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Download Local Area Network File Send keygen – A useful and practical solution specially designed for users who want to remotely connect to other computers from their network and transfer files A useful and practical solution specially designed for users who want to remotely connect to other computers from their network and transfer files Local Area Network File Send 2.4 For Windows Download (LAN FS) is a great tool that allows you to communicate between computers in a network. It has three buttons at the top: File Transfer, Messenger, and Administrative/Command. With the Messenger you can chat with other computers, File transfer allows you to send or receive files, and the Administrative/Command has functions for remote connection: Remote Desktop, Remote Shell, Commands, LAN FS Commander, and Task Manager.

Local Area Network File Send activated

You can modify network settings, start LAN FS with Windows, change the color depth of remote desktop, etc. When you send a message or file, the target computer will be show an alert telling you about the event. Remote desktop must be activated in the System Properties for LAN FS towork. For Remote Desktop lower color depth allows a higher transfer rate. By using the aforementioned application, you can securely transfer files between multiple PCs. It displays you the status for each transferred file, but the inconvenience is that you can't preview a history of all the sent files, so you might transfer a file twice from mistake. Furthermore, Local Area Network File Send 2.4 free provides you with advanced features that allow you to view and control the desktop of various computers or browse the filesystem of PCs available in your LAN.

Also, you are able to secure your connections by generating a password using the AES encryption algorithm. The requirement is that the key has to be the same on all computers in your network. If you set different passwords, the computers will no longer communicate to each other. You do not need specialized knowledge when using Local Area Network File Send 2.4 registeration keys. The utility does not feature needless functions and it perfectly works in WLAN networks and workgroups. All in one, Local Area Network File Send setup allows you to remotely connect to other computers, transfer files and chat with other PCs in a simple and intuitive interface.

Main Features:

  • It is easy to handle and has many expert functions for remote connection
  • The Remote Desktop has low resolution even using the highest option
Local Area Network File Send Full Version Activator

Local Area Network File Send Free Download Activator is a simple, easy-to-use and compact network utility specially intended for users who want to remotely send messages and transfer files between multiple computers. Its interface is very intuitive because of its well-placed menus and options. You can easily view, manage and organize all the available computers and select the ones you are interested in from the main window. You have the possibility to manually add a new computer by specifying the IP address, but you can also scan your network for the available PCs. The application automatically recognizes and displays them. Local Area Network File Send 2.4 Registration key provides you with a built-in messenger with animated emoticons, so you can easily chat with other users from a local network. It also allows you to send a specific message to all the available computers. Lan.FS is a very quick, small and compact freeware network tool

System Requirements for Local Area Network File Send:

  • Homepage: www.lan-fs.de
  • Author Michael Schnedler
  • Last version


  1. I was told to delete the previous version and did. Now I have the same problem as ‘Brain Dead” and many others. I can’t install an older version, and when I try to unsuccessfully install the newest version, my computer tells me I have a newer version already on my computer……….What do I do?????

  2. This is probably the worst software experience I’ve had in 10 years. I’ve spend hours loading and unloading working with support from China. Finally they said that I hadn’t told them I have a 64 bit operating system as if that was some surprise,

  3. NO tech support. My computer crashed and when I asked for a new key to get it back running, I have not heard anything after sending 3 emails.

  4. This program is stupid. It has alot of limitations, and you have to buy it to do anything with it!

  5. Not only was the download time over 2 hours, but I received an error message that the setup files were CORRUPTED! Same with the Ashampoo Accellerator. I know it wasn’t my computer nor my connection (I checked). So plainly put: IT SUCKS!!

  6. Threw an error on startup. I rebooted and got same error – doesn’t work. I’m running Windows XP Pro, SP2 with all latest updates. Power DVD worked fine but not this.

  7. buggy interface; the “erase cluster tips” made my computer lag 10 holw minutes at startup. had to do a windows restore; can’t minimize properly; the progress bar freezes and the text dissapears as the program erases it’s own cluster tips;

  8. MovieOrganizer is still free. The problem is this site. Everytime you try to download MO you are redirected to MovieCollector, that is a pay program.

  9. None that I can find, unless there is a format, common to more people, that it doesn’t convert.

  10. Hard to ujnderstand where you can create a CD that will restore what you already wrote to another drive. Have to search through menus to find the option for it. A little too geek oriented and not enough “helpful instructions” on the so called help screens provided. Hopefully restoring my backup drive will work, after I get done testing Windows 8 which doesnt let me use many of my programs.

  11. I use Yahoo Mail but when I go to add an address to the To: field and the pop up opens with the addresses I can’t pick one. This flaw prevents me from using the browser.

  12. Ask’s to install toolbar several times but not a big fuss. Had slight issues burning files to a 8.5GB DVD but not sure if software or DVD.

  13. Everything about it since I can’t get it to download and install. I also don’t like the fact that it forces their Photo Album program on you.

  14. they will not tell you that you can not burn to cd/dvd,without $ upgrade, so I will tell you, you cannot burn

  15. Does not take Hebrew characters, I have contacted the company that produces it and they say that they are working on a Unicode version that will take Hebrew characters.

  16. I purchased the product and at the end of the demo period I removed the trial version and installed the purchased version. It did not work and gave me all sort of problems. I uninstalled the purchased version and reinstalled the trial version and it worked fine leading me to believe that the disk was defective. I contaced Acronis and was told that since I did not buy it directly from their website it was not their responsibility. Very slow responses during this time period — some times a week would go by before I received a response. I have removed from my machine and consider it a waste of my money. I have gone back to using Ghost from Norton since I have not had any problems with their software.

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