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The freeware Quick Access Popup 10.3 Full Version Full Crack (QAP) lets you move like a breeze between your frequently used folders, documents, applications, web pages and much more! Save thousands of clicks while browsing your favorite folders in windows explorer or file dialog boxes. Launch your most used applications, documents or web sites instantly with this easy popup menu and mouse/keyboard shortcuts manager. Gather related favorites in submenus. Assign favorites or submenus to keyboard or mouse shortcuts. Or group favorites and launch them in one click.

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Speed up your work with this multi-purpose Windows launcher and folder switcher. Create custom shortcuts of your favorite locations, applications, folders, web links with this easy-to-use and intuitive application Quick Access Popup pre-Activated Free Download is a Windows System Tray application that gives quick access to files, folders, and programs. Its tray menu is completely customizable as per your needs. You can also setup hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) for each item. Quick Access Popup 10.3.2 full version free is available in installer as well as portable forms.

Quick Access Popup premium can come in handy to anyone that uses the computer on a daily basis. It allows you to have all the folders at your fingertips and does not bother you while working. It is a convenient way to jump instantly from one folder to another, without having to look for the new location. Download Quick Access Popup 10.3.2 key – Create custom shortcuts of your favorite locations, applications, folders, web links with this easy-to-use and intuitive application

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Quick Access Popup 10.3 Full Version license Key provides you with a comfortable method of quickly accessing frequently used folders in your computer, without having to browse for their location in Windows Explorer. Practically, it allows you to create your own, personalized menu that contains shortcuts to favorite and special folders. Its main purpose is to help you improve your workflow and become more productive by saving the time needed for navigating to a certain location in your computer.

System Requirements for Quick Access Popup:

What’s new in last version:

Fix bug introduced in v10.4.1
COPY and MOVE SUBMENUS and groups
IMPROVED SEARCH tool with more actions on found items and optional advanced view
Improved navigation in submenus, groups and search results
Other various improvements, including new Russian language
More info: https://www.quickaccesspopup.com/what_s_new-in-v10_4/
Copy and move submenus and groups:
allow to copy a single submenu or group and its contents (moving was already possible)
allow to copy or move multiple submenus or groups and all their contents (using shift+click or ctrl+click to select multiple items)
when copying or moving favorites, add [!] to their name when an existing favorite has the same name (instead of aborting the copy/move)
improved "Search" tool in the "Customize" window

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  1. – Buggy as hell. The U3 smart drives, in particular, cause a peculiar UI bug, sort of an endless loop as soon as the flash drive is inserted when trying to restore, making the restoration impossible. And yes, it is still there in the latest 2012 edition. A nasty surprise from Acronis. Now I am trying to actually remove the U3 from my Sandisk Backup 64G drive and convert it to regular flash to just be able to restore my system.
    – The restore utilites are crude, incomplete, and if you try to do anything more than basic default restore, good luck. The UI screns look like they were written in 90s, judging by design and the look and feel of the UI components. They totally have that barbaric win95 look.
    – The bootable media it creates is NOT guaranteed to work. The only reason I could do ANY restoration, is because I have another laptop which works, and can be used to re-create bootable media on a DVD, because the flash drive version would not even boot.

  2. Photoshop Elements 8,9 and 10 all suffer from the same major flaw. You can barely read the tiny fonts and see the printing and icons against the black on grey background. This is especially true if you have a higher resolution monitor which many of us do now. I was so disappointed when I purchased this product because I expected so much more from Adobe. They are suppose to be the “gold standard” of photo editing. I was shocked when I opened the program and could barely use it. I have decent vision but I have to strain to read the UI printing. There is no way to adjust the font size or background color in any of these versions. Adobe forums are full of complaints about this issue and I recommend NOT buying this product until it is rectified.

  3. I think it should include a MBR repair utility in addition to the backup and restore portions.

  4. Excellent program. Using it for years now. I like it when a program runs fast and is easy to adjust to personal needs.

  5. Now has the audacity to refuse to open stored .pdf’s with a claim they are open by someone else or have been corrupted

    Seems like a hole you could drive a bus through

  6. I downloaded it specifically to remove the about:blank hijacker. It did not work and I now have a number of new adware problems that I didn’t have before downloading and running Adware Away. My desktop has now been hijacked and all my favorites have been replaced. As instructed in their refund policy, I did a global scan and tried to submit it to tech support but my emails kept coming back as undeliverable. The company will not honor their advertised 7 day money back guarantee. I requested my guarantee within 2 days of purchase but they said they “disagreed” with the problems I was having and have denied my refund.

  7. You get spoiled by the great people at CNET and Their quality control superiority, Then something like this comes along and drives you insane. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  8. Maybe I will like it had more models, but I have found a lot on resources.blogscopia.com and on the 3dwarehouse site (sketchup). The collada files are working ok with sweethome3d.

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