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ISO to USB 1.6 key

ISO to USB 1.6 serial code is a software can help you write the ISO image file to USB disks, it is really very simple to use, you only need to select the ISO file you want to burn, and select the USB device, then The software can quickly burn the entire ISO files. At the same time, the software also support bootable USB disk. You are thus prompted to input the path to the ISO file and select the USB drive, with multiple file systems supported, namely FAT32, FAT, exFAT, and NTFS. Obviously, users are allowed to write down the volume label and make the drive bootable, but this feature is only available for Windows bootable ISO images.

ISO to USB For Windows Download

Do you need to burn an ISO image onto a USB stick? Then you could do with a simple application of the likes of ISO to USB 1.6 full version patch with which you can burn images in this format onto USB units.

Record your ISO files onto USB units

This application comes along with a really simple interface that allows us to choose between different options to burn those images. It’s compatible with the following file systems: We simply have to choose the file, the type of file system and then the name of the USB unit, which will be automatically formatted just before the burning process.

ISO to USB 1.6 full setup is a free and small software that can burn the ISO image file directly to the USB drives, these USB drives include USB flash drives, memory sticks and other USB storage devices, it also supports to create a bootable USB disk with Windows operating systems. USB storage devices have displaced other media such as CD-ROM and DVD for storing information. This little and free program lets you record ISO files into USB devices. This is useful for backing up programs in a USB device to get rid of all those DVDs and CD-ROM containing the installation files of your applications. Also, the program can record Windows bootable files into a USB device that you can use to get into your system in case that you suffer a system failure due to a virus infection or other problem. This way, you can back up your important files and try to fix the problem without the need of formatting your hard drive.

Main Features:

  • Very useful for creating bootable USB devices
  • You can’t create ISO files, but only record them into USB devices
  • Can create ISO images on rewrittable devices
  • The program’s interface is rather dull, althoughit does not nterferewith the program’s performance
  • It loads software that you didn’t want or authorize. It doesn’t fully burn the ISO to the desired USB. I tried multiple USB’s to burn an ISO to but it never finished it every time.This is a piece of crap software. I don’t recommend it at all.
  • Was the problem with my computers (tried on two different machines) or the software itself? Don’t know, don’t care.
  • None at all…
  • I declined the “Optional Software” (i.e., crapware) and when the install finished and I attempted to run the program it gave me a message that the trial period had ended and I needed to register the program. Uninstalled it immediately…a total waste of time.
ISO to USB codes

Create ISO images and bootable devices easily with this free program Make your USB device bootable with ISO to USB 1.6 setup. This speeds up and quiets down the process of installing an operating system. This program images a disk image directly onto your drive. The only problem with the program – and it’s a big one – is that it can freeze your system. Although it takes a while, it does eventually unfreeze. ISO to USB 1.6 Full Version Activator is a software can help you write the ISO image file to USB disks, it is really very simple to use, you only need to select the ISO file you want to burn, and select the USB device, then The software can quickly burn the entire ISO files. At the same time, the software also support bootable USB disk.

System Requirements for ISO to USB:

  • USB device
  • Windows 2008, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author
  • Last version 1.6


  1. It’s really great software and help you to convert your own Windows system to install it from a USB.

  2. Very professionally and quickly. This is one of the few companies who care about their customers and I wholly recommend them.

  3. The optional online bidding feature to have bids placed while your computer is off has additional fees.

  4. Had to unzip the files on another computer so that I could remove the help and manual files so that the program files would fit on a floppy.

  5. It’s a bigger download and install then some other similar applications. It’s slower to open and uses more recourses by far then “Foxit Reader”. It will never be the equal of it’s sister application “Adobe Acrobat Pro” but I believe it to be the best free PDF reader.

  6. Need a photo browser to view and manage my RAW photos, hopefully they could get it ready next version…

  7. Not too easy to get the initial grip of thing on how to do and how to utilise it to the maximum effect.

  8. I have the same problem as the above folks. I’m using a WMR200A. Oregon Scientific used to be an excellent program but I would not recommend it now.

  9. In spite of the comments above about audio, there is no audio setup in version 1.9. So I ununstalled it and am using Scirocco instead.

  10. It’s not for the creative musician looking to compose music fast and easy. Your talent would be hindered by this product. The price is rediculous and definitely not worth it. I tried Sony Acid 7 and deleted it the 3rd day.

  11. I feel pity that this version could be seen as a resource hog–when I am working, it always pauses and I have to wait or reboot. I expect a better version.

  12. I could not open the crashed CF-card, but then again in the explanation of the software, it is mentioned that it only is able to recover CRW (among others) but not CR2 format (the modern Canon standard)

  13. Default tuneup is dangerous — it will download corrupted “updated” drivers and screw up your system. If you call their tech support, they will give you attitude and then tell you that you need to pay another $99 for “advanced technical support” to fix problems that didn’t exist until the “optimizer” created them. My computer had its functioning display driver replaced with one that gave such poor resolution, you could barely read the icons. After 2 calls to their tech support, I gave up on getting any assistance from them without a ransom payment, and downloaded new drivers from NVIDIA’s website while in safe mode. If you make the mistake of shelling out 40 bucks for this “program,” DO NOT let it update your drivers or you will be sorry.

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