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In addition, secureSWF 4.6 free download helps you protect your Flash application against a variety of security threats by providing encrypted domain locking, encrypted loader creation, and literal strings encryption. The main features of secureSWF 4.6 full setup are identifiers renaming, decompilers suppression, literal strings encryption, encrypted domain locking, encrypted loader creation, build automation and automatic configuration.

secureSWF Activation Code

Multiple levels of protection which you can customize

Depending on how much you are willing to invest in protecting .swf projects, secureSWF full version patch offers a number of encryption presets which you can apply. You are able to choose between encryptions meant for basic testing or full-feature lockdowns. If for some reason none of the ones provided by secureSWF 4.6 patched does the trick, you can manually set levels for statement randomization, control flow and integer data obfuscation, dynamic code wrapping, and much more.

In addition, secureSWF Free Crack helps you protect your Flash application against a variety of security threats by providing encrypted domain locking, encrypted loader creation, and literal strings encryption. The main features of secureSWF 4.6 full version patch are identifiers renaming, decompilers suppression, literal strings encryption, encrypted domain locking, encrypted loader creation, build automation and automatic configuration.

Main Features:

  • If you have multiple projects ready to get Obfuscated buy it and finish them ASAP, don’t trust the company because they will not give you a real support and be aware of the new updates.
  • Although it’s only the lite edition they are offering for free, but I think it should include more features of what is available in personal and professional editions. Or at least a fully functional demo should be available to download.
  • Up to this moment I didn’t come across any software that does all what secureSWF does or even most of it
  • – Obfuscator- Encrypter- Click click and go, really easy and user friendly!
  • All the encrypters have the problem that once in a while they get cracked. So that is maybe a con but compared to other encrypting software it is the best you can get.
secureSWF Full Version keygen

secureSWF 4.6 Full Version serial code (version 3.6) has a file size of 3.78 MB and is available for download from our website. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded 219 times. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. Publish with confidence and stop giving away your source code with every SWF file. secureSWF 4.6 serial keys protects SWF files from decompilers and reverse engineering by providing the most advance Flash and Flex ActionScript obfuscation, optimization, and encryption making it the unquestioned market leader.

System Requirements for secureSWF:

  • 1 GB of ram
  • Java VM 1.6 or later
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Kindi
  • Last version 4.6

What’s new in last version:

Support for AIR 15:
We now support all AIR versions. Including AIR 15 beta.
Manual Activation:
If you need to activate secureSWF on an offline, or behind a firewall, machine, you can now use the manual activation process.
Using your registration information, and the Verification Key, you can activate secureSWF without the need to connect to the activation server. Of course, this will only work on the machine which you have used to generate the Machine ID. The manual activation process can be done via the GUI or the CLI.
Enhanced Protection Against Decompilers:
As we frequently do, the new build also updates the protection mechanisms we use to prevent decompilers from generating anything useful or running at all. We recommend that you re-run your apps through the new version and publish an update.
Better String Encryption Performance:
We’ve enhanced the performance of the string decryption routine, which runs every time your code accesses an encrypted string. This means your app will now perform a bit faster if you are using string encryption. The enhancement applies to both RC4 and AES algorithms.

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  1. Ordered online – Billed me an additional $2000+ on top of my $54.95 order for goods not in the shopping cart. Yikes.

  2. Check BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rated F. Bad service. No Phone Support. NO REFUNDS! Bad all around. You will wish you never dealt with these people. Wish I had bothered to check BBB or read all the NEGATIVE but true Reviews regarding them.

  3. Totally bad scanner, any .EXE file which has been compressed with PCK, Neolite, Expressor and Some .EXE rar files are all considered as virus. Which is totally false..

  4. I read the other reviews that reported a few problems, but I’ve had nary a one. I’m pleased with it on all counts.

  5. The installer was merrily installing all kinds of files so I cancelled it. It should be able to scan ports without needing any extraneous junk.

  6. Documents I could previously open now flag ‘acces denied’ including ones I created myself.

  7. My computer was really slow. I downloaded many free versions of antivirus programs but they didn’t work out. Last month I bought an antivirus program from iYogi. The tech installed it and scanned my PC. This software found over 2000 viruses. He also cleaned the computer and optimized it to a better condition. It’s good software for a reasonable price.

  8. It just won’t install properly even though it tells me it has. It even takes me to the Adobe site where it says it installed correctly, but, as I recall, it should have a graphic twirling and it doesn’t. They have to fix this.

  9. spend pretty much time for backup ( depends on the the size of your data- i need to backup many data,so i should spend more time for it)

  10. BAD MATH! Can’t keep the numbers straight. Even with it matching my account EXACTLY, it is still off a few dollars every month. Today it was $0.30 higher than the actual balance even though all transactions were correct. BAD MATH!

  11. I cannot view my bank statement due to Flash crashing literally 100% of the time on that website. It crashes two or three times per day on social and game sites. I also suffer the same choppiness, slowness, and heavy startup as other reviewers.

  12. when I checked some new songs that I added I couldn’t find them but I don’t think is a big deal


  14. Had 3.3, and now I can’t update it. 3.3 stopped opening documents when I double clicked on the file itself. Uninstalled 3.3 and now 3.5.4 won’t open after downloading and installing it. Even after all the programs are uninstalled I still have soffice.bin running in the back ground.

  15. This synchronization utility is totally lame. You have to manually select the two folders to sync. Then you have to eyeball the results to see what files need to be transferred. There is no automated process.

  16. I am fed up of wasting good computer time trying to figure out stupid websites like the bluevoda one so I have uninstalled the program.

  17. Graphics are very simple, but do not detract from gameplay. Learning how to destroy cannons can be difficult for beginners. Game is in beta, so variables and dynamics of the game can change greatly. Defense can be more productive than attack sometimes. Overall 8/10

  18. Program had difficulty handling situations when the external backup drive was not constantly connected (such as during travel). Unpredictably monopolizes computing resources for hours at a time performing unnamed background tasks. Known program flaws have not been addressed.

  19. Vista still crashes a bit so it hasn’t solved everything. Only switching to a Mac will solve these Vista problems. My kids use the MACBook and it is always up and running.

  20. I tried to clone my internal drive to my USB drive. Although True Image went through all the motions and even reported success, nothing changed. After my experience with tech support, I’m thinking about asking them about that one as well, but it’s a feature I can live without. Everything else has worked flawlessly.

  21. The weather maps don’t maintain their aspect ratio when resized. Also, I was not able to specify my city as the “preferred location”, despite the fact that it is a large city and home to a major university. I had to settle for specifying a tiny town nearby that was in their database.

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