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UltraViewer free

Enables you to manage the other computer remotely

You can establish a connection without too much hassle by inputting the Partner ID and password in their dedicated fields and then hitting the Connect to partner button. In case you want to allow other users to watch your screen in real time, then you can provide them with your credentials. You should know that the program allows you to establish secure connections, a feature that can come in handy when providing support for business clients who might have sensitive data stored on the computer they need assistance for. You can change the details of the connection by accessing the Options window and filling in the required information.

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Conveniently chat with your partner while controlling their machine. You can toggle chat on/off when controlling by press default hotkey F1 or any hotkey you set. You can send and receive files to/ from your partner easily from the chat window. All under the safe control of your partner. You can control multiple computers simultaneously or share your screen with multiple computers. In the past, before remote control software hadn’t been invented, technicians from software companies usually needed to go to customer’s premises to support them. This was an inconvenience, cost time and money for both customers and supporters. Nowadays, It helps you support your clients quickly and remotely, makes your work easier, faster and more convenient.

  1. Step 1: install the program on both computers, the one from which you’re going to work and the one you want to control.
  2. Step 2: once you open the software, it will automatically generate an ID and a password. The user of the PC that’s going to take control has to enter the data of the other computer in the field enabled for such purpose, and finally press the connection button.
  3. Step 3: finally, the user of the computer to be controlled has to authorize the connection.

Main Features:

  • Offers multi-computer remote control
  • Has multi-language support
  • Doesn’t support remote printing
  • Has a chat feature
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If you are working as a technician for a software or service company, then there is a good chance that you came across customers that required your physical assistance in dealing with more or less advanced technical issues. While in the past that meant traveling to your customers' locations to address technical difficulties, nowadays applications like UltraViewer 6.2 Full Version Full Crack allow you to access clients' computers remotely and make this tasks less time-consuming.

System Requirements for UltraViewer:

May I have the link to re-download the ultraviewer 6.1 software.

You can get it from official website, here is the direct link.


  1. Only 20000 files each 30 days for free edition… a bit too less for the very first use. But well, it is free, so some limitation is expected.

  2. Don’t use it if you have dialup or it’s OK if you have lots of time to wait while on dialup. Mysystem llowed to a crawl, Temperature outside the 2nd week of December is 20 degrees and honey will run off the spoon faster that your computer.

  3. There are two adware programs attached to this. When installing, you are given the option to opt out, but if you choose to do so the installation freezes midway. The only way to install the program is to accept the adware then manially uninstall it, but who knows what little gems are left behind.

  4. I’ve tried every pattern of installing Flash Player, from the original to several personally concocted installation conditions to following advice on forums, and still, although it installs alright for Safari, it will not give Firefox the functionality of Flash Player. After installation on my OSX3.9 machine, Safari has functionality but Firefox does not when checking at the official downloads installation success site. Therefore, I can not use Firefox with YouTube, etc. Anybody got any ideas?

  5. When you lower the number of frames the flow of the water or snow it does tend to jump and not run a smooth rain. It could be I’m just trying different things with it I might have it to low on the settings, this is if your saving it as a gif file

  6. I had the advanced version running on my browser for a good 7 or 8 years up until about 2 months ago when it suddenly disappeared for no reason. I clicked on `view` toolbars and apparently it was still in the drop down list (with no check) against it. I clicked on it to view it on the taskbar and all that I’m offered is a disable option? Uninstalled it / re-installed a newer version + still the same outcome, won’t show ? Any ideas?

  7. Interface is confusing, not co-hesive. It doesnt allow you to backup to network shares, mapped drives, or external Hard drives. Errors are ambiguous: Ex: “File access denied”. Version 9 is the most stable. This one doesnt even see windows libraries.

  8. Takes too long to download due to big file, slows down computer when opened but goes back to normal after closed, and is hard to use

  9. I used BitRaser for erasing data from my USB after going through several user reviews on multiple sites and I am highly satisfied after using the software.It is very user friendly and the FAQ section on the webpage helped a lot solve minute queries.

  10. I can’t see spread pages like I want, i.e, in a eight pages publication, for instance, I can’t see the pages 4 & 5 side by side, as in the early version..

  11. I work with a lot of confidential data on my laptop which has to be deleted every month.Now manual deletion takes time and effort however a big thanks to the Scheduled time erasure feature in this software which erases data for me without me even being bothered about the reminder.

  12. It has some quirks (for example, it gives monks Stunning Fist as a bonus feat at level 1, and doesn’t let them pick it up until level 8), the psionic feats really should be seperated into their own category since they overrun the other stuff, and at epic levels, the thing falls apart.

  13. Fantastic software with an excellently designed UI, where all kinds of contents have been listed: event reminders, notes, to-do-list, diaries, photo albums, etc. But it’s quite regretful that this software seems to be no longer supported with their server abandoned! Sigh!

  14. Nothing – except you will want more of this company’s products. (The sales are worth waiting for.)

  15. Useless.

    fails to install with activation error on both vista and XP. Help is utterly pathetic.

  16. After a month the program quit imaging my profile’s data and began creating an impartial image. Customer service contacted me after I asked for help, but them abruptly gave up on me after one session. Try it, but don’t waste your money because you’ll be on your own.

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