Sticky Password Registration key

Sticky Password Registration key

If you use the Internet constantly to communicate, work or play, you will probably have hundreds of accounts for dozens of different services over the net (email, social networks, online games, online banking, online shops, forums,… ). Sticky Password full version with keygen download is a tool that will help us to manage all our passwords, allowing us to block the program by means of a master key so that nobody can access the manager, as well as using a system to fill in the password field and registry forms with a single click of the mouse.

Manage all your passwords from a simple interface

The program can be blocked in the case that a USB or Bluetooth device isn’t connected to the system so that if we aren’t beside our computer, nobody can use our passwords.

Sticky Password full version with keygen download

New accounts can be added automatically when we enter or sign up on any website, or manually from the manager. If you still don’t have an application to help you manage and control your password in a simple way, download Sticky Password Activation Code today and discover the most simple way to keep your passwords protected. Sticky Password free is a practical password manager. Download Sticky Password setup and you will be able to have your keys organized and protected with a single app Sticky Password pre-Activated  is a password manager that can help you with keeping your countersigns safe and, at the same time, have easy access to them. Apart from passwords the application can also store bookmarks, identity details and secure memos.

Bottom line

However, this being the free version, there are some limitations, and these apply to the amount of entries that can be stored in the database. The maximum number of accounts it can hold is 15 while identities are restricted to only one. For most average users this should be quite enough, though. The trial for the full application is available here. Sticky Password Full Crack can help you store various types of data, including website logins, application passwords, bookmarks, identities and memos. The tool runs from the System Tray and uses a master password to keep your information safe. It installs extensions on your browsers, which are intended to capture website login information as well as fill in forms automatically. The program has an easy-to-use interface with separate tabs for every type of information. Moreover, you can organize web accounts into groups. Still, it is too bad that the tool does not allow creating custom data fields.

Main Features:

  • Strong password generator
  • Uses strong encryption
  • Uses biometric authentication
  • Allows sharing info over the Cloud and the local network
  • Stores various types of information
  • Does not allow creating custom form fields
Sticky Password preactivated

The core of the Sticky Password 8.2 patch solution is the secure database that is encrypted using AES-256 – the world’s leading encryption standard. The password database auto-lock – on your computer, tablet and smartphone – protects you from curious eyes when you’re away from your device. And it’s all protected by your Master Password that only you know. With all that you do online, it’s a challenge to create and remember passwords for your favorite sites and apps – email, social networks, shopping, banking, magazines and other subscriptions, or school and community groups.

System Requirements for Sticky Password:

  • 256 MB RAM
  • 15 MB free space on the hard drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author Lamantine Software
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Extension for Edge browser based on Chromium engine is now installed from the Microsoft Edge Addons website
Fixed issue with import from Chrome
Added autofill support for the new Edge browser based on Chromium engine
Added password generator to the extension menu in the browser
Firefox extension is now installed from the Firefox Add-ons portal.
Opera extension is now installed from the Chrome Web Store.
Improved communication between Chromium- and Firefox based extensions and the application
Minor improvements and bug fixes
Fixed Secure Memos memory issue
Improved Security Dashboard. Added optional manual override of security status
Fixed issues with CentBrowser, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey,Torch, Waterfox browsers
Added support for Thunderbird 63+
Added support for Chrome version 72

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  1. I have this, over and over again, they advertise as FREE but all you get is a very limited trial version. and the price of thevcomplete version is three times the cost of other very good software that does more.

  2. I’m pretty doggone satisfied and pretty sure I going to buy this program after the 15 day trial runs out because I have yet to find anything I don’t like about it! That’s why I gave it 5 stars!

  3. Disaster recovery does require re-install of XP, however it does work with the help of the Microsoft Recovery Console.

  4. I absolutely love Animation. Have been using it for years and it makes animating a breeze!

  5. Locked up my computer–had to power it off repeatedly. Also, now it won’t uninstall. It’s wasted hours of my time!

  6. I would stay away from this one – nothing but trouble in my system – hard to remove

  7. Spell check does not work. Simple as that. I checked all over the internet to see if I could find an answer to get it to work. Nothing worked.

  8. Doesn’t work, as Youtube implemented a proxy fix to stop cheating via proxy software.

  9. It isn’t even close to having as many features as MS office. It is also more complicated than MS office.

  10. Spanish >>Este es el mejor OCR del mercado, todos los otros van a su remolque y se le acercan, pero no lo han superado en exactitud

  11. I found this a waste of my time and Adobe should be ashamed for packaging this junk. CNet should shut it down.

  12. didn’t work, buggy. I tried to burn a dvd, takes forever for the thing to start, then says unable to write. I tried to stop it from writing; the program froze up and so did my system, had to reboot. don’t waste your time.

  13. just about everything. You can find free online web tools that function better than this program.

  14. No 64bit, no thumbnails, terribly slow, continues to run in background even after closing which slows other programs to a crawl, and zoom and pan are still choppy

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