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The frequency analysis is done and the results are obtained on the audio paths by playing and recording test signals through them. A common marking system for the results is also provided to help the end user who is not familiar with the technical parameters. The most important feature of RMAA is its user-friendly interface in which all tests and options are in single list. We can select the list by checking the box provided. New sample rates are added and new looking HTML based reports with newly added parameters are also a plus point in the new version.

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RightMark AudioAnalyzer is a free audio testing tool that takes the place of a bench-top full of equipment, including spectrum analyzers, tone generators, and test records. It can test the analog and digital signal paths of most any audio device, especially sound cards but also CD and DVD players, MP3 players, and recording devices. Using your sound card as a reference, it can evaluate other sound cards as well as audio devices connected to your sound card’s inputs and outputs. It can even self-test audio cards that can handle separate inputs and outputs simultaneously. Several of its modes require a high-quality sound card as a reference, such as real-time tests of external audio equipment. You’ll need to be able to connect devices to your card for testing, and to connect your card’s output to its input for the complete sound card test. We used stereo mini-jacks connected through our system’s front-panel MIC and SPKR jacks.

There are several tests that you can perform. Frequency response and total harmonic distortion allow speaker system testing, but you also have tests for your system subwoofer and other devices. Thus, you can run an intermodulation distortion test, crosstalk measurement (suitable for testing the stereo quality of mobile phones) or the swept frequencies test. After all testing is complete you can view the values of all the selected parameters in the 'Test results' window. One advantage is that you can load test results for multiple devices, which allows you to compare them. Furthermore, each set of results can be viewed and analyzed using spectral graphs.

Main Features:

  • Quick and easy measurement of technical parameters
  • Some of the best features are available only in the professional version
RightMark Audio Analyzer Free Crack

RMAA produced a wide range of test signals, frequency sweeps, and tones to test our card’s frequency response, distortion, crosstalk, phase response, and other parameters. We could select tests individually, and even select options in individual tests. You don’t need speakers to use RMAA, but the audible tones do a great job of testing your playback chain front to back. RMAA includes sample test signal files, too. RMAA is highly recommended for testing high-quality audio cards and devices.

System Requirements for RightMark Audio Analyzer:

What’s new in last version:

Added Pro Tools HD/HDX compatibility, that uses Float32LSB ASIO I/O format.
fixed scale for any spectrum, 10 dB step
new more friendly size of spectrum
some minor bugs fixed
THD and IMD test now have one more significant digit
Use graph and details option to see left and right results
(click right mouse button)
new button for exporting results to a plain txt file;
all spectrums have more size now;
added auto scale plots;
fixed some issues.
new FFT Size options: 2, 4, 8 millions for analysis of any WAV files (the most right button in RMAA main window)
phase testing is coming back
fixed some issues with HTML report in localized Windows

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