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Clean your computer and optimize its performance

With this tool, you carry out cleaning operations on different areas of the system including the register, applications or Windows itself. All the latter, with the maximum simplicity as we only need one click to clean our PC in depth: If you want to improve the performance of your PC, don’t hesitate to download this optimization software for Windows and enjoy using your computer as if it were brand new.

JetClean with crack

JetClean full is a tool that can help you free up space on your hard drive by getting rid of unnecessary files. Thus, you will also be able to boost your computer's performance level. This software can also be installed as a portable product. In this case, no changes will be made to your Windows registry keys. Plus, you can place JetClean Free Crack on a removable drive and directly run its executable file on any computer. The interface of JetClean full version with crack and keygen is clean and pretty intuitive. The tool can take care of the registry, Windows items, applications, shortcuts, and RAM. So, you can set the program to clean registry entries in software locations, startup programs, custom controls, history lists, virtual devices, Windows fonts, application paths, and others. But JetClean Full Version Activation Code can also look into the Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer temporary files, clipboard, and other Explorer MRUs typed URLs, cookies, history, index data file, auto fill form, Internet cache, saved passwords, and more.

JetClean 1.5 Activation Key is a lightweight utility designed for system optimization, privacy protection, and junk file cleaning. With a single click, JetClean 1.5 Full Version license code gives you that fresh, new PC feeling again. Available Languages: English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), French, Hungarian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Estonian, Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, ChineseTrad, Finnish, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Slovenian JetClean 1.5 registered is a lightweight utility designed for system optimization, privacy protection, and junk… Download JetClean 1.5 serial keys – Improves the efficiency of your computer and protect your privacy with the help of this lightweight, intuitive piece of software

Main Features:

  • Fast scanning process
  • No disadvantages were found
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Fair price
  • Includes a lot of tools
  • Available in many languages
JetClean Full Version serial code

On top of that, you can view system information (e.g. video adapter and memory, screen resolution, the central processor), remove installed programs from your computer and use a search function, manage applications which automatically run at system startup, defrag the registry, boost performance and the Internet connection, and more. The simple-to-use program requires a very low amount of system resources and quickly finishes a scan and clean job. No errors have popped up during our tests and JetClean full version with crack is very stable. Putting aside the lack of a help file, we strongly recommend JetClean Full Version Registered to all users, regardless of their experience level.

System Requirements for JetClean:

  • 300 MHz processor or faster processor;
  • 256 MB of RAM;
  • 30 MB of free hard disk space.
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author BlueSprig Inc.
  • Last version

Why JetClean is not getting installed?

You can’t install the program either because the installation package is corrupted or the process is blocked by your security program. In order to solve the issue, I suggest you temporarily disable your antivirus and download and install the application from an official source. If you still have issues, I suggest you update Windows Installer. On Windows XP or below, you can use the package provided by Microsoft in order to update it. If you’re using Windows Vista or above, update it through Windows Update.

What’s new in last version:

Added support for Windows 10
Multiple bugs fixed
'False Positive' detection by AVs now resolved
Added support for Windows 8
Automatically shut down your pc after scan and repair
New Performance booster function
Improved Apps clean
Improved cookies sorting in Ignore list
Fixed bugs in the previous version

JetClean full version with crack, JetClean 2.0 Beta For Windows Download


  1. Yeah, the application itself is fine, it just has the usual adware that is installed alongside a lot of freeware nowadays (a disgusting trend). You have to make sure to select “decline” when it asks if you want to install the toolbar, etc.

  2. Spyhunter finds Bluesprig toolbar reinstalls itself each time you run Jetclean. This toolbar is spyware. I ensured that toolbar installation was declined during install of Jetclean. Jetclean does a good job of cleaning and I am sad that Bluesprig includes this spyware with a really good cleaner.

  3. Thank you for the report. Our check for viruses also identified the program as suspicious.

  4. I cant say anything negative about this product yet. I tried 1/2 dozen products and all failed and this was a breeze and great!

  5. Did not install. said it was corrupted or incomplete. So I didn’t get a chance to try it.

  6. SOmetimes has difficulty with sites, but if you let him know, Murray beavers away and creates an update.

  7. — How can an incremental backup of less than a weeks work take more than EIGHT HOURS!? Every week.
    –The one time I tried to use it to recover lost data, it didn’t work at all.
    — When the backup is running it sucks up 100% of your CPU resources, even on the lowest priority setting.
    — You can’t use your computer for anything else while it’s running.

  8. Easily DELETES .VHD files it has no business messing with. Seems to have difficulty maintiaining connection with USB 3 drive, necessitating manual re-connect.

  9. Configuring the backups was not as intuitive as I would like but after clicking a few hot links, I was able to set it the backup schedule the way I like.

  10. After working well for months, it just stopped updating. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times but nothing helped. I emailed the publisher and did get a couple of responses asking me what happens when i try to retrieve update. I replied that it simply wasnt updating and wasnt retrieving weather, got no further responsesfrom him after that. I havent changed anything else on my PC, no different firewall etc. I enjoyed this when it worked and would love to have it working again but i finally gave up and uninstalled it altogether.

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