ManyCam For Windows Download

ManyCam For Windows Download

With ManyCam full version setup, you can stream to multiple platforms at once, add effects, record or share your screen. ManyCam full version free‘s features are: 3D Masks & Effects: Drag and drop images or animated GIFs to use on video calls and resize them live. Give some flair to your broadcasts with 3D masks that wrap around your face, objects, digital props, effects and filters. Enhanced performance & speed: Get high-quality video with up to 4k resolution with smooth, sharp and clear images. Plus, a faster software with hardware acceleration. Picture-in-Picture & Presets: Create multiple layers, add Pic-in-Pic windows, move each layer around and preview before showing it live.

ManyCam key

Live streaming mobile and desktop tool that handles multiple video sources, picture-in-picture, green screen and other video effects. ManyCam precracked is a free webcam software and video switcher that helps you produce professional quality live videos. Easy-to-use, ManyCam 7.2 Full Version license code allows users to add multiple video sources, like webcams, pre-recorded videos, smartphones, and tablets, to live streams and video calls. With ManyCam 7.2 Activation Code, you can stream to multiple platforms at once, add effects, record or share your screen.

Features and Highlights Use Multiple Video Sources The program allows you to quickly switch between up to 12 videos, audio, and image sources. Use the pull-down menu in the source window to add another camera, a still image, a photo snapshot, a pre-recorded video, or your desktop as your video source. Choose to cut or slowly transition between different sources. Screencast Your Desktop

Main Features:

  • Downloads additional modules when they are needed
  • Various output formats
  • Multiple simultaneous video sources
  • Multiple effects
  • I would give it a 5 if they got their act together.
  • crash pcinstall toolbar ( don’t ask me)not free software
  • just by reading all reviews, most low rating reviews have the same style, same problems and same very poor English, -simply written by the same “maniac” who created many accounts just to say some bud things about this program instead of “uninstall”
  • It looked like a promising program, but i am having trouble so far.
  • Still allows you to stream your webcam to multiple locations I suppose.
ManyCam Full Version Registered

Effects Panel: Create folders, move effects and objects around, to organize them. Modular UI: ManyCam setup‘s UI is intuitive and easy to use. It allows broadcasters to use all their favorite tools quicker by customizing their UI. Perfect for beginners and pros. Settings: Choose the resolution, fps, and bitrate to get the best results or automate the process. Tweak the brightness, contrast, and color of your image to create amazing live videos. ManyCam 7.2 license Key is a free webcam software for PC and video switcher that allows you to enhance your video chats and create amazing live streams on multiple platforms at the same time. With the app, you’ll be able to create professional-looking broadcasts on your favorite platforms, record your screen, add many effects and much more.

System Requirements for ManyCam:

  • Webcam or other video source
  • Intel Core i3 or Faster Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage:
  • Author Visicom Media Inc
  • Last version

I have downloaded ManyCam but cannot connect to video source. May I know how to solve this problem?

Make sure you have the latest version of the software installed in your computer because there may be compatibility issues between your cam and this software. Alternatively, check for the driver installation in the Device Manager section of your computer.

Why after reinstallation of Windows, ManyCam does not detect the video source on Euresys card with 4 input video? I have no problem with messenger from XP.

If you can’t select the camera but you can use it in other applications it means ManyCam does not have support for your cam. Try to update the application to the latest version then try again.

What’s new in last version:

Improved performance and quality of Virtual Background.
Fixed possible crash in YouTube source.
Bug fixes and stability improvements.
Background blur/removal without a green screen (requires ManyCam Studio or higher and Windows 10).
Added DirectX hardware acceleration support (enabled by default).
Improved animated effects performance.
Fixed an issue that prevented grouped effects from being moved.
Fixed hardware-accelerated app window capturing (Google Chrome, Skype, PowerPoint and others).
New Chroma Key: improved speed, auto-setup, spill reduction and more.
Added animated effects support (drag&drop GIF files into ManyCam).
Added ability to lock video layer position and size (the main layer is locked by default).
Added ability to download new effects within the ManyCam application from our in-app effect store.

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  1. However, I’ve been hearing the latest few free versions (late 2014) required buying the software in order to have the option to remove the manycam logo from the bottom of the screen, which used to be a FREE feature. if this is true, i’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t want the logo to be displayed NOT to update after version 4.0.52 or so.

  2. I tried it but this software slows down my PC, and it’s not free! You must pay $50 for it,

  3. Well, maybe not quite everything as some of the emptied directory folders are left behind but no big deal as it gets rid of the worst of it.

  4. I tried the trial version… it never fixed anything (I should have known then but figured, hey, it’s on CNET) so I purchased the full PRO version… Several dozen attempts later, trying to fix files of all type, I’ve yet to be able to fix a single file. It claims to fix partially downloaded files so I partially downloaded as many different file formats as I could think of and ran this program on them. It completes and says it was sucessful but nothing’s changed. I still can’t open the files. So exactly what media files this thing fixes is sure a mystery to me. I believe I’ve been taken. Don’t let ’em take you too… consider yourself warned.

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