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Phone Disk 1.873 Full Version Free Download is a simple-to-use application that mounts iPhone, iPad or iTouch devices to the file system, in order for you to effortlessly navigate their contents through Windows Explorer. Once initialized, Phone Disk 1.873 serial code creates an icon in the system tray area and automatically mounts the Apple device if it's already plugged into the computer. From this point on, you can access the newly created disk drive and make all the necessary adjustments to the device's contents. For example, you can add new music to your iPhone collection, seamlessly transfer photos from the smartphone to the computer, as well as move or delete ebooks.

Phone Disk Free Crack

Real disk mode for iPhone, iPad and iTouch Using your standard USB cable, Phone Disk 1.873 full version crack runs in the menu bar or system tray of your Mac or PC. If you have an Apple mobile device, like an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you would surely like to have the possibility to use it as a hard drive, to be able to explore its contents from Windows or to comfortably store your files. There is a way of doing so: Phone Disk full version serial keys . It’s a tool that offers you the possibility to use an iPhone as a storage device.

Store whatever you want on your iPhone

With Phone Disk 1.873 with crack you’ll be able to store all the files that you want on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch). You only have to install the application, and when you connect the device, Phone Disk full version with keygen download free will detect it and add a new drive corresponding to the device to the Windows Explorer. Now your iPhone will work as an additional drive.

Main Features:

  • None. The file won’t even open
  • The program literally does nothing. You click on the program, and it does nothing. This has been a fantastic use of my time. If you have nothing to do, and want to completely waste 10 minutes just to download a file which does nothing, this is the program for you
Phone Disk serials

Download Phone Disk portable – Real disk mode for iPhone, iPad and iTouch Phone Disk 1.873 with keygen is a tiny program which runs in the system tray. When it finds an iPod Touch or iPhone it seemlessly mounts it to your system so you can directly access files on it. Preview, open, edit and save images, documents and more directly on the device. It is a simple application that runs in your system tray and won’t slow your computer. Mount multiple iPhones and iPod Touches simultaneously. The program can be automatically launch at startup.

System Requirements for Phone Disk:

  • iTunes 8, 9 or later
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Macroplant LLC
  • Last version 1.873

What’s new in last version:

Access to the app directories on iOS devices has been restored. This update is especially important for those people who were seeing the error message pertaining to the bad CoreFoundation.dll file. Many other stability fixes have been added.
A bug has been fixed which allows the programs to successfully decode the connected iOS device name.
Various other minor bugs have been squashed.

Phone Disk patch, Phone Disk 1.110 pre-Activated


  1. I wanted a few questions answering before I registered and never even got a reply. I think that sums up that support is virtually none existent.
    Purchasing is directed via which is blocked by my Hosts Manager.

  2. They make it look like 2 programs offered. A free one and a professional. I downloaded the free version then found out it only converts 3 seconds of a video. If you want more, you have to PAY for the pro version.

  3. I have Windows Vista. The program crashed and I have not been able to get it to run. I ended up uninstalling this program. Originally, I also thought you can create subtitle files with this software. Turns out not to be the case.

  4. I cannot find any cons to this program. I’ve used it for several years now and it just keeps getting better.

  5. It does not allow you, to lower the burning speed bellow 16x some old cd players cant play cds burned over 8x, and it does not copy text info into disk.

  6. Fails to do the basics like check that there is enough space available to do the backup once it has calculated how big it is, and in my case many later came to a juddering halt. Even then no indication of how much has been backed up, and how much still remains to be done.

  7. I think they need to update the look of it- it looks like the program is about 10 years old 😛 The only issue I had was -again- my Cnet tracker would not recognize when I updated it so I uninstalled it until I need it again since I don’t use it that often.

  8. I am a music teacher, and I use MusicalEar for my ear training classes. It is a very useful tool, contains great pieces of music in many different styles, covering a very broad range of topics in music theory. It makes the preparation for my classes very simple: I select a piece to match the topics I want to cover, choose the notation exercise (which I can further adapt to the level of the class), and print it for the students.

  9. Fails to do the basics like check that there is enough space available to do the backup once it has calculated how big it is, and in my case many later came to a juddering halt. Even then no indication of how much has been backed up, and how much still remains to be done.

  10. The professional version, Oxmetrics, is worth the price and elevates the power of the Ox platform and is very user-friendly.

  11. Can find any word and definition you need. Amazing. It helps me during my studying and open new definitions for me.

  12. This useless piece of sh*t cost me 3 hrs of my life. First of all it won’t install, i.e. unless you allow it to connect to the internet and send you registration info and you’re really, really, really lucky. 4 out of 5 times it simply wouldn’t finish… Second of all this useless junk must reboot your comp to clone your HD. Ok no problem…BUT IT IS UNABLE TO FIND YOUR USB HD in the DOS mode and will simply bring you back to Win. Thanks for nothing Acronis…

  13. Check BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rated F. Bad service. No Phone Support. NO REFUNDS! Bad all around. You will wish you never dealt with these people. Wish I had bothered to check BBB or read all the NEGATIVE but true Reviews regarding them.

  14. I can’t see spread pages like I want, i.e, in a eight pages publication, for instance, I can’t see the pages 4 & 5 side by side, as in the early version..

  15. … if someone would mention the fact that it is a purely American market focussed product, not available anywhere else…

  16. Ever since downloading the update my computer is slower and the adobe reader freezes all the time. I can no long open anything in my adobe acrobat professional either.

  17. You need to buy it for 30$ to get rid of a small non-bothersom ad and unlock a few extra things but really the basic is very very good.

  18. Worse than switching from Office 2003 to Office 2007. Hand grip is moved to somewhere where you can’t find it, very sluggish on my Quad Core machine, nothing value added by this version. V9.0 is just fine.

  19. Sometimes very slow to connect. Cannot figure out how to filter foreign language files out of the search. Poor help files.

  20. This is a mature program, so the bugs are pretty minor. Rest assured that if you report any problem, the developer will take care of it right away.

  21. Some time it does not detect all malwars and viruses if compare with Prevx and Norton. And does not remove all temp files and cookies.

  22. Since version 11.24 this bad company has added a new and very irritating add-on called “Health Check” that forces a user to buy this bad software after the trial period ends.
    Do NOT use this program until this bad company comes to its senses and removes the bad “Health Check” completely.

  23. It is clearly written “no limitations”, “free” and so on, but in fact it is not that easy. And what I dislike most about this situation is one gets to know that only after process of installation.

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