross18, and this looks a bit like a bad rip-off of that game. But for a bowling game, it’s quite imaginative, so I don’t have too much negative comments about this game.

  18. I used this on a friends PC that had low memory (256mb) and XP SP2. During the repair operation the computer repeatedly froze. While it was running I checked task manager and found that it was using 185mb or RAM! The PC was unable to complete the repair with AMUST.

  19. I deleted 7 so now I can’t install 9. Wonderful software, huh? Good riddance to bad rubbish – Adobe is tearing down computer systems with the bloatware spawned through its supreme arrogance (the arrogance that assures Adobe that it’s superior to all mortal software companies and hence is entitled to put shortcuts to all its programs into the root of the Programs menu). Flash is likely the worst offender (I have to watch where I put my cursor nowadays) but Acrobat has become an ill-mannered, overblown monster as well, and will probably continue to get progressively worse with time.

  20. Every time, I have to delete previous backup and start over. Recently, there is an error which states, “Cannot make an image”. After waiting 11 hours for a back-up, it locks. There is no US support. When you go report the problem, it says you have to pay for support. How difficult can it be to make a disc copy program. There are better versions available for real time and on-line like Apple, Google, Carbonite etc… Too bad they don’t support their program. It is nice to have a physical copy right next to you. If you buy a hard drive from Western Digital, they provide software for back-up. I feel robbed.

  21. The installer asks you for a serial number, and states that a serial number is available for free from their website. However, the installer doesn’t tell you what their URL is (I had to come back here to find it) and once I found that, I couldn’t find anywhere on their website to get a serial number short of emailing their tech support, which I chose not to do. YMMV

  22. It would be wonderful if I can add my own subtitle to it. More editing functions should be covered.

  23. interesting game I waited to play, super graphics, I had a lot of AOE games, but this is the best game I have played, ever.

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