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VideoCacheView 3.05 Activator Free Download automatically scans the entire cache of Internet Explorer, Mozilla-based Web browsers (Including Firefox), Opera, and Chrome, and then finds all video files that are currently stored in it. VideoCacheView full version patch allows you to easily copy the cached video files into another folder for playing/watching them in the future. If you have a movie player that is configured to play flv files, it also allows you to play the video directly from your browser’s cache.

VideoCacheView full setup

One of the drawbacks of the program is that the videos may not be showing the name by which the user knows them, they actually show the real name of each file, but VideoCacheView 3.05 with keygen offers the possibility to play them, thus making it very easy for the user to clearly identify the video as the one that was going to be downloaded, furthermore, it also includes a list on which it will be possible to check all the features of each video. Download VideoCacheView 3.05 patch to save your favorite videos on your computer after viewing them on any website. Save/copy downloaded flash (. An intuitive and efficient application whose main purpose is to extract web site video files from the cache data of your web browsers Save/copy downloaded flash (.flv) video files from your Web browser cache or from your temporary folder. Works with YouTube, Metacafe, and others.

Lightweight and easy to use

Thanks to the clever implementation of its features, the application gets deployed on your system faster than you can say its name. The main window poses no accommodation problems, with a list that displays items you can grab and several options that make this possible. In technical terms, the application takes little space on your hard disk drive and what's more, your computer won't even feel a thing from running it, because it uses incredibly little of the system's resources. This comes in handy, making the application available to a large public and various configurations.

Quickly find desired videos

Luckily, an integrated search engine is put at your disposal to make identification easier and faster. Furthermore, elements in the list can be sorted by various criteria such as name, download URL, title, browser, file size, last accessed date and several others. Choosing to save an item almost instantly creates a copy in a specified destination folder.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that VideoCacheView 3.05 with keygen is a handy alternative strictly dedicated to fetching video files you watched. It comes in a small package and allows you to instantly accommodate due to the intuitive interface. You might end up keeping it on your computer once you give it a try.

System Requirements for VideoCacheView:

What’s new in last version:

Added 'Manually Merge Selected Files' option (Ctrl+M). If you have split video files that VideoCacheView cannot detect and merge automatically, you can select all items, press Ctrl+M and then VideoCacheView will merge all selected items into one.
After using the 'Manually Merge Selected Files' option, you can use the 'Copy Selected Files To…' option to generate the merged file. Be aware that the order of the merged files is determined according to the created time of every file.
Added support for the new 'Simple Cache for HTTP' cache format of Chrome Web browser.
Fixed to detect and merge the current video links of YouTube. Also, fixed a bug that caused VideoCacheView to include text or xml file related to the video stream inside the merged file, causing the merged file to be corrupted.

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