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One of the main problems that a computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system can suffer is that the registry file ends up full of obsolete information and unnecessary references, after having installed and uninstalled multiple applications.   To solve this problem or try to improve the performance of a computer we can use nCleaner 2.3.4 Full Version serial code , a registry cleaner that includes multiple additional options.

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This program also lets you increase your privacy protection by such options as clearing the page file at shutdown, hide computer in network, empty temporary internet files on exit and so on. The program includes the option to “shred free space” on your hard-drives. But when using this program I’ve come upon a problem: freeing the space it deletes some needed system files. For example when I’ve launched Microsoft Word after nCleaner 2.3.4 Full Version Activator did it’s job, Word didn’t find some necessary files, so I had to reinstall them. After that nothing crucial happened. This could have been avoided, if you use the advanced pre-scan settings, allowing to specify exactly which files do you want to erase.

The interface graphics of this app seem to glitch (as you can see on any screenshot below). The glitch would be this: nCleaner Full Version Activator shell-screen makes a part of itself the image, which was underneath it, when nCleaner 2.3.4 Full Version Registration Code was launched. But, whatever: it’s freeware, right? This glitch never stopped me from using this program to its maximum potential. Cleans your system, providing more disk space

Main Features:

  • Too much text within interface
  • Numerous settings, specifications, opportunities, options
  • It may be difficult to mingle with all the options for a beginner
  • Graphical glitch with the interface
  • Works with most popular browsers
  • Provides more space on hard drive
  • As for me, this program is all you need to keep your machine up free and flying at the best rate possible
nCleaner full

Most customizeable cleaner with a graphical glitch. Cleans reg, HD, RAM, etc. nCleaner 2.3.4 Free Download Activator is a software solution that enables you to clean your applications and your system, so you can have more disk space. By this action, you will attain higher speed and stability of your system. It has an advance detection algorithm that ensures stability and protection. It supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape, as well as IM applications.

System Requirements for nCleaner:

What’s new in last version:

Fixed problem regarding registry scan removal
Added new items to Security Adivsor
Other various improvements
Improved support for Windows Vista
Improved support for x64 systems
Added the new command argument '-cc' that opens nCleaner, cleans the system and then closes nCleaner
Fixed some critical problems that affected the Find Junk module
Improved and optimized the way Find Junk works
Fixed a cortical bug with Find Junk that crippled some Microsoft Office versions
Added .sfk files to the Find Junk list (temporary files left behind by Sony Products)
Fixed registry backup load
Firefox cache is clean is working again
Improved the way tweaks are handled
Fixed some small issues regarding the Tweak module
Fixed some issues regarding the Security Advisor

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  1. As with all disk cloning/copying software, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can destroy the OS and data files.

  2. Basically all labels need to be centered. However if you use a database to pull data, the software will always left justify. You have to manually move everything to the center. Basic functionality it missing in this software. You call tech support and they say that you must upgrade to Pro to get among other things : Centering, layering, and text wrapping.

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