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SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.1.6 full version with crack

The program has a very straightforward interface, which has the technical look characterizing software of this type. Some of the features, however, can only be found by exploring its menu. To start scanning the network, you should first provide the desired IP range. It only takes a moment for the program to discover the connected resources. These are shown as threads, and you can expand a node (IP number) to view the resources it contains. Likewise, it is possible to filter the results. For each machine, it is possible to know its IP and Mac addresses as well as logged users.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner Full Version Activation Code

This fast, highly configurable IPv4/IPv6 scanner can streamline many of your network support procedures. Its well-designed interface, light weight and portability coupled with an extensive range of options and advanced features make SoftPerfect Network Scanner For Pc Free Download an invaluable tool, whether you are a professional system administrator, someone providing occasional network maintenance, or a general user interested in computer security. SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.1.6 activated can ping computers, scan ports, discover shared folders and retrieve practically any information about network devices via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH and PowerShell. It also scans for remote services, registry, files and performance counters; offers flexible filtering and display options and exports NetScan results to a variety of formats from XML to JSON.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.1.6 full version with keygen download is a portable application with which to be able to quickly, and fully, analyze all the computers that are connected to the same network.

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It is only necessary to input a range of IPs among which the program will start to search, once it has found all the computers that are connected to the same LAN, we will be able to see diverse data about each of the computers: MAC address, PING response time, TCP port and SNMP services.

Main Features:

  • Various operations supported
  • Not intended for any kind of user
  • Exports results in multiple formats
  • Result filtering
  • Supports various network protocols
SoftPerfect Network Scanner keys

Scan your local network to manage available resources and vulnerabilities SoftPerfect Network Scanner Activation Key is a fast universal IPv4/IPv6 scanner intended for both system administrators and general users interested in computer security. The software can ping computers, scan ports, discover shared folders and comes with flexible filtering and display options. Fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6 discovery. Performs a ping sweep and displays live devices. Detects hardware MAC-addresses, even across routers, writable and hidden shared folders, internal and external IP addresses. Retrieves any system information via WMI, remote registry, file system and service manager, currently logged-on users, configured user accounts, uptime, etc.

System Requirements for SoftPerfect Network Scanner:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author SoftPerfect Research
  • Last version 7.1.6

What’s new in last version:

Added: wildcard support in Equal/Not Equal filters.
Added: new regex filter for advanced filtering of results.
Added: new menu item to remove all inactive devices at once.
Improved: discovered devices can now be deleted during scanning.
Improved: a number of smaller enhancements in the user interface.
Fixed: occasionally OIDs fetched via SNMP had erroneous characters in them.
Fixed: using SNMPv3 to retrieve data occasionally failed with division by zero.
Added: New repetitions display setting: As Is, Fold or Hide repetitions.
Added: strong ciphers support in SNMPv3: AES-192 and AES-256
Changed: Windows 7 is now the minimum required OS version.
Added: searching alternate paths in remote registry wildcard queries.

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