Virtual GPS Full Version Registration Code

Virtual GPS 1.52 Full Version Registered

Virtual GPS portable is a piece of software that provides developers with the possibility to simulate a GPS receiver connected to their computers. Thus, they can test GPS applications even when their GPS device does not connect to the network.

Support for multiple sources

Virtual GPS 1.52 Full Version pre-Activated can prove a useful tool for developers in a variety of situations, as it includes more features than a simple GPS (Global Positioning System) simulator would.

Virtual GPS full setup

The utility comes with support for multiple sources for input data, including the integrated simulator, a connected GPS device, or a file that has been previously saved on the computer. Depending on the selected source, the tool can operate in simulator, file, or GPS mode.

Support for NMEA 0183 sentences

The software has been built with support for NMEA 0183 sentences, which means that developers and end-users can also use it as a mapping application. Some of the NMEA sentences supported in the tool are GPGLL, GPGGA, GPRMC, GPGSV, GPWPL, and GPRTE.

With Virtual GPS 1.52 license code, you can simulate the motion of a car moving at a particular speed, at a particular altitude and towards a particular direction. The software computes the necessary information to be transmitted. It’s great that you can use it like a GPS receiver when you don’t have a signal which makes it ideal for indoor experiments and study. It is compatible with any GPS mapping software.

Main Features:

  • Can use with physical or virtual port
  • Support for setup and use not descriptive
  • 10 various NMEA sentences supported
  • Can use indoors
  • Provides GPS receiver simulation with various parameters
  • Reasonable price
Virtual GPS Full Version Activation Key

All in all, Virtual GPS 1.52 registered is a powerful GPS simulator that provides users with the possibility to test applications even if their GPS receiver does not connect to the satellite. It can work in three different modes and allows users transmit data to USB ports if needed. Simulate GPS receivers and test GPS applications A GPS receiver simulation software for about 40 dollars is certainly a great acquisition for developers and testers to utilize. Virtual GPS precracked can output 10 various NMEA sentences to a serial port or UDP port of the computer with variable baud rates. Simulation of GPS receiver can be achieved through setting of numerous parameters and you can also simulate constellation of the 24 GPS satellites that are orbiting the earth.

System Requirements for Virtual GPS:


  1. To be honest there is nothing not to like about this weather watcher, it is a great addition if the weather is something you need to know.

  2. The circles keep moving, which makes it hard to keep track, and the copy/paste of the SPID isn’t as simple as you’d like.

  3. That’s pretty pathetic, some random person, not your software company, is going to explain how to remove the software. the fact that you even need a video to explain it is repulsive. Why doesn’t your UN-install properly remove it without all the hassle. And by the way, it takes over your browser and keeps it, by very definition it is at least malicous software. It permanently alters your browser settings. Without out a persons consent I might add (unless you buried it in small print) So do us a favor, and quit jerking us around. REMOVE BABYLON SEARCH.


  5. A bug has shown up on my Vaisnava calendar. A small window is permanently on the screen which says “error converting date”. No matter what you do, it would not close. Needless to say the calendar reminder does not work at all. Used to work well at the beginning though. Anybody knows how to cure it? I tried uninstalling the Vaisnava calendar from Control Panel but it says that it cannot because the calendar is open and I need to close it. I think it is sensing the window which does not close that says “error converting date”. Any advice?

  6. I’m pretty certain that it reports fake errors. The scan was all fancy graphics but I’m afraid to say that I couldn’t trust this product. On balance I gave it a thumbs down.

  7. I ran this program with a single pass over the free space on Drive C, after which I still found over a thousand file fragments! I thought “That is strange”, so I ran the three pass UD DoD and left it run for many hours. When it finished I searched the free space and again found all of the same old file fragments! They were still there and many could still be recovered or partially recovered.

  8. One of those ‘We’ve totally found errors on your PC, so pay up and we’ll fix them wink-wink’ kind of apps. Avoid at all costs.

  9. I find that it works with everything I give it and comes out clean perfect converter just keep up the good work thanks

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