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How UltraSearch 2.3 Full Version Registered works is very simple, you will have to start typing in the box for such purpose so that the program starts searching for all the files related with what you are writing. To work in such an extremely fast way, UltraSearch 2.3 serial code accesses directly the Master File Table (MFT) of the partition and searches for the files that have to do with the search terms. To limit the search as much as possible, UltraSearch registeration keys allows you to use file extensions, or even to search for files with a specific extension without worrying about their name (*.exe). Once you have the results, UltraSearch 2.3 Activation Code will allow you to export the data as RTF, HTML, CSV or Excel files. The quickest way to find a file on the hard drive is called UltraSearch 2.3 Full Crack, download it now! UltraSearch 2.3 crack will allow you to search for any file that you have stored on your computer. Type in part of the name and find the file with UltraSearch 2.3 For Windows Download

UltraSearch For Windows 10 Download

UltraSearch free download is a handy and reliable program designed to locate files on NTFS hard drives extremely fast, based on user-defined search criteria.

Quickly identifies files of interest

The algorithm behind it uses the Master File Table (MFT) specific to the NTFS system, which gives it a boost in speed, as opposed to similar applications who first index the drives resulting in a time-consuming operation. This can only benefit users, as the time they spent locating a certain file is drastically minimized. The list of upsides is completed by the program’s look and feel, sporting a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it fit for all kinds of audiences.

This way, if you want to find, let’s say, all the videos stored on a hard disk, you simply need to choose the Video Files group and leave the search textbox blank. Luckily, the program saves the search patterns you have used recently so that you can use them again when it’s necessary. What´s more, the application supports using regular expressions to find given patterns within a text, which certainly helps make your search more accurate and efficient.

Main Features:

  • It doesn´t support file systems other than NTFS
  • It provides very quick results
  • It allows using filters and file groups
  • It doesn´t allow searching network drives
  • It is integrated with the system´s contextual menu
  • It supports using regular expressions
UltraSearch full download

Search by keywords, wildcards, and regular expressions

Everything comes down to selecting the drive(s) to be searched and entering the keyword(s) of choice, which will result in the program immediately fetching the results. There are possibilities to refine the search operation by defining a list of exclusions based on wildcards, regular expressions or whole names. By default, the application automatically excludes two locations: the Recycle Bin and the System Volume Information and it is recommended that you leave them this way. The results can be saved to a list, as well as sorted by various criteria such as name, path, size, file type, ascending, descending and date changed. Other highlights include the possibility to add a context menu shortcut for quicker access, an option to auto-check new drives and to automatically skip User Account Control warnings.

In conclusion

On an ending note, we were very impressed by UltraSearch free’s processing speed. It met our expectations from the beginning, persuading us into making it a personal asset.

UltraSearch preactivated Video Guide

System Requirements for UltraSearch:

What’s new in last version:

The search speed when searching subfolders has been increased significantly.
The Windows Explorer context menu entries can now also be activated in the portable version under "Options > Explorer context menu".
UltraSearch now uses the keyboard shortcut "Win + Shift + U" by default to minimize the application or bring it to the foreground.
UltraSearch now scales better on high DPI resolution monitors.
Bug fixes:
The search reset button is now available if no search path is selected.
The message "Network drives are not supported" was displayed incorrectly in some cases. This issue has been resolved.
The options toolbar did not appear after an update in some cases. This bug has been fixed.

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