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Download SpaceMonger 2.1 Full Version serial code – Analyze disk space to discover the largest files, study a pie chart and tree map, scan folders, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts, and more Every day every active computer user deals with lots of files. That is why their computer often looks like a huge dump heap. An enormous number of different files on your computer usually becomes a serious interception for fast search of necessary data.

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SpaceMonger Full Version Activation Key 2.1.1 helps users with file managing on their computers SpaceMonger 2.1 Full Version Full Crack 3.0 is a major new version with the fastest scan times available. SpaceMonger reg keys creates a visual Treemap graphic making it simple to see the folders and files that are consuming the most storage space and simplifies the task of finding files to remove to freeing up space. SpaceMonger full version crack 3 new cloud storage management capabilities are available for Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Users can now generate a visual Treemap highlighting the relative space consumed by folders and files on their local and network drives as well as cloud services.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool had minimal impact on computer performance in our tests, thanks to the fact that it needed low CPU and memory to function normally. Taking into account its comprehensive features and configuration parameters, you can definitely give SpaceMonger 2.1 Registration key a shot to find out if it meets your requirements when it comes to disk space analysis.

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Main Features:

  • Many useful features
  • Not found
  • Stable work
  • A clever drive scanner which gives you a graphical representation of your free/used memory.
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Treemaps are a graphic presentation of complex directory hierarchies showing folders and files as a series of nested rectangles. The relative amount of space consumed by a folder or file is reflected by the size of the rectangle. This enables users to immediately focus in on objects that are large enough to free up the space they are looking to recover. SpaceMonger Full Version Free Crack is a treemapping tool for hard disks and file systems.

System Requirements for SpaceMonger:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Stardock Corporation
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Added the ability to load scan data from an XML file
Added the ability to save scan data to an XML file
Changed the status bar so that the disk stats consume less space, and only appear when nothing is selected. Disk stats also now show total disk usage.
Added the new PHP scanner, which can generate XML that SM can read, but can do it on anything that can run PHP (including remote web servers).
Added command-line interface to PHP scanner.
Added the ability to link against the standard C library (not a visible change to end-users).
Added decoders for GIF images.
Added decoders for JPEG images (based on the IJG JPEG library).

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  1. If you are thinking of buying, check the forums first. Lots of promises of updates coming ‘soon’ – but still no movement on the horizon 2 years later. The software is very good, but updates come at glacial speed.

  2. This version when you hit the download button delivers 31.5k not the megabyte plus file it should. In fact I don’t think this version is free. And…the old version works fine. It has since 2000…. So…why are you wasting my time with wild goose chases?

  3. If you read the information carefully you should have noticed that the latest 2.1.1 version is really not free, all this is stated on the developers site also.

  4. How can I re-install the article marketing suite on a new machine after losing my previous computer machine to rubbers. I tried re-installing the software but I couldn’t.

  5. I tried the trial. It says that you can use if for 15 days. But you can only fix the first 15 problems out of the thousands more.

  6. Extremely happy with product.editing tool facility easy to manage. Thank you very much

  7. I use Word and the ability to port to PDF with a smaller footprint and secure transmission of document without allowing alteration facilitates transmission of all kinds of invoices and documents.

  8. I have the same problem as the above folks. I’m using a WMR200A. Oregon Scientific used to be an excellent program but I would not recommend it now.

  9. SLOW did nothing to make my computer speed up. I defraged, tweaked everything–I even removed programs (stuff I really didn’t need) and still slower than before I installed.

  10. Somehow it has cancelled out the exisiting version and now cannot use any PDF files ! Shame really very disappointed.

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