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Easy, Fast and Fun Built-in Typing Plans Touch-typing strategies Over 50 comprehensive lessons A wide variety of test material Timed & non-timed tests Instant feedback on WPM & accuracy – Progress reports by key, finger, hand & row Over 250 practice articles Eight, high-quality typing games Over 50 music soundtracks Beginner, Learned Keys & Advanced levels Award-winning Typing Techniques Typing Quick & Easy full version serial keys tailors the learning experience to your needs.

Typing Quick & Easy full setup

  • Effective Results & Feedback
  • After each typing lesson, test, and article transcription, you receive immediate feedback on your speed (WPM) and accuracy percentage. Each result is saved for further review.
  • View or print results to pinpoint strong & weak areas.
  • Examine all or a portion of your saved results to determine speed & accuracy trends.
  • Assess specific keystroke data by hand, finger, row & key.

    Thanks to its collection of tests with multiple difficulty levels, more experienced typists can also benefit from using it. Timed tests can help them strengthen their skills, while the accuracy analysis results allows them to identify the problematic areas. Aside from the predefined lessons that Typing Quick & Easy 17.1 free full download provides, you can also create your own. In order to make the learning experience much more pleasant, the application enables you to load your own songs and plays them during lessons or tests.

    Main Features:

    • None I can think of – no problems – works on Windows Vista – easy to install – and it has a nice tutorial video at the beginning that shows you all your options and how to get around.
    • I like the well defined plans that i could select to take.
    • Bugs in the software kept me from being able to use the demo version on my Windows 7 laptop.
    • the typing
    • Huge download took an hour and now when starting it I cannot even login.. If I enter my name to software and click Start nothing happens. I tried to set the program to XP COMPATIBILITY MODE and even rut it as ADMIN but nothing works. Need to uninstall it now to get 500MB back.
    Typing Quick & Easy registeration keys

    Speed is determined by measuring the number of words that are typed in a minute and results are displayed for each keystroke, finger, left or right hand and keyboard line. You can view your progress by setting the program to cumulate the statistics for the last 10 tests you took. Due to the interactive games and tests, Typing Quick & Easy full version makes typing practice an entertaining activity. Relying on advanced learning techniques, it can help you build basic typing skills, correctly assess your abilities, detect your weaknesses and ultimately, improve your words-per-minute rate and your dexterity. Download Typing Quick & Easy 17.1 serial keys – Work on your typing skills, improve your accuracy or learn about finger position on the keyboard, take tests and monitor your progress with this application

    System Requirements for Typing Quick & Easy:


    1. It isn’t working at all. It just copies or cuts, but when I see a saved file, it is still the original one. Disappointed.

    2. Tried to wipe a hard drive by using the Nuke Boot Disk, but it wouldn’t boot no matter what I tried.

    3. After two unsuccesful assign attempts i have managed to configure the IP, DHCP server. Hopefully this function will be more stable in the next version.

    4. It is too expensiv in the standard version ( Joomla templatemaking) for privat not commercial use. Joomla is free – there are free templates – and you can hope to change them.

    5. When you try to download it, the site sends you to the download site of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 instead of 3. I wasn’t ables to download it, after having registered in this site. Bad mark for CNet. I felt cheated.

    6. Ummmm, why does CNET require there be at least 10 characters in this field when a simple “NONE” would suffice??

    7. Acronis True Image 2012 is buggy bloatware, and it frequently fails to make good clean copies of a hard drive that will pass its own “validation” check at the end of the copy process. The negative comments from other users are valid. Previous versions of this software worked much better than the current version.

    8. I have a Quad core Q8200 2.33 Ghz computer but find this latest software much too slow to “calculate” a simple incremental backup and then another very slow backup.

    9. It does crash a lot or simply ends up performing a different action then I instructed or not allowing for the action I want.

    10. You need to have 100 % scaling on your computer and if for some reason that is not comfortable to you, as it isn’t for me cause I have eye problems and need my scaling at 125%, you have to change all your settings to be able to use it. The program window itself is too small if you have eyesight problems and you cannot change the size.

    11. I got a 20% discount for buying this. It seems that there are many websites providing at a discounted price. Company’s official website also offers special promotion,

    12. Every now and then it hangs and does not work. It would not install on my wife’s old laptop (Windows 7 32-bit). It works really well on mine but only about 9 out of 10 times. The drag-and-drop does not always work.

    13. used DVD cloner 8. Skips back to the start. DVD starts; the main film missing the first minute. unable to fast forward or reverse properly; The “don’t copy adverts” feature doesn’t work at all. Poor quality images, missing parts.

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