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RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.3.21 pre-Activated

RonyaSoft Poster Designer Registration Code is an application specially intended to create posters and banners. The tool has a nice interface coming with various themes to choose from. The program is appropriate for both professional and amateur users. So, if your graphic design skills are scarce, you don´t need to worry, because you can start by personalizing one of the multiple templates available. Luckily, there are templates for almost every theme, including certificates, banners, prohibition signs, business and events, among many others.

RonyaSoft Poster Designer free download

Previously known as Poster Forge, RonyaSoft Poster Designer Full Version portable is a program that is very easy-to-use that includes a full array of templates and images that can be used in the user’s projects.


As well as making all kinds of templates with even more professional features, RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.3.21 activated can also be used to create funnier posters for parties or to play a joke on a friend or family member. The quickest way to create posters. Therefore, if you want a program that will help you easily create posters, you only have to download RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.3 full download on your computer.

RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.3 Activator Free Download is a software program for quick and easy design and printing of attractive custom posters, banners and signs. The software is shipped with a collection of ready-to-use poster templates. Alternatively, you can create posters from scratch or design your own poster templates for further use. Posters and banners may be printed directly on a home or office printer, exported to an image files to be printed by a print service provider, or used in the Internet (myspace, livejournal, flickr, etc.). Use an extra add-on (RonyaSoft Poster Printer) to print posters, banners and signs in big-size multipage format.

Main Features:

  • Some of the templates contain typos
  • It is easy to use
  • It supports editing objects in layers
  • It comes with multiple templates
  • Some leftovers remain after uninstalling the application
RonyaSoft Poster Designer with crack

Other more skilled users are likely to use their creativity more freely by starting a blank document. You can use the free-hand tool and import pictures from a wide range of image file formats. Moreover, the program comes with a huge clipart collection, organized in multiple themes. Luckily, the application supports editing objects in various layers. In a few words, RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.3 activator allows you to create beautiful signs, posters and banners, independently of your design expertise. The results of your work can be printed in standard home and office printers, but you can also use professional print services. What´s more, by installing an add-on, you can print very large posters and banners as well. Only one thing you should be aware of: some of the templates may contain typos. Download RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.3 full setup – Make your own inspirational, motivational, movie or old west Wanted posters, either by modifying templates or from scratch, thanks to this intuitive application

System Requirements for RonyaSoft Poster Designer:

  • Pentium III 1500
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 50 Mb hard space
  • Regular printer or plotter
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author RonyaSoft
  • Last version 2.3.21

What’s new in last version:

74 new templates added
Collection of new templates added Collection of new fonts added
Some bug fixes
Saving to pdf
Background collection
New clipart collection
Ability to copy-paste object effects
In-sutu text editing
Updated Clipart
Shadow, Outline and Gradient effects support
Circle, Arc, Wave and Projective text support
Ability to paste text, images and MicroSoft Word/Excel data via clipboard
Ability to replace colors of the metafiles
Arrows' keys support
Document rotate feature
Rendering speed improvements
Additional system adjustments
SilentInstall added
7 Banner templates added
8 Banner templates added
Updated Certificate templates

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  1. Had an error after editing the options for the first time, but never affected anything and never happened again.

  2. Catalyst Control Centre is a necessary evil for AMD chipsets and ATI Radeon GPU’s. Unfortunately, constant updates effect not just the performance of the software itself but also your installed hardware. My advise is install the version that came with your hardware and only update if you experience problems or upgrade affected hardware.

  3. Some files just seem to automatically error out and it refuses to do anything with them beyond a certain point. You either forget about making the DVD or find another piece of software to use in its place when it fails.

  4. it’s terribly limited. the 3D screen is from a wacky angle, with tiny pictures and only a few objects to be able to place. i uninstalled it within 2 minutes. it’s just kinda primitive. smartdraw is way better (although limited to 2D renderings).

  5. real real slow to load. running on vista 64 – 4 gig RAM on a 2.3 core2 duo, it too a real long time to load.

  6. Is it possible to record a video on lifeframe and then burn it to disk? If so, what is the best file format to use?

  7. I’ve tried every pattern of installing Flash Player, from the original to several personally concocted installation conditions to following advice on forums, and still, although it installs alright for Safari, it will not give Firefox the functionality of Flash Player. After installation on my OSX3.9 machine, Safari has functionality but Firefox does not when checking at the official downloads installation success site. Therefore, I can not use Firefox with YouTube, etc. Anybody got any ideas?

  8. If you run Vista and your system is on a domain, Adobe 9 will not even launch unless you are an administrator. This makes it nearly worthless for business use, unless everyone in your business is an admin.

  9. I don’t know of any cons of this application, unless you include occasional recommendations for you to update to the paid for version.

  10. Why tracking software fan speed of performance monitor system of Advanced SystemCare not working? Other applications, such as monitoring CPU, GPU, the network is normal. Can you help me fix it? It’s work very normal before, but now, it’s stop working.

  11. Sometimes I get very fustrated with this program because I really have no idea why it’s 22MB and why it uses so much RAM just to view a PDF file. Can’t even shut down the automatic update, so it annoys me a lot. I’ll stick with FoxIt Reader.

  12. If only I had a more up to date computer. I’m still running Windows 98. If I could afford to update, then I would deffinetly give this a try. Can you tell me if it might work with 98???

  13. Does not take Hebrew characters, I have contacted the company that produces it and they say that they are working on a Unicode version that will take Hebrew characters.

  14. This vendor is non-responsive and even after purchasing, I cannot get the license key to unlock the product.

  15. I am very suspicious of this co. There is NO DOUBT that a trojan was installed when I downloaded IOBIT Malware Fighter. Event logs showed that my firewall was disabled. The Trojan is not the issue, it’s the invasive softwared that is installed.

  16. Haven’t found anything I don’t like except maybe, being really picky, the icon is a bit naff.

  17. Not enough users are commenting on it to date to bring out its true worth. I tried it, and found it to be worth while for its personal touch.

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