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Prokon 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000 For Windows 10 Download

Everyone uses different measurement units and for people that operate in a global and multicultural world, you can often find yourself needing to work in both metric and imperial measurement systems, and it is never easy to convert off the top of your head. With the Prokon 32-Bit Free Download Activator software, available for most versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, you can convert between these two measurement systems in no time at all.  

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Prokon 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000 Activation Code can carry out nearly half a million different unique conversions and it can work in a huge number of measurement units, from foreign currencies, to ancient and archaic measurement systems, right up to the modern systems used in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Prokon pin, which was developed by Show Me Software, is a one-stop-shop for all your conversion needs. It comes with a very simple interface and is incredibly quick and easy to use.    Regardless of what you need to convert from or to, Prokon 32-Bit Full Crack can give you the accurate results that you need in a timely manner.

Prokon Full Version Activation Key's informational features include calculations, geometry, scientific data, fuel economy, meteorology, periodic table of elements, and many more. Conversion capabilities include units of acceleration, angle, area, capacity, concentration, constants, and about another 25 units. The interface is quite well organized, offers descriptive labels and big letters on every menu, making the user experience a lot more pleasant. A perfect tool for every student no matter what degree they're trying to earn.

Main Features:

  • Somewhat unattractive appearance
  • Useful and easy to use
  • Some customization features
  • Several elements of the user interface (e.g. colors) are somewhat hard to read
  • Large number of conversion options
  • Simple interface
Prokon preactivated

Prokon serial keys is an amazing conversion and reference utility. It has an enormous amount of scientific information, accumulating to a total of 33 main categories for conversions, and 66 categories for data. It even has the periodic table of elements with relevant and useful information on each element. ProKalc calculator, from the same developer, is also included in the Prokon 32-Bit For Windows Download package. The program's memory and CPU usage is really low and efficient, making this a highly portable tool to carry on pen drives and mini discs.

System Requirements for Prokon:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Harold Schwartz
  • Last version 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000

What’s new in last version:

Added 2012 CPI Data for Australia.
Added 2012 CPI Data for the United States.
Corrected error in World Time module.
Corrected error in Graph dialog.
Added 2013 CPI Data for Australia.
Added 2013 CPI Data for the United States.
Corrected error in Permeability module.
Added 2011 CPI data for Australia.
Added 2011 CPI data for the United States.
Updated Exchange Rates Utility for several currencies.
Increased decimal places in Permeability module.
Updated Help.
Corrected error in Morse Code module for entry of single 'dah'.
Added units to Mass module.
Added units to Length module.
Added units to Capacity module.

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  1. Suffers from a major flaw: some .FLVs are incorrectly read by the program, resulting in audio that is out of sync. Evidence of the problem’s source (file interpretation) is that the audio sync issues are evident even in the video preview window when you preview an .FLV. This is as of version 2.5.6.

  2. Ummmm, why does CNET require there be at least 10 characters in this field when a simple “NONE” would suffice??

  3. Take the time to read the CNet notice. China steals everything and packages it as their own to make money off someone else doing the work. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY, GET YOUR MALWARE DEFINITION FILES FROM THE SAME PLACE IOBIT STEALS IT INSTEAD

  4. Don’t buy this software. It comes with a dongle that goes faulty regularly which you have to pay for. Their customer service is rubbish and they do nothing for you considering you have just shelled out a lot of money for their software. Very unhappy customer. There are plenty of other good album design tools now.

  5. Downloaded it, used it and it caused my computer to crash, am so pissed off. Will never ever use it again

  6. Since there are no pros it would be silly to bother with the cons. Just use Sumatra.

  7. Used to be a good free program, which is why I upgraded to the shopping cart version (which they advertise is free). Well, I guess the download is free. But cannot be used except if you purchase hosting from them. I’ve received several emails from them asking how I liked it, to which I tried to reply. The emails always bounce back. So went to their support system online. Same result. Why would anyone wish to purchase an item that was deceptively advertised to begin with and their hosting is so poorly maintained that they don’t notice after 6 weeks that their email links STILL don’t work!

  8. Documents I could previously open now flag ‘acces denied’ including ones I created myself.

  9. A little confusing to navigate around and as I mentioned before the audio is out of sync it is like watching some of the old Japanese movies that where synced into English

  10. Since importing graphics, I have had a few “fatal errors” when opening a saved file. I think it may be in the 3D rendering. After trying a couple of times, the file opens just as it should. Texturing of individual walls and floors would be nice.

  11. it alerts me to the program has not updated properly uninstall the reinstall. Tried this several times, any got any ideas ?

  12. This is not really a game problem but, so far most of the keys hit have been those to the right side & unless I sit my grandson on my lap more to the left, the middle keys don’t get touched.

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