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MassTube Full Version Registered is a handy program to download videos from YouTube. Features: Download videos from YouTube with a single click; Supported formats: MP4, 3GP, FLV and M4A; Supported resolutions: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, Quad HD 1440p and Ultra HD 2160p 4k; Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari and other browsers; Integrated history manager.

MassTube Full Version license code

Evaluation and conclusion

The app worked smoothly in our evaluation and didn't prompt any errors. Although MassTube 12.9 For Pc Free Download doesn't have an impressive skill set, it's an efficient software solution for downloading clips and converting them into other formats on the go. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal in our tests. Download MassTube 12.9 Full Version Free Crack – Download YouTube videos, save them locally for offline playback, convert them to other video formats, select from multiple available quality streams, and consult a history list

On task completion, it offers to open the downloaded clips with an external video player. It also integrates a history window that shows all the videos you have downloaded from YouTube, which can be cleared, exported to file, and imported at a later time.

Other program settings

MassTube Serial Key's window can be placed on top of other frames, and it can be asked to remember the current window position whenever opening a new instance. Furthermore, it's possible to disable the internal download engine and switch to an external one, modify the default destination folder for all grabbed videos, as well as apply a proxy configuration for connecting to the Internet.

MassTube Full Version portable

MassTube with serial keys is a powerful tool to download videos online. Features: – Download videos online with a single click. – Supported formats: FLV, MP4, WebM y 3GP. – Supported resolutions: 240p, 360p, 480p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p and Ultra HD 4096p. – Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari and other browsers. – Designed for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. – Integrated history manager. – Much more!

System Requirements for MassTube:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Havy Alegria
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Fixed a bug that only occurs in Windows XP operating system which prevents the user from logging off or shutting down while MassTube application is running until he manually terminates it (this problem was detected since old MassTube versions) (BIG SORRY FOR THAT!).
Improved video extraction algorithm and library.
Fixed a minor bugs of previous version.
Other internal improvements.
Fixed wrong video title detection for YouTube videos in some circumstances.
Fixed other minor bugs discovered in previous version.
Added native Opus audio coding if available in YouTube server for WebM container formats. For more Opus info, go to official website
Other minor internal improvements.
Fixed wrong video detection for WebM format generated in all previous versions due internal changes in YouTube server
Fixed wrong video title detection generated in all previous versions due internal changes in YouTube server.

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  1. Multi select of files with context menu does not work in combination with WinMerge (i.e. if you want to compare 2 files in WinMerge you have to select them one by one in AgentRansack, in contrast to the Windows Explorer).

  2. After installation it said I need to reboot. I did, since then it has been worse than a virus, all my USB ports have stopped working, including my mouse, and I have been working to correct the problem for 4 hours, with no success, I may evan have to re-install Windows, in hindsight that would have been quicker. The worst program I have ever downloaded from this site.

  3. Great software that can completely remove your files. No one can ever restore it. Not even the government and their secret computer technology.

  4. Personally, at first glance it can be too simple, but then it does the task it was developed for, the multiple additional features just add to its value, the feature that can be very helpfull is startup manager you choose which application you want to allow to start with windows.

  5. If you are looking for a smaller PDF Program I recommend trying FOXIT READER. It’s a simple application download w/ all the features of ADOBE and then some. If you need the space without all the frills , then FOXIT is your answer.

  6. Hi all, I did most of my facial tagging in iPhoto before the update came out that allowed for integration with address book – can I just change it?

  7. I bought v. 10 a week after it went on sale. Acronis sent me v.9 – it took beaucoup letters and a month to get the proper version. I used it a few times with many hassles on recovery – it SAVES fine – it just can’t fetch. Now v.10 with updates and all can’t recognize that it’s on a hard disk – so will not install any of the carefully saved images. Maybe I can make mouse doillies from them.

  8. this version crashes continually. i have uninstalled and re-installed and it still crashes.

  9. When the programme got more popular,it came with a price!Faithful olr users should get a freebee!

  10. renames files by adding the format version on the file itself making the original file longer, confusing, complicated; doesnt play on home dvd player when converted/reformatted file is burned on a dvd burner

  11. Regarding it is just a beta version, one cannot have too much expectations, it lacks many features and user friendliness of Tag&Rename.

  12. Feel free to play this game, if you like people calling themselves Trainers harassing you & Laming the city you spent hours on. No point in playing this game at all! They ensure you wont do very well. There is no point to it. The graphics stink ,the game lags horribly, and i do not recomend it at all! Blah!

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