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Outlook on the Desktop 4.0.152 Full Version Free Download

Have you ever wondered why it's such a pain in the butt to use calendaring programs on your computer? It's simple: they don't mimic their real life counterparts very well. People who use calendars to organize their daily lives have them visible in plain sight nearly all of the time. Yet, on the computer, you have to go through a myriad of windows and clicks before you can even see your calendar. So to bridge the gap, I've come up with this little program that will place the Microsoft Outlook Calendaring system right on your desktop.

Outlook on the Desktop serial code

The calendar object gets pinned to your desktop and stays there all the time in plain sight so you can always see what's upcoming. Of course, the benefits don't stop there … because it's the actual Microsoft Outlook calendar, you get all it's functionality, such as direct editing, drag and drop of files, etc. You have to see it to believe it. Outlook on the Desktop 4.0.152 codes takes data from Outlook and displays a fully-functional calendar on your desktop, providing information at a glance concerning future appointments, tasks and important events.

Interact with your calendar without launching Outlook

The interesting thing is that all Outlook windows are fully editable, which means that you can add an upcoming appoitment in the calendar, change its assigned color and view mode (weekly, monthly etc.), invite friends to an event, print the calendar and manage your timetable from the comfort of your desktop, without having to actually launch Outlook.

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New contacts can be easily added to the list, while existing ones can be filtered or sorted alphabetically. The same goes for existing tasks. Practically, you can perform any operation to modify notes, tasks and calendar entries, without opening Outlook.

Have the Outlook calendar at a glance

Outlook on the Desktop full version patch enables you to completely customize the transparency level and the size of the calendar, as well as its position on the screen. Since it is right there on your desktop, you can take a look at your schedule anytime and make the changes you want while Outlook is not runnning.

System Requirements for Outlook on the Desktop:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.outlookonthedesktop.com
  • Author SMR Computer Services
  • Last version 4.0.152

What’s new in last version:

Update to use .net core 3.1.1
Fix Logging
Fixed issue where calendar could not be interacted with
Fixed open links in About box
Runs on .net core 3 instead of .net framework
Fix issue where opening and closing Outlook while OotD was running, would cause OotD to stop working.
Potentially fix issue for some where OotD would refuse to start, citing that it could not find Outlook installed on the machine.
Uses .NET 4.7.2 Framework for additional performance and HiDPI improvements
Other miscellaneous fixes and polish.
Now has a single installer for both 32-bit and 64-bit office, which should reduce confusion quite a bit. If you had the 64-bit version installed, when upgrading, it will reset your OotD settings to the defaults. To get a single installer to work, and in particular, to detect the bitness of Office, the minimum supported version had to be bumped to Office 2010 (from 2003).
Uses .NET Framework 4.7.1 for additional performance and HiDPI improvements.

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  1. Loaded my browsers with add ons, including something called Info Atoms that I can’t even seem to uninstall via add/remove programs. Also changed my default search to Bing 🙁

  2. No cons…Except you should give me the upgrade,because I just bought this product for my PC and then a week later,bought this laptop. I didn’t save the code of Lic#. Bot no cons..Works great!!!

  3. I certainly appreciate simple and easy control, though the lack of the plot makes this game a bit dull.

  4. Can’t actually restore data
    sets attributes on clones that render them useless
    Customer service is not worthy of a rating since it doesn’t exist

  5. Forget it unless you want to buy it. If you use it a few times it stops working and they ask for payment. I tried to back up main hd + an external hd regularly and it decided that was not personal use!
    Not worth the trouble and the money.

  6. As one can plainly see, it is “Free to try.” After 30 days it will no longer function unless one forks over $49.99. Deceptive advertising!!

  7. Started up program, it started prompting me to insert my Office 2003 CD. AirSnare said it needed something out of a CAB file. No thank you…AirSnare should be an application without dependancies on Microsoft Office.

  8. The MacOS skin has a flaw in it as when you close the program a slim box which looks like the player of the converter appears in the corner of the screen.It only disappears when you open a program.You can however stop this by changing the skin but you have to sacrafice the good MacOS skin.Also when you convert files and you play them you cant use the seek it is like it has been disabled.If however this version is fixed of these flaws it would make a very good converter.

  9. I’ve used this program for many years and I did not like it. Too heavy. Too slow initialisation like any other Adobe product. But what could you do if there is nothing else. Now I tried superfast and small (just 1MB) program from competitor and happy to say Farewell to Adobe.

  10. Installation monitor is supposed to end up in the System Notification area (Windows 7 64bit). Sometimes I have time monitor (?) on the taskbar. You have to open the application, kill the monitor, restart the application for the monitoring icon to appear in the correct place.

    The full scan could be faster, or done as a background process. Being right on the screen, and able to pop to the front is annoying. However, it DOES work!!

  11. Never used it once. Yet Adobe keeps packaging it with other things on my computer and installing it.

  12. I installed the latest update to True Image 2012. Then when starting True Image Windows 7 hangs completely at the True Image startup screen – still have cursor control but no response to any button. CTRL/ALT/DEL no response. Pushbutton reset no response. Power off system. On power on, system hangs at initial hardware screen with CMOS checksum error. Resetting CMOS with default allowed normal operation. After proving to my satisfaction that True Image was the cause I removed all Acronis

  13. It takes up way too much memory – 1 instance of Adobe Reader can take up as much memory as, say, Opera with 50 tabs open. Compare that to, say, xpdf (only for Linux, sadly), which might take up 5MB on a bad day, but reads as well as Adobe.

  14. Hideously slow on the few occasions it worked; but nine of of ten times crashed the system.
    Wretched sneaky McAfee add on adds insult to injury

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