1. Having just downloaded this piece of software I think that it offers very good facilities for surfing the web among other things.

  2. Sea Monkey is very reliable and efficient. I don’t see any crashes or program page script errors on it like most browsers. Sea monkey is my favorite web browser for now. I love its’ simplicity in configuration. You could just click on its status bar to configure it for internet. It is that easy, fast and enjoyable!

  3. Simply wonderful antivirus solution that everyone should be using. Products such as Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, AVG, Avast and god knows how many others are ‘ok’, but do not provide great protection. In fact, in our agency alone, we see so many infections come across the wire with these software install, that we remove them on site in favor of PCAV (Panda Cloud Antivirus). For the user it’s just a simple install. They have to do nothing other than install it. No configuration, no updates, nothing. Even if viruses are found, they do nothing. PCAV is a fully self-managed application that protects you from pretty much anything on the net. And, the next best thing: It’s very good at protecting it’s code. Many systems which have been ravaged by viruses find it hard, very hard, to infect the PCAV root binaries. I install it on very infected machines, and the program runs and cleans w/o issue. Simply amazing system. Very fast too.

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