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If we use the Wi-Fi network manager included in Windows Vista and Windows 7, we might find that we are somewhat scarce of functions or information about each network, because it’s a very basic tool. Vistumbler license code is a Wi-Fi network detector, based on NetStumbler, thanks to which we can obtain all the information about an access point.

A new version of NetStumbler

Once we launch the program we have to click on Scan APs (access points), that will start a scan of the networks that are within our reach, providing us with all the relevant information about each access point: strength, channel, kind of protection, SSID or encryption, among other things. We will also have the option to view the quality of each signal through graphs.

Vistumbler registration keys

Lightweight and simple-to-use application that detects nearby wireless access points that you can connect to, and features GPS support Vistumbler 10.6.5 activated increases the capacity of the limited Windows Vista and Windows 7 Wi-Fi network manager. Detect Wi-Fi networks by downloading Vistumbler patched for free Detects wireless network access points and gives information about them In addition, you can use GPS, view a graphical representation of the access points, ask Vistumbler 10.6.5 patch to play MIDI sounds for all active access points, display functions and COM errors, as well as include filters (e.g. radio type, basic transfer rates). Other options of Vistumbler 10.6.5 license code let you refresh the network interfaces, view a GPS compass and details (e.g. coordinates, speed, track angle), change the UI language, manage a list of Mac address manufacturers, use cameras, and others.

The most interesting feature of this application is that it will allow us to export the list of networks in KML format so that it can be imported to Google Earth and thus establish a list of the Wi-Fi points that we have accessed on a map. Knowing the Internet access points near our location is very useful, especially when we are not at home. Vistumbler Full Version Activation Key is a scanning program that allows you to detect nearby Internet access points. To do so, you only need to push the Scan APs button, and the software will start detecting the access points that are around you. It will show the names of these access points on a list, starting with the one with the stronger signal. Every time it finds a new access point, the program makes a sound to warn you. You can disable this function if you wish.

Main Features:

  • Detects nearby Internet access points
  • Free to download and use
  • Not for novices or casual users
  • Multiple languages
  • Steep learning curve
  • Dull interface
  • Exports results to Google Maps
Vistumbler full version with crack

The application is not a concern to the system's resources, since it uses low CPU and memory. It has a good response time and locates access points quickly. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. Unfortunately, Vistumbler 10.6.5 Full Crack is not very intuitive for less experienced users. With the help of Vistumbler 10.6 serial keys you can scan nearby wireless access points that you can connect to. It also features GPS support. The tool is packed in a simple interface that consists of a comfortable window, where you can scan for access points with the simple click of a button. Results shows the status, MAC address, SSID, average and high signal, average and high RSSI, channel number, authentication and encryption methods, together with the network type for each access point. This list can be exported to VS1, VSZ, CSV, KMZ, GPX or NS1 format for further evaluation. Plus, you can sort results by authentication mode, channel number, encryption method, network type, or SSID.

System Requirements for Vistumbler:

  • WLAN adapter
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • Homepage:
  • Author Vistumber
  • Last version 10.6.5

What’s new in last version:

Added portable mode
Update manufacturer updater
Enable other users gui
Changed locate api to order bssids by signal
Vistumbler no longer requires administrator rights. It now prompts for elevation only if you are updating. Settings have been moved to the local profile.
Button Colors can now be specified for easier visibility
export and wifidb related fixes
Added updated script to update manufactures that no longer needs .net 3.5
Removed soundr so vistumbler no longer needs .net 3.5
Added "Minimal GUI Mode". This feature is meant to increase performance while scanning by turing off the list and treeview.

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  1. 1. Takes forever to start up 2. Cant copy and paste from other websites or documents 3. Runs REALLY SLOW (About 10X Slower that Microsoft Word) 4. CANT UNINSTALL!!! 5. No Spellcheck. 6 Crappy quality 7. IT LAGS 8. (This is the worst one of all) After you save and then close a document You cant open it up again.

  2. Dear Goshtac15, please accept my apologies for this late response, and thank you for your patience.

  3. It uninstalled Freecorder – which I know for a matter of fact isn’t malware. Even though it is a toolbar, it actually WORKS, so it’s unfortunate that it is removed. However, it is a free program, so an easy install to fix.

  4. Too many problems downloading from YouTube or any other movie/music channel (dailymotion…). Run away from it when you can and get yourself something else.

  5. Cpu-z is very lite on the information that it gives you about whats in your computer or whats running on your computer,

  6. this program dowloads with trovi malware virus that takes over all your web browsers for search.

  7. To many strings attached to it. You might run the risk of reinstalling your Operating System all over again to really get rid of that pest. Boy, Am I sorry I downloaded it.

  8. Namo needs to work harder at integration and ease of use to make the program more attractive to either entry level or advanced users.

  9. Unless I’m crazy, the latest version doesn’t allow ‘burn to DVD’ anymore. If you use that feature, keep the old version unless someone else here explains that I’m mistaken. I just find it hard to believe a company would REMOVE one of the primary features in this latest updated version.

  10. Used the program on a U3 stick for about one year now. Although it can be slow, mainly due to the U3 stick issue at my working place, this is a helpfull program. I purchased the Pro key because of frequent use.
    Both increasing size of my syncing files as well as the U3 issue, urged me to start using the syn on a larger USB-type stick. After a few weeks a needed to buy the Pro key again. After contacting the company, it turned out that you only buy a Pro key for a storage type. So in my case only for U3 stick and not for ordinary USB sticks. Feel pretty disappointed on this!!

  11. No refunds
    Customer support will not answer your questions properly, more than likely they will give you a ‘politicians’ answer that does not help.
    You end up basically testing their software to find all the bugs in the code, you also pay for this privilege.
    When you question them on the above they will pretend that the problem has been fixed and offer you an internal release for the program – be prepared to constantly download the full program as it cannot patch.
    F rating on ‘Better Business Bureau’ – worth checking out first as they do not respond or even attempt to settle complaints.
    Produces bloated code that is only adequate for a website that is not intended for use (as it will perform slowly on un-efficient code).
    With the amount of bugs I encountered it ends up quicker to code from scratch rather than using Artisteer.
    I could keep going but I am bored of typing and you are bored of reading.

  12. Once in awhile it doesn’t capture, but that maybe more to do with computer issues than Printscreen though

  13. I paid for this product, then re-built my laptop and went to re-install. Their activation system blocks this, when I emailed them they wanted to charge me $10 to allow it to activate again on the same device. Avoid.

  14. Nothing special
    Not free unless you don’t use it
    Misleading claims of free use
    Dishonest company
    Appearance is outdated

  15. You need a pretty fast cumputer to run it, but I’m fine with it running a little slow. I enjoy the game just as much as anyone else would on a fast computer.

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