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So, you can set the general and game background color, line, paragraph and game font, activate a keyboard layout, as well as enable different speeds, full screen mode, drill and game sound, popup statistics at the end of the drill, to highlight the letter to be typed, and so on. You can start a new course or game, along with a sentence, paragraph or free drill. Plus, you can change the program profile at any time. During a course or a drill, you can see which finger you should use to type a particular letter, by following two small windows that represent the left and right hand. Once you have completed a course or drill, you can view statistics which revolve around the keys typed per minute, accuracy percentage and words per minute.

KP Typing Tutor Activator Free Download

The program takes up a very low amount of CPU and system memory, and includes a well-written help file. We haven't come across any difficulties during our tests. However, the interface could use some improvements and you should be able to save your results. All in all, KP Typing Tutor Full Version Activation Key is a pretty good program if you want to practice keyboard typing and we recommend it to all users. KP Typing Tutor pre-Activated Free Download is a software that you can use to learn how to type fast and accurate. The interface of the application consists of a simple window in which you have several options at your disposal. Once you initialize KP Typing Tutor full version patch, you can select the profile between default qwerty, Russian learner, left handed Dvorak, and more. But you can also create a new profile by specifying the user and course name, as well as by configuring the layout, keyboard layout and others.

A typing game is for fun break. All practice contents are adjustable. KP Typing Tutor premium supports Dvorak keyboard layouts (Dvorak, Left Single-handed Dvorak and Right Single-handed Dvorak) with special typing courses. With its user management, course management and keyboard management, KP Typing Tutor Full Version Serial Key is an ideal typing tutor for multi-user environments like schools, language centers, labs, and companies. Free companion tools are available for you to customize the tutor. Layouts and course files in other alphabetic languages could be downloaded. For more, please visit International Section of KP Typing Tutor 7.3 precracked‘s homepage. .KP Typing Tutor precracked Home Page

Main Features:

  • Multiple methods of keeping the interest of the budding typist
  • Can be configured for classroom use
  • No statistics across lessons are kept for individual users
  • Humble user interface compared to today’s user expectations for such a tool
  • Mature program with its roots formed back in 1995
  • From first Lessons it works uncorrect. It doesn’t recognize the key stroke.
  • Its a great learning tool. We can go at our own speed. We will be using it alot.
  • Can’t complain, I went from “hunt and peck” with my index finger to both hands now. I still have to look at the keyboard a little, now and then, but I am only on my second day of using this fine product.
  • Nothing bad to say about this product at all.
KP Typing Tutor free full download

KP Typing Tutor 7.3 serial code is an easy-to-use yet effective typing tutor program which reduces the tediousness of learning how to type on a keyboard accurately and with great speed. It does this by providing a variety of methods which keep the interest of the user, including lessons involving simple key sequences for beginners and full paragraph writing practice, based on the “Alice in Wonderland” story, for experts wishing to improve their speed. The program supports both QWERTY and DVORAK keyboard layouts and can be readily switched between them via a configuration screen. The program also includes a game similar to City Defender (or Missile Command, for the older generation) where the user types out words floating down as fast as possible before they hit the city being defended at the bottom.

System Requirements for KP Typing Tutor:

  • 486DX2/66 or faster CPU
  • Graphics card supporting 16 colors or more
  • 4 MB free memory
  • 2 MB free disk space
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Fonlow IT
  • Last version


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